Am I missing something or did Salander seriously compromise the hiding place of her money when she set up the foundation to pay for Palmgren’s care? It was 2.5 million with a board with “a lawyer in Gibraltar.” When the police were searching for her they should have visited Palmgren, and found from the administer about the foundation, which could have led them to Gibraltar and to her money. But the inspectors never visit Palmgren. Seems like an oversight.

Posted by MS in asia , 6 November 2010

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8 thoughts on “Plot hole re: Palmgren”
  1. probably beacause they spent soo much time of the investigation just looking for people (mimi, and stuff relating to dags laptop and other materials) soo it was probably just not the most important thing in the world especially beacause palmgren was her old gaurdian who had been gone for somthing like two and a bit years soo thats why they focusd more on bjurman (plus he ended up dead)

    Posted by benwasheare ,

  2. They did visit Palmgren and he only muttered unintelligible responses, indicating that his mind may be affected by stroke and of no use to them in the investigation. I believe Palmgren was brought back into the plot to further develop Salander’s character – that she was not a sociopath, but indeed a very caring person.

    Posted by JoJo in High Point ,

  3. I too believe that this is the only real “oversight” in the books–detectives WOULD HAVE gone to interview Palmgren–certainly police work can be shoddy–but to me this is too lax to be “real”

    Posted by Michael in Santa Cruz, Ca ,

  4. There seemed to be a lot of people interfering with the official investigation. The prosecutor had his own (political) agenda, Hedstrom from Milton Security had his objective (revenge), Faste was just a woman-hating pig (IMO), etc. Chasing all those wild geese seemed to stretch the investigative resources a bit thin. If one is distracted by sexual harassment, mysogeny, lying and deliberate misrepresentation by both the bad guys and the good, it’s a wonder any headway was made at all…

    Posted by Rose in Indiana ,

  5. Palmgren wasn’t in on the secret, as far as I can tell. Also, the administrator of the nursing home had no reason to disbelieve Lisbeth when she claimed to be Palmgren’s foster daughter. I agree that the administrator should have been a bit more skeptical, but hey, if Lisbeth was willing to pay for Palmgren’s treatment, I can see why the administrator wouldn’t ask too many questions. And maybe she figured Lisbeth had done extremely well for herself and had her own reasons for having this rather odd offshore account.

    Posted by Linnea in Minneapolis, MN ,

  6. I agree that this is a bit lax…the administrator would have known that the police were visiting Palmgren ….and he would have known why…and mentioned the money and visits. Plus seems silly going to all that trouble to hide the money..then set up the payment.

    Posted by TB in Aus ,

  7. She could have set up one hell of a misleading paper trail when she set up the payments for his care. Sje is a computer hacker after all. Also the admimistator could have realized that she is doing but help him so why cause problems?

    Posted by Vicki in Frankfort ,

  8. I think it’s like JoJo said. They believed Palmgren to be pretty much a mumbling vegetable and didn’t press him. I think Palmgren was faking for Lisbeth’s sake.

    Posted by Veronica in Södra Ängby ,

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