Why didn’t Mikael show the picture that was taken of Harriet’s viewpoint at the Children’s Day Parade to anyone in the Vangar family. I know Henrik was in the hospital, but Cecelia would have recognized Martin even if it was a blurry picture.

Posted by John S. in Minneapolis , 17 November 2010

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  1. I think that time, he didn’t want to bother Cecelia because she was being really cold to him and all that.

    But otherwise, I really don’t know.

    Posted by Amy in San Diego, CA ,

  2. Good point about Cecelia. It just seemed there might have been someone he could have shown the picture to. Even Dirch Frode. the lawyer.

    Posted by John S. in minneapolis ,

  3. this was obviously a plot hole to me and I kept waiting for him to ask someone in the family.

    Posted by JoJo in High Point ,

  4. The problem wasn’t finding out who was in the photo taken from Harriet’s vantage point. The problem was finding the couple who took the photo in the first place and then seeing if the photo actually existed.

    Posted by susu in London, Ontario ,

  5. well, he didn’t show it to any member of the family because he had to be suspicious about all of them.

    Posted by Lisseth in Manchester NH ,

  6. Because he could not trust anybody! He needed somebody outside of the family to confirm who was this person while not giving any information away that could threat his discovering

    Posted by PF in Buffalo ,

  7. I didn’t understand why the newspaper — which was owned by the Vanger family — wouldn’t have asked parade-watchers to share any photographs they had taken on the day of Harriet’s disappearance. No investigative reporters on that staff!

    Posted by Bob ,

  8. How do you know they didn’t? the couple that took the pictures were just passing the town that date, back from their honeymoon. They were not residents of Hedestadt.

    Also, do not forget it was a small town in the mid 60s. Not so much registratiosn of people’s daily activitits back then.

    Posted by exfat in Madrid ,

  9. I know because when Blomkvist was looking through the archival photos in the newspaper office, there weren’t any from parade-watchers. Also, there were no requests for such photos printed in the newspaper’s archives

    Posted by Bob ,

  10. Why would he? This was prior to the accident that trapped the suspects on the island, so it could’ve been anyone. He wasn’t allowed to see Henrik and the rest of the family was hostile.

    Posted by Jen in Pennsylvania ,

  11. Blomkvist DID show the picture to Frode, but Frode had no idea who it was. Remember the picture was extremely blurry, and you could hardly make out the features of the man. They only identified him by his jacket.

    Posted by Cass in Christchurch, NZ ,

  12. He did show it to Frode!

    or he does in the norwegian and swedish book.

    i read it yeasterday, because i saw the comments here.

    I have read the book for like tree times.

    Posted by LillianAndersen15 in Norway ,

  13. Another plot hole? …In order for Harriet to pose as “Anita” Vanger then where is the real “Anita Vanger”? Doesn’t there have to be a real Anita Vanger as far as the rest of the family members would be concerned? …who do they think Anita is? Cecilia Vanger knows that Anita is really Harriet, but how could it be possible for Cecilia to keep the family from finding out?

    Posted by minnla in California ,

  14. Mikael was used to keeping information to himself. If he did not need to share it, it was better to keep safe to himself. He was right in doing so since it turned out Harriet’s own mother knew that she was being raped by her father and continued on as if life was normal and perfect.

    Posted by in Anna in Chicago ,

  15. He had not made the connection. Seeing the pic of Martin at Uncle Harald’s when he went to see the bridge pics on the day of the wreck, he by coincidence saw a pic of Martin with the same blazer on. That’s how he made the identification, remember, he knew it could have been any of the men in the picture from Harriet’s viewpoint.

  16. Minnia: Anita is Cecilia’s sister (they look like twins, plus look at the family tree)…Anita was the one in picture of bedroom. Anita went to bedroom to close window (yes?) and hid Harriet in the car, made the escape off the island. Harriet was the one who she confided to. Ceil would not know since she was exposed to police pics of the day of the major accident. Micka discovered the rest

    Posted by Wen ,

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