Pivotal flaw re Salanders new apartment

What I consider the weakest link in the second book is the story about Salander’s luxury apartment which served as her hideout during the police hunt. You may certainly live quite anonymously in a city like STHLM and she bought the apartment through a proxy. BUT: She had furniture delivered there and had some guys from IKEA assemble it for her. Given that her face was supposed to be on the front page of every tabloid in Sweden for many days it seems highly unlikely that none of the guys would have told the police where to find her.

Or am I missing something?

Posted by Martin in Frankfurt , 16 February 2011

By Editor

9 thoughts on “Pivotal flaw re Salanders new apartment”
  1. If I’m not mistaken she was in her Nesser id at the time of getting the new apartment.

    Posted by Adriaan in Hope, BC, Canada ,

  2. Just finished reading this book and Adriaan is right. She was using the fake ID of Irene Nesser when she bought the furniture as well as when it was moved into the apartment.

    Posted by Myaa ,

  3. Florian Schmid – I think your Swedish half is truly ashamed of you.

    Posted by Nat in Simon’s town ,

  4. Nah, he’s right. Swedish police show up to riots with just a stupid plastic shield…

    Posted by Veronica in Södra Äbgby ,

  5. I’ve Swedish cops in riots. They can be a rough and nasty bunch. But as clever investigators, especially the SAPODILLA, secret police, leave much to be desired.

    Posted by Willhelm in Sto ,

  6. When Blomkvist retrieves the apartment documents from the PO Box, they show that it was purchased by Salandar. Wasn’t it supposedly purchased through WASP Inc. If it was registered in Salandar’s name, the police would have found it.

    Posted by Princess ,

  7. You guys are funny… Swedish police are known for being incompetent.

    Posted by Florian Schmid in York, PA ,

  8. Salander’s apartment could have been over the police station in a rented loft and she could have used the police locker room to shower off, all while waving hi to every single cop in the city and they would still have never caught her. Seriously, reading Swedish newspapers will make you think the Swedish police are more like the “Three Stooges” in their ability to solve a crime. Despite my name I am half Swedish and therefore have the right to point out how completely stupid the police in Sweden are.

    Posted by Florian Schmid in York, PA ,

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