did anyone else notice the mistake in the discription of lisbeth as a phsycotic killer? phsycopaths are not antisocial people who can easilly be picked out they come across more like some respectable type or super nice person, phsycopaths act all normal and stuff for the perpose of gaining peoples trust, also most phsycopaths are non-violent and just trie to embezzle money or gain a leg up in the buisness world. anybody else notice this????

Posted by benwasheare , 5 August 2010

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8 thoughts on “phsycosis mistake”
  1. Yes. Although the description of Salander as “psychotic” was a spurious one used by her enemies within the Establishment (i.e. the Secret Police, Teleborian etc.) as a way to discredit her and hopefully to silence her by having her commited to an Institution again.

    You probably have noticed that Lisbeth has many Asperger-like traits, and her refusal to speak to anyone in authority enabled shonky Health Professionals & Police to label her whichever way they found most convenient.

    Posted by Lida ,

  2. i sepose that is true but do you think this was done on perpose or simply a mistake or lack or reaserch on stieg larssons part

    Posted by benwasheare ,

  3. In my opinion, the authorities, wishing to silence Lisbeth, used whatever diagnoses they wanted so that they could create a paper trail to justify keeping her out of circulation.

    Posted by Steve in Battle Creek, MI USA ,

  4. Notice that there is a significant difference between psychotic and psycopath. People experiencing psychosis have hallucinations or delusional behaviour, personality changes and thought disorders, whereas psychopaths “seem normal” but lack empathy…

    Posted by the Swede ,

  5. Yes the key is distinguishing between an episode or state of psychosis, where people believe a situation is real but it is not, and psychopathic – an inherently flawed personality. Same word root – totally different diagnosis.

    Posted by crimesolver in Edinburgh ,

  6. I think it was a case of “If we throw enough s*** at her, at least some of it will stick.” So the authorities made up everything they possibly could about Lisbeth, even if they knew some of it was contradictory or could easily be discredited later on.

    Posted by Linnea in Minneapolis, MN ,

  7. Was there also a hint of the arrogance of psychiatrists (and, for that matter, all clinicians) continuing to believe that the general public is in awe of their diagnoses, despite the fact that google gives us as much information at our fingertips as they have at theirs? There was a moment in history when scientists began to question their priests. Now we, the public, have the tools to question our doctors.

    Posted by Dom Cobb in Titania ,

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