I wonder that if David Fincher makes “The Girl who played with fire” will Paolo Roberto reprise his role in an american version? anyone know if he’s said anything about it?

Posted by Polly in Freeport USA , 8 January 2012

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  1. I havent heard anything but if so I hope his character is more true to the book than was depicted in the swedish version. Of course if Fincher does it we wont need to worry much considering how true he stuck with things for the first one.

    Posted by M. in Louisiana ,

  2. I think his character will be cut. He only serves as a hero for Mimi which is too unbelievable of him being at the right place at the right time. The whole opening island thing needs to go and the 21 rooms apartment needs to shrink in size. The real problem will be how to keep the charisma going between Blomkvist and Salander since they don’t spend any screen time until the end of the movie.

    Posted by sonya in new britain ,

  3. David Fincher will never create an american version of “The Girl Who Plaed With Fire” because in the first movie he revealed the biggest enigma of the first novel and the first 3/4 of the second novel. He revealed why Lisbeth was given the declaration of incompetence. There is no room for a sequel for him to direct.

    Posted by Nancy Sienkiewicz in Main Street USA ,

  4. Both follow ups ARE in production and will star the Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara as they have signed on for all 3.

    Posted by Moose in Seattle,Wa ,

  5. That fight scene was one of the more exciting and intense parts of the book. I hope they do a better job capturing the scene in the US version because it was thrilling to read.

    Posted by ryan in Rockaway , NY ,

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