Stieg Larsson

    Scott Rudin – Producer of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

    Scott Rudin is the producer of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo“. Rudin has an impressive career behind him. He was, together with both David FIncher and Rooney Mara  involved in “The Social Network”, the film about Facebook, and its founder Mark Zuckerberg. Here f ... Read more

    Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth Salander

    Noomi Rapace is the Swedish actress playing the part of Lisbeth Salander in the Millennium movies. Initially questioned whether she could handle the strong and unusual role of Lisbeth, she has risen throughout the movies. Today, her critically acclaimed part as Lisbeth has awarded her with multiple prizes from different Swedish juries.  Noomi Rapace, née Noomi Norén, was born in Järna, outside Stockholm, Sweden. Her father was Rogelio Durán, a Spanish Flamenco singer, and her mother is Nina Norén, a Swedish actress. When she was five years old, she moved with her mother and stepfather to Flúðir, Iceland, where they stayed for three years. She gained her first acting experience when she played a non-speaking role in “Í skugga hrafnsins” by H ... Read more

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  • What Will Lisbeth Do With All That Money?
    Sean-Paul says:

    In the first movie they DID make the watcher aware, if you were paying attention. In Switzerland the banker calculated the movie and showed the figure of $3.2 billion on his calculator. Later, the newscaster relays the sum of money as "approximately $2 billion" Leaving the viewer to realize she kept about $1.2 billion. Immediately after us the scene M asks her about her "was it a good investment?" To which she replies "it was ok" lol....... you gotta catch the little bits of humor

  • Dbase Program Mentioned in “Girl With The…”
    jerome says:

    why so much hate for notepad? I actually use it almost daily. Of course I also use Linux as my daily OS. I love notepad because it strips out all the extra CRAP put in by other "fancy " WP's. Admittedly I'm an author and couldn't imagine using something that 'simple' as my WP, but than he admits he wants something quick and dirty PLUS, what year was this?book published (in English ) in 2010 probably written in 2005, WP's were expensive!

  • *for sale* 1st edition / advance readers copy - GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO
    Tim says:

    I might be interested. What is the book's condition? How much are you selling it for?

  • Where is Hedestad?
    Ralf Köppe says:

    Ich habe eine Frage und hoffe endlich auf eine Antwort. Wo befindet sich die oben abgebildete Brücke? Ich bin euch allen total dankbar für jeden Hinweis.

  • Is this Fermat’s Proof of the Last Theorem?
    Josie says:

    Yes, but what is the actual point? Of math like this? Like, what... is the point?

  • What about thetranslation of this title???
    dawngreero says:

    Thank your for this information. I have the same question as the previous one. Google translator does not support access anymore. Is there a plugin you would recommend?

  • What Will Lisbeth Do With All That Money?
    Edward Kim says:

    That much money provides dangerous motivations for the organized gangs to trace it. It would be a matter of time before she may be discovered

  • How did he die?
    Andrew James says:

    President Kennedy, Olaf Palmer, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Marylin Monroe, John Lennon, Ronald Reagan - All killed by the same usual bunch of right wing manipulators. Maybe this author as well.

  • Lisbeth Salander Tattoo
    Leslie says:

    Le dragon est parcequ’elle a Littéralement mit le feu a son père pour le détruire

  • Inside the Mind of Lisbeth Salander
    Brian says:

    'Suitable Tsunamis' The stage - effervescent and desirable, altogether fairly oblong and advantageous, she wears a garment gathered together by fashionable design. We are starting to favour the necessary nature of cruel complications. This anticipatory feeling which fondly insinuates something rather wrought iron. And real. She feels .. all parts of many a thing. Not everything, though. Never. Not ever. A secondary sensation, perhaps ...

  • Spoiler Alert: Stieg Larsson’s “Millennium” trilogy is AWESOME
    rey macias says:

    how do I get the last 2 books from the trilogy

  • Work
    Richard Aimé RALAMBOTSIROFO says:

    I came across the trilogy by chance and I became interested in its author, whose commitment is the honor of his country.''Nul n'est prophète dans son pays'' Nobody is a prophet in his own country

  • sexy salander
    Nobody says:

    @Chris schroeder in New York- Because she hates fucking misogynists like you with your "men evolved for protecting women" bullshit. Almost no male organisms protect the females or the offspring except before and during mating. jeg in shelby michigan, you're a fucking misogynist too

  • UK versus US audiobooks (Hornets Nest)
    Tre Scott says:

    Simon Vance is bloody brilliant. You won't be able to put down your headphones! I do like Saul's voice as well, but once you get a taste of Simon, you may find it hard to enjoy listening to anyone else.

  • 1st Edition, 1st Printings.
    Alexandra says:

    I have an advance readers edition (the copy the publisher sends out before 1st edition) in English. I’d be interested in selling it. I am happy to discuss on email and send photos if you like :)

  • Lisbeth`s motorbike
    Rog says:

    I think it's a 2017 Ducati Monster 797

  • Lisbeth`s motorbike
    Michael C.McGowan says:

    All I know is that the bike is a Ducati. I'm not sure which model but it may be a Ducati Diavel. In the last scene of the movie when she destroys her father's house, the bike brand shows up on the fuel tank in the glow of the fire, with her standing in front of it, beholding the fire.

  • Mistake in Book 1?
    Camila Jimenez says:

    If you are still here, read the last part of chapter 5.

  • The girl in the spider’s web
    LINDA drew says:

    how can you buy the 4th book? what about eva's book, where can this be found?

    • Milos says:

      Hi Linda, You can buy the 4th book "The Girl in the Spider's Web" from here

  • Coffee
    Paer Burge says:

    We Swedes indeed drink a lot of coffee. And it is high quality strong Arabica in big cups. Not the small Italian espresso etc. Working abroad I am surprised how bad coffee quality is served in most countries. An average is 3-4 cups per day per citizen, but since that statistics includes children, elderly, sick, tea drinkers and so on, the real number is probably the double for the average population. It can be like this: Morning: One strong cup to wake up as soon as you rise for your working day. Arrival to work: Another strong cup to start up the working day Fika: Which is Swedish for coffee brake and a third cup Lunch: A normal lunch always includes a cup of coffee Fika: Afternoon coffee brake Dinner: Is not complete without a cup of coffee. Evening coffee not to forget...

  • Which film is best
    Phil says:

    My wife and I have been huge fans of the three books and all the movies since they first became available in the U.S. We own all three books and all the movies. The Swedish version that we own (and are watching as I type this) is the Dragon Tattoo Trilogy. As I understand it, this version contains all of the footage from the original Swedish movie as well as the Swedish TV series. We also have the American version of TGWTDT. We have each read all three books three times and have watched all the movies more than half a dozen times. My personal opinion is that watching the Swedish version of the movies is more enjoyable than the American version and we prefer to watch it in Swedish with English subtitles. We watched the entire series with English dubbing once but both agreed that the dubbing was atrocious. They could at least have used English-speaking voice-over artists who had a European accent. We both agree that the American film version is much truer to the book than the Swedish. Having said that, I have no clue as to why the writers of the American version chose to change the ending of TGWTDT COMPLETELY! I also find it annoying that both the Swedish and American films chose to diverge in the same way from the Vanger family tree as it is displayed in the English translation of the book. In both movies, Henrik calls Gottfried one of his brothers which makes Harriett and Martin Henrik's niece and nephew. It also makes Harriett and Martin first cousins with Anita and Cecilia. Those are the relationships as portrayed in both movies. According to the Vanger Family tree in the book, however, it was Richard, Gottfried's father, who was one of Henrik's brothers. Gottfried was not Henrik's brother but was rather his nephew. That means that Harriett and Martin were not Henrik's niece and nephew but were rather his grand niece and grand nephew. It also means that Gottfiried, not Harriett and Martin, was the first cousin of Anita and Cecilia. Just a trivial point but I have no idea why both movies changed it. I suppose that it could be an error in the printed Vanger Family Tree but I have no evidence either way.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I ' ve read the 3 books and watch all the movies and agreed that the swedish versions are better. Even for a southamerican woman like me. Thanks for your post

  • Lisbeth’s Computer
    Mei-Lin Po says:

    Correction / clarification: It does mention that Blomquist restores and uses her PowerBook for his research and documentation pertaining to her defense. it seems presumable that it should still be there in her apartment when she returns (after her acquittal), but it mentions only her palm Tungsten, her lost car keys and shoulder bag, and a pile of accumulated mail. — Given the central role of computers in her life, and also her particular attachment to this computer, and what she went through to acquire it- I would have expected it to get a mention.

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