I think so. Does anyone else?

Posted by Clu in Goteborg , 24 September 2012

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29 thoughts on “Overrated to the max!”
  1. Actually I believe it was was underrated in Canada at least

    Posted by Xavier in Hamilton ON, Canada ,

  2. Well there are apparently as of October 2012 approximately 80 million people that think otherwise. That number is so far beyond white noise statistically that it validates and erases any hype.

    The number of people that have read and enjoyed these books is simply staggering.

    Posted by GG in New York ,

  3. Definitely not true, the sales speak for themselves. Just finished Vol 1 – Loved it!

    Posted by MP in Canberra Australia ,

  4. Just because they sold 80 million, doesn’t mean 80 million people liked them. According to Oxfam and Travelodge hotels these books are the most donated and abandoned, respectively.

    Posted by OtmShank in New Delhi ,

  5. Didn;t know that. Have ti look that up.

    the success of these books prove one thing: a good marketing strategy makes all the difference

    Posted by Elly in Kentucky ,

  6. They are definitely worth sharing! I would leave mine behind for someone else to read. I do not believe they were merely abandoned and it would be foolish to think so.

    Posted by Miley in France ,

  7. Hey, I liked them so much I even wrote a parody, The Girl Who Fished With Worm, that’s now available in paperback and e-book form.

    Check it out. If you love Stieg’s work it will make you laugh…out loud!

    Posted by Harry Groome in Villanova ,

  8. Just finished the second book, and will get the third on Monday. Gripping. I cheated though, I saw the Swedish trilogy, but had to read the books which really flesh(!) out the gripping story lines. brilliant compelling reading. The character development and attention to detail is absolutely outstanding for a “novice” writer. Such a shame he should die so young, and without enjoying his well earned success

    Posted by Alan Ogilvie ,

  9. I’ve read all the books three times and the watched first movie twice.

    Books are much better, they have a richness which not even the best producer/directors can replicate.

    I like the movie but the book/s have so much more!

    Writers are much more creative than film makers.

    Posted by John M in Palm Beach ,

  10. I totally agree. the most overrated, misjudged franchise in a long time. Stieg Larsson is a terrible writer. His prose is so dull and unimaginative

    Posted by CC in Dosac ,

  11. It is NOT overrated. Stieg Larson created a real masterpiece of a crime novel. It was first time in my life when I read detective fiction more then once.

    Posted by VW in Naples FL ,

  12. I wouldn’t say over rated. But I would say that, had the author not tragically died so shortly following delivery of the manuscripts, the publisher very likely could have returned at least volumes 2 and 3 for a much needed consolidation. They probably should have been condensed into one novel, removing all the extraneous by-lines and clutter. If Sony Pictures actually proceeds with a sequel to its mildly successful yet basically disappointing first entry, they very likely could make that happen.

    Posted by David in Arden Delaware ,

  13. Perhaps those of you claiming agreement to this thread should read the books in the original Swedish, as I have done, before claiming his prose to be dull? Some basic understanding of the Swedish psyche and lifestyle (I have lived there for over 10 years) may also help you appreciate them more.

    Posted by NC in Sydney, Aus ,

  14. My criticism has nothing to do with the presentation of Swedish psyche or lifestyle. It concerns the numerous technical shortcomings of the novels. Why clutter up the first book with the mole from Wennerstrom spying on Millenium? Why portray Blomkvist as a sexual dog more than willing to sleep with any female willing to spread her legs? Why start the second novel with Silander having a fling with some teenage boy in the Caribbean when the forward motion of the plot doesn’t begin until she moves back to Sweden? Why paint Faust in the second book as a sexual pervert rather than just an incompetent cop? What does Silander’s bisexuality have to do with any of the plot development? Why spend more than half the third novel killing off Zalachenko, all the while having Silander recuperate in a room directly adjoining him, the person she was incomprehensibly accused of having attempted to murder? Why paint Telebourian as a sexual pervert rather than a corrupt and incompetent psychologist And why would he choose just that moment to dial up his favorite porn site while Plague just happened to be sitting downstairs with his crack hacking laptop ready to catch him? What did Erika Berger’s stalker in the final book have to do with anything? Why have Silander totally disown any of the inheritance from her father (an inheritance which by the way surely would have been confiscated by the Swedish government for crimes against the state) yet still have her curious enough to check out the so called abandoned brickyard and once there just happen to stubble upon her half brother with nothing but a pneumatic nail gun to save her from certain death? Yes, it is interesting fiction. With flaws.

    Posted by David in Arden Delaware ,

  15. A fair critique, I read all three books in 24 hours, could’nt stop !

    Posted by Tom in Houston, TX ,

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