I am very saddened by Mr. Larsson’s passing. I have read all three books and enjoyed them immensely. Does anyone have any recommendations about other series that may exist which are similar in nature to the Millennium Trilogy? TIA

Posted by Brad in Detroit, US , 28 July 2010

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  1. Sure… if you like the genre, try Henning Mankell’s Inspector (Kurt) Wallander. Tons of books translated into English, and films already on DVD.

    Another one is BECK (Inspector Martin Beck) by the dynamic duo Wahloo-Sjowall

    And yet another is IRENE HUSS (by Helen Tursten)

    Posted by Kim in Minneapolis ,

  2. I think Camilla Lackberg’s books are excellent as well as Tana French’s.

    Posted by sharon in minneapolis ,

  3. Stieg Larsson’s favorite crimer writers were Val McDermid, Dorothy Sayers, and Elizabeth George. I’m reading Asa Larsson who is also a new Swedish writer. She’s not Stieg, but she’s good. 1st book Sun Storm won awards. I enjoyed it a lot. 2nd book is The Blood Spilt and 3rd is The Black Path. I’ve been researching Swedish crime writers and also will be checking out Jo Nesbo and Camilla Lackberg. Cheers!

    Posted by Bosco in Sebastopol, CA ,

  4. The Tony Hill books by Val McDermid are excellant. They too should be read in order because of the developing relationship between Tony and Carol. Larsson mentions one of these books in Dragon. Caution, they are grisly.

    Posted by Cathy in Clearwater, FL ,

  5. I beg to disagree that the Millenium series should be read in order! It can be read with the third first and then start from first and second. I started with kicking the hornet nest and then got a tottoo before being burned by fire. The continuation of the first & second is obvious but by starting with the third you get to have dejavu feeling when reading the first with many thrilling “AHA” moment. I think it spiced up the reading.

    Posted by Gwoeii in Kuala Lumpur ,

  6. Elizabeth George’s books are great and should be read in order as well. Each of her books gets better and better as you progress through them.

    Posted by OnawaCy in Onawa, IA USA ,

  7. Gwoeii – are you one of those readers who reads the last page of a book first? If so I could see how this would work for you. I could never do that so i would recommend anyone like me start from book 1!

    Posted by CMM in MI ,

  8. Gowei…. Hmmm interesting perspective! Am imagining if i had read them in that order!!! Now that I’ve read the three!

    Posted by Dn in Egypt ,

  9. Hehe! It took quite a while for me reply on this thread… probably hoping for the resurection of SL to complete his 4th!

    CMM in MI ~ All three books have completely different plot. So reading the last does not constitute cheating as if reading the last chapter of the same title.

    It really is interesting when you read the third and keep wondering why ES is angry with K “the basterd”! AND how come this scrawny childlike waif could cause so much havoc! There are so much in the third that is an unanswered enigma AND the keys are in the first and second title.

    So you see, IMHO reading the Milleniumin sequence of the 3rd, 1st & 2nd is like having a fine dinner at a restaurant and going back the next day through the back door and say “Wow! So this is how the dinner is made!” :)

    Posted by Gwoeii in Kuala Lumpur ,

  10. What is interesting to me is both Wahloo/Sjowall and Henning Mnakell planned in advance to write 10 novels, as did Stieg Larsson. This leads me to believe that author Larsson was aware of his Swedish predecessors. It’s so sad that he only finished 3 of his planned series of 10.

    Posted by RS in USA in Washington, DC ,

  11. Brad, If you liked the millenium series, than you should read “The Hypnotist” by Lars Kepler. It is a very good book.

    Posted by Teresa in Lisbon, Portugal ,

  12. I just finished “Nemesis” from Jo Nesbo,which is absolutely great. Great plot,great description,great story,and very attractive that he writes.I hear there have also been other books published of him,all with the “Inspector Harry Hole” and i would suggest to all of you to try him. I have also read “The Hypnotist” which Teresa suggests and it’s pretty good,Camilla Lackberg seems also good and her site is pretty interesting

    Posted by Stavros in Athens,Greece ,

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