Other books mentioned in his series

Stieg Larsson mentions numerous other mysteries that Blomkvist is reading in the millenium series. I am wondering if anyone has looked any up, has a list etc… so I can do the same. I borrowed the books, have now given them back and didn’t have the foresight to write down the titles before I returned the books

Posted by R wood in Whitehorse , 8 August 2009

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  1. Don’t forget Pippi Longstocking, by fellow swede Astrid Lindgren. There are lots of subtle references to Pippi.

    Isn’t Lisbeth the most wonderful grown up version of Pippi, what do you think?

    Posted by chris in sweden ,

  2. One of the writers is Ake Edwardson. Blomkvist’s daughter gave to him one of his novels. I bought ‘Frozen Tracks’, ‘Sun and Shadow’ and ‘Never End’. They are all very good.

    Posted by castilho in são paulo ,

  3. Another writer mentioned is Val McDermid. She’s excellent. I’m listening to Dragon on audiobook and can’t catch most of the names, but I’d love to have a reading list. Anyone else have a name or two, or more?

    Posted by Nora in Chapel Hill ,

  4. He also mentions Sue Grafton – she has written an Alphabet Series and is currently up to U. He also mentions Sara Paretsky.

  5. I’ve read all Sue Grafton and Elizabeth George novels – waiting for them to release new novels as I could not find other authors who compared. That is, until I came upon Larsson’s books… and I found it extremely funny finding my favorite authors mentioned in his book.

    Posted by Mona in Montreal ,

  6. So many female authors mentioned! Stieg Larsson… The Man Who Loves Women. I must have a look at some of these.

    Posted by Ro in Ireland ,

  7. Stieg didn’t mention this author, but I recommmend Archer Mayor, crime fiction set in Vermont, USA, great..

    Posted by Vas in Washington DC ,

  8. I really enjoy the Sue Grafton books. Another author with talent. The principal character, Kinsey Malone, is believable and the stories are written like one is. Similar to Stieg’s books.

    Posted by Steve Renolds in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada ,

  9. I began reading the Elizabeth George series and am so glad I did. She is mesmerizing. Check out the Inspector Lynley series. Her first book was published in 1989.

    Posted by Carol in Lakewood, CA ,

  10. At the moment where Lisbeth first seduces Mikael – chapter 21 – he is reading a novel by American writer of detective fiction, Sara Paretsky

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