Page 431, Fuigerola states she is worried about her muscle tuning to fat…I can only suspend my disbelief so much. Why would someone who is an ex bodybuilder, which requires more than a little knowledge of anatomy and biology be worried about something that is completely biologically impossible? And the goes on to say that to stop this completely impossible thing from happening she has cut down on weight training (which will reduce muscle mass, thereby reducing metabolic rate), upped on aerobics (which only burns calories off, in the main, while you do them), and then eats pretty much whatever junk she likes, within reason of course. – A 3 pronged attack to lose her conditioning and eventually get fat should she cut down on the aerobics. DOH!

Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

Still love the books though

Posted by Bodyfreak in Chesterfield , 14 July 2012

By Editor

4 thoughts on “Oh Stieggy!”
  1. Well it’s written by Stieg Larsson a man who died of a heart attack after walking up several flights of stairs(7 I believe) and lived off sandwiches,coffee and cigarettes. The author wasn’t an expert on such matters.

    Posted by Xavier in Hamilton ON, Canada ,

  2. Figuerola’s diet obviously doesn’t sound nearly healthy but what I thought is that Figuerola doesn’t look anything in the movie what discribed in the book about her appearance..

    Posted by Kecie in Australia ,

  3. If you want to see what is popularly described as “muscle turning to fat”, just look at Arnold Schwartzenegger in between movie roles!

    Posted by Dragonreader in Alamogordo ,

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