Something I think all fans will enjoy – check out the Charlie Rose YouTube interview of Noomi (believe it took place this past August). It’s 19 minutes of Noomi as most have not seen of her, and I fell in love all over again. Very candid…

Posted by Tim in Tucson, USA , 21 September 2011

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  1. Thanks for the link Tim! She’s such a sweetheart and takes her job seriously..

    Posted by Aless in London ,

  2. I just viewed the interview also and found her very charming. You would have guessed that she could transform herself into that character. I am in awe of those in the acting profession that pull off such a performance. Kudos.

    Posted by Joe Simmons in Gilbert, AZ ,

  3. I also checked her out after seeing the first film, and she’s even more bloody gorgeous as herself. Single now, too!

    Posted by Dave in Ravetown ,

  4. I think I am going to enjoy the American version of ‘Tattoo’, but even if she is good, every gesture Rooney Mara makes and every line of dialog she speaks will pale in comparison to Noomi Replace. The Rose interview was great…. can’t wait to see her in the new Sherlock Holmes

    Posted by hilogreg in hawaii ,

  5. The great part of Noomi Repace is she was really acting. She was totally unaware of the current “Hollywood Syndrome of acting. I feel Noomi still does not recognize that this is one of the best acting jobs ever. This is a Swedish film. Why do we now have an English-James Bond “Hollywood version.

    i.e. The French version of “La Femme Nakita was wonderful. The pace-intenssity-characters worked. The Hollywood version “Point of no Return” was Ms. Fonda walking through her lines with an OK blah approach to the book. The opposite is ttue of Noomi Repace in “The Girl with the Golden Tattoo”

    Posted by tdonnellan in Minneapolis, MN ,

  6. omg noomi rapace wow i totally love her she is so amazing and now i have to see every movie she has made. this girl is gold .noomi rapace is “lisbeth salander” and she will never be replaced.she should have all the honors.

    Posted by claude saucier in canada ,

  7. I was totally disappointed with the American version of Tattoo. Although I I’ve Daniel Craig, the actress who played Lisbeth couldn’t get close to Noomi Rapace in the original. I do hope they are not planning remakes of Fire and Hornets Nest. I won’t go see them. I was not surprised to see Noomi break into an American summer blockbuster! That I will see!

    Posted by TWHladyinLV in Las Vegas ,

  8. I am sorry, TWHladyinLV, I must disagree with you, and a good many members of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences will, too. While I totally agree with you that Noomi Rapace was fabulous in the part of Lisbeth, I also feel that Rooney Mara did an excellent job of portraying TGWTDT, and garnered a best actress nomination for it. Why feel the need to destroy one actress to elevate the standing of another? Do you also feel that the membership of AMPAS are a bunch of ignorant bumpkins? Both women did excellent jobs, and both deserve accolades. I am firmly a fan of both actresses, and the Millennium trilogy is at the heart of my fandom. Both American sequels are currently in the works, and here’s hoping that David Fincher stays on at the helm.

    Posted by rickbull in Nashville ,

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