Stieg Larsson

Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth Salander

Noomi Rapace is the Swedish actress playing the part of Lisbeth Salander in the Millennium movies. Initially questioned whether she could handle the strong and unusual role of Lisbeth, she has risen throughout the movies. Today, her critically acclaimed part as Lisbeth has awarded her with multiple prizes from different Swedish juries. 

Noomi Rapace, née Noomi Norén, was born in Järna, outside Stockholm, Sweden. Her father was Rogelio Durán, a Spanish Flamenco singer, and her mother is Nina Norén, a Swedish actress. When she was five years old, she moved with her mother and stepfather to Flúðir, Iceland, where they stayed for three years. She gained her first acting experience when she played a non-speaking role in “Í skugga hrafnsins” by Hrafn Gunnlaugsson when she was eight years old.

Seventeen years old, she debuted on TV with the part of Lucinda Gonzales in the series “Tre Kronor”. 1998 to 1999, Noomi Rapace studied at Skara Skolscen. The following years, she worked at a couple of smaller theaters in Sweden until she was engaged at Swedens two finest theaters, Stockholms stadsteater and The Royal Dramatic Theatre in 2003. Until this date, she has participated in many Swedish plays and movies.

In 2010, Noomi Rapace was awarded for her leading actress role in the Swedish “Män som hatar kvinnor” (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) with a guldbagge (a Swedish Oscar) as well as Dagens Nyheters kulturpris.

Noomi Rapache is married to actor Ola Rapace, and together they have a son, Lev.

Quotes (translated)

“I’m interested in the darker aspects of mankind, that which is not easy or well balanced. The cracks.” (DN 2007-11-23)

“We need more extreme movies in Sweden, personal projects not necessarily aimed towards a big audience. I think such goals (big audiences) inhibits creativity” (DN 2007-11-23)

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  • Elvar Jakobsson says:

    The film is a very fine and professional work. Hollywood could*t have done it better. Noomi Rapache is absolutely brilliant in this role. Extremely good Skandinavien work like this, we love to see.

    - Elvar Jakobsson,

  • Sally says:

    It’s also in some theaters.

    - Sally,

  • Edwina says:

    Hollywood is now making the films.. they will not be as good as the Sweedish, I’m sure.

    - Edwina,

    • martha italy, says:


      - Daniela Fernandes,

    • Jsw, says:

      One can never get tired of watching this! I have the extended sweetish version in a usb drive so I don’t lose it.

      - Daniela Fernandes,

  • Ashley says:

    Hi, I just watched The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, i loved it. I can’t wait for The Girl Who Played with Fire.

    - Ashley,

  • Spencer says:

    i thought both movies were great, but Hollywood will ruin the movie with

    other actors , They can not match these top actors. Please no George


    - Spencer,

  • Tamari Witkin Marcus says:

    Where can I see “the Girl with the Dragon Tatoo”?

    - Tamari Witkin Marcus,

    • selma, says:

      I CAN t expect the film ……

      - martha italy,

    • raj, says:

      Absolutely right ! Hollywood will only adulterate and commercialize the trilogy with more craps and bullshits. My money are on the swedish films.

      - Jsw,

  • Carolina says:

    I think she’s a brilliant choice for the role of Lisbeth. Just the way Larsson described Salander.

    - Carolina,

  • Ilona stuck in Chicago says:

    Noomi and the other actors cannot, repeat cannot be topped by Hollywood junkfest – however, as far as looks and atmosphere, Samantha Ronson is a good Lisbeth backup – she is not an actress however…..Lindsey could play Miriam Wu! Why no Noomi or Lisbeth t-shirts and clothing yet? How come in the USA, the release of the films is so limited? Is Hollywoodjunk afraid????

    - Ilona stuck in Chicago,

    • selma, says:


      - raj,

  • admin says:

    Noomi played her part in the movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo extremely well. She became the girl and deserves the American Oscar for this part. I just wish that she could play in the rest of the Millemium series movies as well.

    - ,

  • Alice says:

    Just saw “…Played With Fire” having seen “…Dragon Tattoo” a few weeks ago. Noomi Rapace is phenomenal. She owns this role. A Hollywood remake is so unnecessary & can’t possibly be as good as these originals. No known Hollywood actress has the talent to pull this off. Can’t imagine what a mess they will make of this story. Noomi Rapace deserves all the accolades coming her way. I hope her other films make it to the US. Would pay to see her in anything.

    If there should be a 4th film, she simply MUST do it!!!!

    - Alice,

  • Shell says:

    WoW, I just saw the movie, great, great and really great. I wish Stieg Larsson was still alive to receive his due. I wonder how he faired finacially the last 10 or so years of his life. Tremendous subjects involved in movie ahhh, such a relief to see. Thank you

    - Shell,

  • JoAnne says:

    I’ve seen both movies and can’t say enough good things about Noomi Rapace and Michael Nyqvist – they’re exactly as I pictured the characters when reading the books. Bravo to both of them and to Stieg Larsson for a fabulous storyline. I agree with the other comments – Hollywood won’t do these books justice.

    - JoAnne,

  • BSA says:

    as an american I agree that their is no way they will be as good as the swedish version why mess with a good thing and as far as Lisbeth their is no one who will be able to fill the shoes of NOOMI RAPACE !!!

    Can not wait until , the next two movies are available in the states!!

    - BSA,

  • selma says:

    in her younger days, Gina Gershon would look closes for her US version:

    - selma,

  • Josh says:

    I can’t wait to watch these movies..

    - Josh,

  • April says:

    Where do I get these movies…

    - April,

  • Jenn / Phoenix, AZ says:

    I have fallen in love with this woman and her role as Lisbeth! No American remake will be able or should be allowed to compete with these brilliant films. She has taken a character from a brilliant series of books, described in a way with words that I didn’t think could be translated to the screen, and actually brought her to life. Noomi…you inspire me! Bravo, you are brilliant and no american Hollywood remake will be able to compete with your performance.

    - Jenn / Phoenix, AZ,

    • Lara/Aptos, CA, says:

      Forgot to mention read the trilogy in less than 24 hours … bring on the exams!!

      - Anya H, 30 Mars 2010

  • Marielle says:

    I have red the three books and saw the two movies……..I am desperate to know when is the third one coming out??? Somebody knows? And I agree with the previous comments, Noomi is an excellent artist. I really admire her and hope to see her soon. We love you Lisbeth….Noomi!!!

    - Marielle,

    • hawaiiannoises, says:

      Definitely need to read in order.

      - Lori Crowson, Texas,

    • Kimberly, says:

      Bravo! I agree one

      -hundred percent!

      - Lara/Aptos, CA,

  • Pam says:

    I totally agree no Hollywood remake will stand up to the Swedish version. They just announced the actress for the Hollywod version..doesn’ have that Lisbeth look at all. I can’t wait for the 3rd movie, I’ve already read the first 2 books twice.

    - Pam,

  • ZenWoman… writer says:

    This IS Lisbeth… no other look (or possibly actress) can do it, IMHO

    - ZenWoman… writer,

  • SuzyQ says:

    I have read the 3 books and watch the 2 first movie more than once. I just bought the 3 rd one and looking forward to watch it. Those movies are quite interesting, all the actor are excellent specially Noomi Rapace. It’s hard to imagine someone else playing that role; it’s like she was made for it or vise versa but they are a perfect match. And I do agree with everybody that the American version will not compete with the Swedish version. The cachet of theses films is swedish and no american version will translate it very well. I never heard of Stieg Larsson before but I will definitely read more of his books. Great movie …..

    - SuzyQ,

  • Quebec Hardwood says:

    I wish everyone could spell again.

    - Quebec Hardwood,

    • tlchauvey, says:

      Netflix, watched it yesterday.

      - selma,

    • Brian McFarlane, says:

      Hey, its available on Netflix! Watched it yesterday livestream.

      - selma,

  • gittel says:

    i’ve just finished the 3rd book recently…looking forward for the 4th book…if it’s finished…

    - gittel,

    • admin says:

      I agree….AGAIN is such a simple word…………

      - Brian McFarlane,

  • S K says:

    You are an awesome actress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    - S K,

  • admin says:

    All books are geat i hope there is a 4th book

    • admin says:

      He´s dead, although a manuscript with some 250 pages.

  • tooshorty says:

    I love her charater she is the right for the movie don’t mess the movie up

    - tooshorty,

  • Roderick Michael Nash says:

    22 days ago I bought on special offer books 1 & 2, 7days later I borrowed book 3. The trilogy is a stimulating and enjoyable read! Yesterday am my wife and I watched the DVD Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in order that we might watch and equally enjoy Girl who kicked the Hornets Nest in the afternoon(released in England). I am very much looking forward to the release of the 3rd film. The performances of Noomi Rapace may well be comparable with that of Marion Cotillard in Piaf …….

    - Roderick Michael Nash,

    • Sharon says:

      Unfortunately not, the author had died!

  • JEB19 says:

    Excellent performance in the first movie by Noomi. She really made Lisbeth Salander very real and true to the way I imagined her from the book. A real talent.

    - JEB19,

  • A.Kisch says:

    You are amazing Noomi!!!!!!!!!!!

    - A.Kisch,

  • says:

    Noomi we read 2 books and saw 3 movies about you in this triology.

    you are great, small, fast and make the triology wonderful. Good for

    you. Glad you are married and have a son. Looking forward to

    seeing you in Sherlock Holmes. Best of luck


  • Bobbie & Charlie Kostos says:

    No one will be able to totally replace Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth in any upcoming films. We cannot understand why Hollywood would even think to do so?? She is absolutely brilliant & my husband & I admire her talent & hope to see her again in future films.

    - Bobbie & Charlie Kostos,

    • admin says:

      Is it me or you are being totally BIAS!!!!

      - Ray Vieira,

  • MargaretG says:

    What a shame that Larsson did not live to see the success of these books and then the movies. I was captivated and enjoyed every book.

    - MargaretG,

  • N8schatten says:


    I`m a Lesbian since I was about 16….

    But if i DONT be it, I`ll became it…only by YOU!

    As the charakter of Lisbeth Salander: the intelligents and hottest I ever

    seen in my Life!

    Enchantè ,

    Greets from Germany


    - N8schatten,

  • James says:

    Noomi plays the role of Lisbeth Salander briilliantly. Acting doesn’t get any better.

    - James,

  • J Thomson says:

    I am from the UK, I don’t speak much Swedish, but the fact that the movie was amazing even reading subtitles- there should NOT be another cheesy stupid american remake of movies as good as this. I wish Hollywood would realise the magic is in the originals.

    I personally think that the other actress said to take over the part of Lisbeth- wont be able to deliver half as much as Rapace.

    - J Thomson,

  • Walter says:

    First of all, I haven’t read any of the books, but my daughter being home for Thanksgiving had me see the movie which I thought was excellent. And, I’m somewhat baffled on the comments about Noomi Rapace for this role. I thought she played a part both unique and extremely vulnerable. I will diffenately read/watch the books and movies, but Noomi will always be my Lisbeth. Oh, and my daughter’s name is Elizabeth as well.

    - Walter,

  • Jerry Oshinsky says:

    Noomi looks and sounds exactly how we would imagine Lisbeth Salander from the books. She is remarkable….I understand there is a draft of a fourth manuscript, and I hope we get to see it.

    - Jerry Oshinsky,

    • Lew, says:

      i agree when u have seen the movie already no one can replace hee they will try but she is the only 1 for the movies she made it real and convincing

  • Walter says:

    First of all, I haven’t read any of the books, but my daughter being home for Thanksgiving had me see the movie which I thought was excellent. And, I’m somewhat baffled on the comments about Noomi Rapace for this role. I thought she played a part both unique and extremely vulnerable. I will diffenately read/watch the books and movies, but Noomi will always be my Lisbeth. Oh, and my daughter’s name is Elizabeth as well.

    - Walter,

  • Walter says:

    First of all, I haven’t read any of the books, but my daughter being home for Thanksgiving had me see the movie which I thought was excellent. And, I’m somewhat baffled on the comments about Noomi Rapace for this role. I thought she played a part both unique and extremely vulnerable. I will diffenately read/watch the books and movies, but Noomi will always be my Lisbeth. Oh, and my daughter’s name is Elizabeth as well.

    - Walter,

  • Jerry Oshinsky says:

    Noomi looks and sounds exactly how we would imagine Lisbeth Salander from the books. She is remarkable….I understand there is a draft of a fourth manuscript, and I hope we get to see it.

    - Jerry Oshinsky,

    • Lew, says:

      i agree when u have seen the movie already no one can replace hee they will try but she is the only 1 for the movies she made it real and convincing

  • JAG says:

    No doubt that Rooney Mara is talented. That being said, I think Noomi Rapace could not have set the bar higher in her portrayal of Lisbeth Salander. Comparisons will be inevitable. I wish Rooney good fortune in her playing of Lisbeth, but she’s got a tough row to hoe. Well done, Noomi.

    - JAG,

  • DW says:

    Noomi Rapace was electrifying in the first Swedish film, The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo. Noomi is Lisbeth Salander. The dark eyes that bleed her life long sufferiing and hate for injustice will not be replaced by a semmingly softer, Rooney Mara. I was amazed with how true to the book, the movie was. The sub titles were no obstacle in enjoying the film. Hats off to Noomi. You are FAB and exactly who Lisbeth is in the books.

    - DW,

  • Polly Beason says:

    Fantastic portrayal of Lisbeth ! Just saw the 3rd movie …riveting, fantastic !

    - Polly Beason,

  • cheops says:

    Having seen all three movies I think that Noomi Rapace (and the rest of the cast) have set the bar impossibly high, and that any Hollywood remakes are inevitably doomed by comparison. Why would anyone go to the movies to watch a new Hollywood release when the media are telling them it’s a second-rate reproduction of a classic work that they can get very cheaply online or at Walmart etc????

    The whole remake thing is doomed to fail expensively, and I hope it is abandoned.

    As regards a fourth book – I hope it is never written.

    - cheops,

    • Kate Laird, says:

      I think you meant The Girl Who Played With Fire. …Hornet’s Nest hasn’t been realeased yet.

      - Sharon,

  • admin says:

    I love you Noomi Rapace. Lisbeth Salander has come to life through you. I don’t think Hollywood can make a better film than the swedish version.

  • Dr Machado Sarda says:

    I read the three books in less than 2 weeks, they are brilliants.Lisbeth you are my heroina now that is what I will beg you not to give the book to Holly wood they will destory it.

    - Dr Machado Sarda,

    • Stieg fan Boston, MA, says:

      I couldn’t agree more

      - Kate Laird,

  • Kevin Jarvis says:

    I loved the movies and the books, i hope that the third book will be made into a movie also. the actress was briliant. I have not liked many dubed movies before but i have almost wore out the DVD and have listened to the books on auduble twice and love them still. I hope that this is not the last movies or books that come out of sweden that i can get

    - Kevin Jarvis,

    • Stieg fan Boston, MA, says:

      Yes they are brilliant. Sadly it is not up to Noomi Rapace, the actress, it will be whoever has the rights to the material and now it appears to be Stiegs’s estranged father and his brother, (greed) when it should be his long time partner/wife of over 30 yrs.Karma does have a way of getting you in the end…so for Eva’s sake, I hope it is soon. She so deserves the rights to it.

      - Stieg fan Boston, MA,

  • Selena Locas says:

    I’m reading the last of the 3 now, and saw The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo on TV. I was so happy it was playing, and my daughter and I had no trouble seeing past the subtitles. I agree with everyone that Mrs. Rapace portrayed the character of Lisbeth with such conviction, you can believe she is Libeth. I must disagree though with a re-make, as my husband is the type of person who didn’t even give the movie a chance because it was translated, and a lot more people would ultimately go see the movie. I just wish that Mrs. Rapace and Mr. Nyqvist, who played Mikael Blomkvist and who also did a spectacular job of portraying his character, could learn English quick enough to play the parts. Now how awesome would that be…the exact same movie, only in English…anything is possible right?

    - Selena Locas,

    • Dameon, says:

      I too loved the books and the first 2 movies, with subtitles, not dubbed.Hornet’s nest will be showing here in the Boston area on Cable January 25the 2011. Can’t wait to see it and I too hope that there will be more from the rumored 4th or 5th book, if not more. Can there be such a book! Will it be Stieg Larsson’s original work! Even style!Rumor is… that Eva contributed to the books and may have written some herself.Time will tell.

      - Stieg fan Boston, MA,

  • sima says:

    Noomi Rapace is fantastic! i think she fits the role perfectly. Also Nyqvist.

    - sima,

    • Leif, says:

      I totally agree with you!

      - Elina,

  • L Fialho Boston, MA says:

    I agree that if Hollywood is really making these movies, they will fail as they will never bring these characters to the forefront and bring forth the thrill of the story, as did the Swedish actors. Noomi Rapace was Lisbeth…she did fit the role so well. In general, they all did. Sadly, Hollywood’s version will get washy, washy…and in the end it’s all about money, and not the work of a great writer.

    Historically Hollywood remakes of foreign movies just don’t have it. The old saying is so true…looses in translation, always does.

    - L Fialho Boston, MA,

    • IHateEMO, says:

      Dito Sima. Let me also point out Erica Berger is a well played role. And another thing is that you can recognize yourselfe int the other characters. They look like real people. It will be very interresting to see how D Fincher will craracterize them in his version. After all he has said he vill make his version from the book, littarely. Not from the swedish movie.

      - Leif,

  • Steve Wojtak says:

    Noomi ROCKS!!!!

    - Steve Wojtak,

  • Stieg fan says:

    Having read this article of who Noomi Rapace’s parents were…makes it very clear to me now why she looked very Western European, her father being from Spain. She was great in these movies and it would be great if she could play the role of Lisbeth in the Hollywood version, seeing that Hollywood will mess that up with the actress they supposedly have picked.

    It will never be the same. I hope to see more of her movies, even with subtitles. She was Lisbeth.

    - Stieg fan,

    • france, says:

      Some proper punctuation would, also, be helpful to identify the true meaning of many a comment!

      - tlchauvey,

    • GetAClue, says:

      He´s dead, although a manuscript with some 250 pages.

  • Rivas Australia says:

    Hollywood will “glitz” the story lone of these movies. It’s not just the actors, although they are superb, it’s also about the cinematography of Europe bs US. Hollywood will take the rawness of the story telling away and dumb it down instead of making you follow the story and turn it into a “Bourne” extravaganza. Lots of action, but nothing like the book!

    - Rivas Australia,

  • Claire Minnestoa says:

    Archie Panjabi would be great (Kalinda in the Good Wife)

    - Claire Minnestoa,

    • Lorie, says:

      She’s so fugly though.

      - GetAClue,

  • TjC says:

    Loved Noomi in both movies. She did an excellent job of portraying Lisbeth. I don’t think anyone is going to do a better job than Noomi. I am looking forward to viewing more of her work in sub titiles or english dubbing. She is a great actress.

    - TjC,

  • admin says:

    Noomi Rapace nailed Lisabeth Salander – beautfully interesting. The cast in general, was good, but Noomi was perfect! – it’s all about the quality & not the bottom line Hollywood dollar – not Hollywood style at all. Nice Touch.

    Sadly, I am to witness Hollyood’s flawed potrayal of Steig’s Millineum – I am sure, – true to Hollywood’s usual style – some one gorgeously plastic, Pamela Anderson’s too old, but some one like that. And Mikael Blomkvist will be probably a George Clooney type…Hurray for Plastic Hollywod… And all that jazz…

    - Y.Drushella, California,

    yes…did you notice that all of the older adults looked “normal”..probably no plastic and they were beautiful…

    - diane L., 6 February 2011

    Reply to this comment

    • diane L., says:

      Yes I agree!! She is also awesome…

      - Lorie,

  • Fanny says:

    Noomi is one of the best actresses I’ve seen! She has done a great job with the character of Lisbeth! I hope she will continue playing Lisbeth, if Eva gets to finish the books! XD

    - Fanny,

  • Heather Minew says:

    I adore Noomi as Lizbeth. NOONE could bring her to life as she has.

    - Heather Minew,

  • Donna Stayman says:

    Noomi Rapace put on what I believe the best performance I have ever witnessed in the movie industry. I have seen all 3 of the Trilogy movies and I am blown away by her portrayal of Lisbeth Salander. I only regret that there are not more movies coming out from this book series. These films are so unbelievably better than any Hollywood movie I’ve ever seen. It’s great to see a woman portrayed for other attributes than big breasts, blonde hair, & plastic glamour. Noomi is fantastic and goes against all typical shallow Hollywood stereotypes, esp. bimbos!

    - Donna Stayman,

  • Catherine & Kim says:

    My sister-in-law and myself are in love with this series. We are heart broken over there only begin three books/movies about ‘Lisbeth Salander and Millennium’. We feel as if we were there with Lisbeth through everything and our hearts stopped as we watched everything fall into place for her. We have become ADDICTED to these books and only hope the American versions can live up to what was accomplished. The American actress who plays Lisbeth Salander had better live up to Noomi Rapace’s performance!! She was wonderful, and brought Lisbeth to life!

    - Catherine & Kim,

  • CT says:

    Why Hollywood would want to do the movie again?

    - CT,

    • Leo, says:

      She’s beautiful in real life! if you had seen her pictures, she has the face and the body for the red carpet – which was a surprise after being used to her gothic look in the movie. But i did love her looks in the movie too. Now that’s an actress – being able transform yourself from one image to another.

      - france,

    • Catherine & Kim, says:

      yes…did you notice that all of the older adults looked “normal”..probably no plastic and they were beautiful…

      - diane L.,

  • M. Launius says:

    Hollywood simply won’t produce movies that measure up to the Swedish masterpieces. I agree with others that Noomi Rapace played the definitive Lisbeth to perfection. And Hollywood won’t emulate the pacing of the Swedish films – they’ll want to pack everything into 95 minutes so whole dimensions and subtleties of the Swedish versions will be lost. And I feel that one of the major “stars” of the original films is Sweden, the urban and rural landscapes add much flavor to the film and the cultural differences with the US are critical to the subtle critique of aspects of Swedish society embedded in the stories of the original films. But remakes are usually about money, not art. More American should watch the Swedish originals and see what great films can be made without constantly blowing things up.

    - M. Launius,

    • Crystal, says:

      Rapace looks like Kris Angel.

      - IHateEMO,

  • Diane says:

    i cannot see any other actress, especially American, duplicating the incredible performances of Rapace.

    - Diane/ California,

  • ikpay says:

    these movies and lisbeth salander just got into my system !! :)… thanks to the author for such briliance that happened to have enabled a phenomenal actress like noomi rapace shine like she did. well done!!

    - ikpay,

  • mia says:

    Rapache is fearless and vulnerable in this role. Superb performance and satisfying entertainment.

    - mia,

  • Sarah says:

    Though American, I 100% agree that no American film could touch this one, or come close to the brilliance of Noomi’s acting.

    - Sarah,

  • Nanaqsmh says:

    I agree that Noomi is in essence Lisbeth and Michael Nyqvist is Mikael. Neither Hollywood nor any American actor or actress can do justice to these roles.

    And why would anyone want to watch a Hollywood version when you already have access to the Swedish films dubbed in English.

    - Nanaqsmh,

    • foh, says:

      You’re the Swedishness of the Swedish version made it more believable, because author of the books wrote it from Swedish point of view, which I think will make the American version not so strong, because there is a culture difference that needs to made clear for the American version to be as strong. Which hollywood will not do and I see it in the trailers for the American version. The actor playing Lisbeth in the USA version is acting very American and rolling her eyes at Blumann. Which Lisbeth doesn’t do.

      - Crystal,

  • bizzo says:

    I too am American and will definitely not see an American version of Larsson’s movies. After watching Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth, I have no desire to see her “replacement”.

    - bizzo,

  • Vawn says:

    I fell in love after reading the first book in the series. My husband and I watched all 3 movies and are waiting on our own copies of them. I am not looking forward to the American version of these films, but I do want to watch them out of curiosity. Noomi Rapace is the only Lisbeth I picture while reading. She did a beautiful job on the character.

    - Vawn,

  • Raq says:

    Noomi is THE Lisbeth no one can and no one will replace her!

    - Raq,

    • Liz, says:

      Dubbed!? the horror the horror. can´t read?

      - foh,

    • PN from ., says:

      amen to that. i totally agree!!!

      - TheMollyM,

  • bob says:

    To everyone bashing Hollywood: Noomi Rapace has been embraced by Hollywood.

    The Movers and Shakers in Hollywood loved her performances as Salander, and they like her as a person — she is charming the pants off everybody!

    She is in the new Sherlock Holmes movie, coming out later this year, playing opposite Robert Downey, Jr.

    - bob,

  • Christine says:


    Noomi is a splendid actress!

    - Christine,

  • Jax/antwerp says:

    A masterpiece of tattoo-art as well !

    - Jax/antwerp,



  • boy-cott says:

    I too have enjoyed the Millennium Trilogy movies, the Swedish version with subtitles. Just another way for Hollywood to make a buck.

    - boy-cott,

    • admin says:

      I hope they can find a talented author to continue the stories. They found a guy for James Bond; as I understand it he did a fair job in following up Ian Fleming’s style. So….here’s hoping. And hoping for a TV series in the US –NOT replicating the already perfected features starring the amazing Swedish talent as Ms. Repace. All who were cast in the movies (and so far I’ve seen the first two) are not to be beat.

      - Lew,

  • Esth,Malaysia says:

    hi, im from Malaysia, i’ve finished reading all 3 novels of Larsson, and i think they’re magnificient!……

    And Noomi Rapace acted Lisbeth Salander really good in the movie….2 thumbs up for Larsson!!

    - Esth,Malaysia,

  • olive says:

    It pisses my off imensely that they are making a US version. Out of respect for the original I will NEVER watch the new one. Noomi was the perfect Lisbeth and I hope the US version bombs

    - olive,

    • admin says:

      I agree. I hate the American version, it was boring and dull. Rapace’s performance was always 110% and I bought all 3 Swedish DVDs. Mara looked so different and her acting wasn’t anywhere near as good as Noomi’s. and the American version didn’t keep to the book as much, and changed lots of parts, it left the movie feeling really washed out and boring.

    • Jason, says:

      Not at all, Ray.Usually I am not a fan of Hollywood remakes; in fact I often quite dislike them and avoid watching them altogether.But I have to say that in this case they did a better job than on the original in terms of casting (although I did not like how they changed the ending, revealed secrets of Lisbeth’s character which you only find out in the 2nd book and which she never personally reveals to Blomkvist, and the silly MTV style sequence in the credits at the beginning)

      - Joseph,

    • Labor Shall Rule, says:

      OK, how many of you know Eva? How many know Stieg’s family? Let it go. Stieg was raised by his grandparents, not his biological parents. Perhaps they should have been the executors. I am not sure, other than the legal issues, why so many people are critical of their never having married? Most of you should realise from Stieg’s work, fiction and non

      -fiction, that he didn’t put a lot of faith in conventional societal mores. Many, myself included, would say that marriage is, in fact, an easier way to cheat someone out of their assets and a very complicated way to ‘simplify’ post

      -mortem legalities. Married or not, a simple will would have solved much of this.

      - Vance, Canada.,

    • PN from Canada, says:

      in the Hollywood version, Craig and Mara don’t even call each other By their movie role names, as if they are embarassed to be the characters. I think they remained Hollywood actors and did not become Sakander and Blomquist. The only better acting was Christopher Plumber.

      - Gina Buenaventura,

    • Labor Shall Rule, says:

      If any of you had read anything about the couple, you would know that they were under constant threat from Neo

      -Nazis and had to protect themselves (thus not being seen together in public) but it was a well

      -known fact that they were a couple.

      - Stephan,

    • america idiots? or swedish, nobodies?, says:

      I agree – the American version has just come out here in Australia but I always prefer the original and have bought all three Swedish DVD’s – Like original Japanese The Grudge and Dark Water – all remade with famous actresses. Noomi rules. I hate that they have sexualised Lisbeth in the US version, putting her topless on the new posters. Lisbeth would set fire to them! Wasp rules!

      - June Colbert,

    • Jason, says:

      hell, yeah!

      - Boba,

    • Labor Shall Rule, says:

      Surely this guy John is the brother posting under a fake name.

      - Connan Doyle,

    • Labor Shall Rule, says:

      Anyone, that read the books, has to realize they couldn’t do it exactly like the book. That investigation went on for a whole year and a lot of things are happening and it not like Hollywood is going to do it exactly like the book either, I heard is going to more about Lisbeth Salander, rather men who hate women. I enjoyed the Swedish versions and in my mind, there is no need to make a re

      -make. Yes, it is a re

      -make. When you remaking a film that is already been done, it’s re


      - Crystal,

    • Mari, says:

      Oh grow up

    • Labor Shall Rule, says:

      This is silly…yes, Nazism is a right wing ideology. The fascist movement in Germany was against what the Left is for…such as a strong social safety net, free education, universal health care, and anti

      -racism and anti

      -sexism.Making Hitler out to be a real “socialist” has been a good PR trick by the Tea Party. But it does not hold any historical ground whatsoever.

      - Labor Shall Rule,

    • Ben Werling, says:

      Håkan Nesser books about crimeinspector “Barbarotti” (Italian Father) is a another coffedrinking caracter that will keep you ocupied for many hours.

      - Jarmor,

    • Treewizdom from USA , says:

      Henning Mankell

      - caffeine,

    • KMP, says:

      peter hoeg, ruth rendell are both great

      - willow wench,

  • Kathleen Leonard says:

    Does anyone know what it is that Lisbeth is laughing at when she realizes Fermat’s answer to his equation? I still cannot figure out what is mean’t by this riddle. Help please. Kathleen Leonard

    - Kathleen Leonard,

    • Rebecca, says:

      You are right and I agree I don’t understand why they cannot promote the swedish version instead of making a remake, they don’t want to call it like that but that is what it is.

      - Mari,

  • hanog says:

    Hi! I’m from Hungary and totally agree swedish version are the best. Why make a remake? I don’t understand. Possible for the money… Shame. Daniel Craig very good actor my one of the favorites but these trilogy originally the best.

    - hanog,

  • ShayKaye says:

    I was not too thrilled with the idea that America was remaking the movies but after seeing the trailers I think it will be really good. I am still waiting to see what kind of Lisbeth Rooney Mara will be. Noomi Rapace just rocked as Lisbeth and is how I pictured Lisbeth when I read the book. Her performance will be very hard to top. I cannot hardly wait til Dec 21st. 2011. My heart aches for Eva, she is being treated unfairly. I hope she can eventually turn out the 4th book. I really think she DID help Steig write the books. I think Erika Berger was based on Eva. It seems so unfair too what happened to Stieg. He was so talented and had so much to offer the world and was trying to do good in the world.

    - ShayKaye,

  • Samara says:

    noomi brought lisbeth to life and in the perfect manner…it’s gonna be difficult to top her..

    - Samara,

  • admin says:

    Is it true that Noomi was asked to reprise her role as Lisbeth in the American movie, and told them that she had given everything she had to the original?

    • admin says:

      Thank you hilodave for the interesting insight into the men behind the American version. I will now be very interested to check it out.Lynda – Canada

    • hilodave, says:

      Actually other than Rooney Mara’s difficult job of living up to Noomi Repace the Hollywood version has some potential. There were inexplicable rewrites and gaps in the Swedish version and Academy Award winning screenwriter Steve Zaillian (Schindler’s List) has said he will be faithful to the book…and then David Fincher is directing.

      - hilodave,

  • Lynda says:

    I was really shocked to hear that there was going to be an Amerian version of the Trilogy….my my is nothing sacred!! The Swedish version will out shine the American. They will probably pull together a good movie but it will lack something in the translation.

    - Lynda – Canada,

    • admin says:

      Because they are popular. Look at the reaction from everyone that has commented to what is going on with the series. Yes, Hollywood is going to ruin it but they’ll make money because as many people have said, silly Americans can only watch Hollywood. I don’t think that they’ll grasp the sense of the characters and setting very well. But it’ll be pretty and polished, unfortunately. And, they’ll(Hollywood) will give them an Oscar.

      - Leo,

    • hilodave, says:

      I have no idea. They have a lot to live up to with this trilogy.

      - Catherine & Kim,

  • Julie says:

    I’m an American and totally agree with you guys. It is ludicrous to re-make the perfect trilogy already made. We are idiots and, yes, it is the money! Noomi Rapace is outrageously stunning and perfect! As much as I like Daniel Craig, I think Michael Nyqvist is also perfect. No one really gives him the kudos. The balance between him, Noomi, and his sister are very impelling. I’m sad that this is being re-made. However, with enough press, most will be drawn to the originals to compare and see for the themselves. Quality is quality.

    - Julie,

    • Patricia, California, says:

      what am i misingout dora

    • cb, says:


      - hilodave,

  • Noreen Phelps says:

    I am surprised that Americans are surprised by the American hatred posted here. I am an American also, read book one and considering putting book two down and not finishing it due to the obvious hatred of Americans in this book. Why would his avid readers in other countries feel any differently? Book 2 continously discusses “stupid American tourists’, ect., then goes on to describe all the American products enjoyed by it’s characters. A possibly good story has been ruined for me due to prejudice and I won’t bother watching either version of any move-Swedish, American or otherwise.

    - Noreen Phelps,

    • nightmare, says:

      I can’t believe it can be any better ten the original . However I loved Steig Larson books so much I will watch it anyway.

      - cb,

  • American_swede says:

    I just watched all three movies today and I do not honestly believe Hollywood can do any better they can’t capture the emotions created in the films. I myself am an actress and know that there are just some things you just dont redue!

    - American_swede,

  • Benny says:

    After reading the comments below, I’m not even gonna bother watching the American version. Noomi bombed Lisbeth’s character. And I don’t care if Stieg Larsson shows hatred for Americans or whatever. Plus, I don’t blame him lol Americans really are stupid.

    I just freaking love the movies <3

    - Benny,

    • cb, says:

      It isn’t ludicrous if you believe Stieg’s books: Hollywood wasn’t making any money off the original trilogy…so they had to make their own…pretending it is the first set.

      - Patricia, California,

    • Jay, says:

      which goes to show you how spot on American ignorance goes.what better way to prove the world right.

      - nightmare,

  • Benny says:

    Love love love the movies! I haven’t watched the third movie yet, but oh my gosh! :o I wish I would have known about the books before watching the movies, but oh well :) I’m in love with Lisbeth Salander! <3

    - Benny,

  • Frosty says:

    Noomi was the perfect choice, she did an awesome job with the role. As an American, I too get tired of classic films getting remade, “12 Angry Men”, “Fail Safe” by the insufferable Clooney, etc. It is difficult to imagine Hollywood will do it justice when the films are already a 10/10, so anything else will be sub-par. While it is easy to bash America, Hollywood is responsible for producing the majority of mega-films in most all countries. Except for the occasional worldwide hit, the majority of the world would wait years for mega-hits. Therefore, with the 5% great movies, 20% fair movies, and the rest poor to bad (mol) that Hollywood produces, I guess we can occasionally look the other way while Hollywood steps on some toes…badly I might add, but still.

    - Frosty,

    • admin says:

      Hey Benny,What nationality are you? I spent 7 weeks this summer in Sweden and had a lovely time. As a American we were treated very well except one night at a restaurant/bar where some Arab guys made disparaging comments. The Swedes were watching out for us at the bar and called them a name I won’t repeat.So let me know your nationality so I can determine how dumb you and your kind are……Thanks.Jay

      - Jay,

  • alaskandog1958 says:

    Noomi is by far the best actress/actor i have yet to see and i am a nobody but a regular ole redneck country boy that has had a long addiction to action films and computers. She portrays Lisbeth strong, devoted and i admire with appreciation her bringing this completely different aspect of action not seen in a film for many ages. Thanks you Noomi…you are amazing and i wish you the world. So glad you are in the film with Robert and Jude. Those two are great together and in my opinion with the three of you it will be a blast, i cannot wait!

    - alaskandog1958,

  • Frosty says:

    Noomi was the perfect choice, she did an awesome job with the role. As an American, I too get tired of classic films getting remade, “12 Angry Men”, “Fail Safe” by the insufferable Clooney, etc. It is difficult to imagine Hollywood will do it justice when the films are already a 10/10, so anything else will be sub-par. While it is easy to bash America, Hollywood is responsible for producing the majority of mega-films in most all countries. Except for the occasional worldwide hit, the majority of the world would wait years for mega-hits. Therefore, with the 5% great movies, 20% fair movies, and the rest poor to bad (mol) that Hollywood produces, I guess we can occasionally look the other way while Hollywood steps on some toes…badly I might add, but still.

    - Frosty,

    • admin says:

      Hey Benny,What nationality are you? I spent 7 weeks this summer in Sweden and had a lovely time. As a American we were treated very well except one night at a restaurant/bar where some Arab guys made disparaging comments. The Swedes were watching out for us at the bar and called them a name I won’t repeat.So let me know your nationality so I can determine how dumb you and your kind are……Thanks.Jay

      - Jay,

  • Nani says:

    I abhor violence, and would have normally not have continued to watch after the first hint of the graphic nature of these films, but I was completely taken in by the characters, and watched to the end. As Lisbeth, Noomi is simply astonishing– delicate, furious, with modulated, skillful expression, piercing focus. She was so believable that I found myself feeling a loss at the end of the last film…wishing I could follow Lisbeth’s path as her life continued… now that’s good acting, to make a character so real you’re gonna miss them when they’re gone…

    Noomi, in an interview with Charlie Rose, stated that she would be interested in seeing what the American version of Dragon Tattoo would be like. I, for one, am not at all interested in the American remake. I doubt any Hollywood director could get it right…and I think Noomi embodied the character of Lisbeth so thoroughly any other attempt could only be a watered down version..

    - Nani,

    • Raymond Norris, says:

      Well and the fact that it’s nice to see for a change unfamiliar faces. It gets tiresome to see the same actors every time. This way The movie has a realistic feel to it and that’s why it’s 10/10. I think Noomi Rapace did a great portrayal of Lisbeth and her experiences. I cheered for her the whole time and that is after I didn’t want to watch the movie. My friend made me.No Hollywood remake will ever measure up to the acting done by the swedish actors. Really made me want to read the books.

    • marty, says:

      we met some swedish salesmen in Hong Kong and spent an hour just talking to them they where delightful. By the way we where old ladies and they could have been our sons but what nice gentlemen they were. You are right Jay about the Swedish people.

      - cb,

    • Harry, says:

      The DVDs are not yet availble with English subtitles.

      - caffeine,

    • Name/signature, says:

      yeah you’re probably right, I guess I just want to prolong the experience of reading the books.

      - Jill, NYS,

    • polapoi, says:

      Why worry about the translation? And why read it in different languages. The story lines must be all the same. Why start looking for negatives in three great books? I read all three books and enjoyed every minute of them. I then recommended them to friends who had just as much fun as i did, without any thought of what they would be like in another language. I am just thankful i had the chance to read these books.

      - lionel/Germany,

    • KP, says:

      Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts, look it up, unputdownable plus it’s a real story by the author

      - rodrigo,

  • cb says:

    It will take a lot of effort to do as good a job as Lisbeth Salander played by Noomi Rapace. I hope Rooney Mara can fill her shoes

    - cb,

    • PM, says:

      Love sting Larsson

      - Christine liberson,

    • TylerL, says:

      The Swedish version of the movie… close to perfection. The performance of Ms. Rapace… absolutely amazing. I’ve watched all three movies twice, and enjoyed them every time.One thing I cannot agree with you: to my personal taste, Ms. Rapace is far from being sexy, but as Lisbeth… she rocks.

      - Marcel,

    • KP, says:

      i agree. i actually described the first film “disturbing” because of the rape scene. but hands down to stieg larsson and to noomi rapace! she delivered every part of her role quite perfectly.

      - polapoi,

    • tyler is a bitch, says:

      Well, extreme violence, graphic violence in movies is there for the rush that the audience gets off of it. Of course it is exploitation. Only it is done in a way in which the audience can feel that they are innocent spectators. If the violence is terrible, if it offends the senses, then people would stop paying their hard earned dollars to get a good look.

      - Harry,

  • Asashii says:

    she will always and forever be The girl with the dragon tattoo dont care who else plays the role, but id like to know what Rapace will say about the new Americanized version or will she even she it

    - Asashii,

  • Willy Fetcher says:

    So sad that Larsson died so early.I really think we missed a lot of very good suspense. I have read the trilogy for the third time and it is over and over a great pleasure to read it. I am sure that Hollywood can not beat the Swedish film version and i am glad for it.

    - Willy Fetcher,

    • Frank, says:

      Grow up and get over yourself…Mara is wonderful. directed towards PM

      - TylerL,

    • marty, says:

      Rooney Mara is just the worst person ever… Lisbeth Salander is only one and she is European! F k David Fincher!

      - PM,

  • Jon says:

    I am American, but I dont think anyone will ever outshine Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth Salander…I want to watch the hollywood remake, but I dont want to judge it unfairly…I think Noomi’s portrayal was complex and believable, I became an instant fan…I look forward to seeing her in next summer’s Prometheus.

    - Jon,

    • Edmundo Velázquez, says:

      I second your thoughts concerning the movies (Noomi Rapace will always be Lisabeth Salander to me) I also agree with you about Stieg Larsson’s books

      - Frank,

    • john Athens Greeece, says:

      I agree

      - marty,

  • Harry says:

    Sweden and the Scandanavian countries most definately represent the “darkest” part of the world given the absence of light those countries are subject to for many months of the year.

    - Harry,

  • Clint/Holland says:

    I think It’s sad that they make a hollywood millenium. it wil not over win the swedish movie’s. It was better when they came around with stieg larson and made part 4, 5, and 6

    - Clint/Holland,

    • admin says:

      I agree. The American one was so boring and Mara wasn’t anywhere near as good as Rapace. The Swedish films are amazing, a straight 10/10 for me, while the American one just made it to a 3.5/10. I hope Hollywood stops making them, no one can outshine Rapace and the Swedish films.

      - KP,

    • June Colbert, says:

      Mara was a terrible actress. The movie was boring and she wasn’t half as good as Rapace. No one will ever be as good as Noomi was she IS Lisbeth

      - KP,

    • Gina Buenaventura, says:

      It was watered down. Why change the ending of the American version when the Swedish version followed the book right to the end. Very disappointed with it.

      - Name/signature,

    • Boba, says:

      fuck you tyler rooney is a cocky nasty bitch and if u think the american version is better your an idiot…i mean cmon DANIEL CRAIG as michael bloomqvist why not cast tom hanks, tom cruise, and angelina jolie get all the overseen overated hollywood actors…NOOMI RAPACE IS LISBETH SALANDER

      - tyler is a bitch,

    • Vicious, says:

      Yestaerday I saw the US film. I just loved it. Rooney Mara is really great. But deeply in my heart, Salander is just like Noomi Rapace.

      - Edmundo Velázquez,

    • Lida, says:

      I agree

      - john Athens Greeece,

  • Selma from BIH says:

    Noomi Rapace is a thousand times better than Rooney Mara!!!!!

    - Selma from BIH,

    • admin says:

      This movie was based on the life and treatening experiences of the character and all too graphic as it may be, it was the center stone of the drive that made the character come alive. I come from a world of violence, and to see it will make you feel it, she did this in her potrayal of this character and this is what is lacking in the American version, the ruthlessness of a women’s place in the world, let alone death is just another word. With the potection and sanction of American movies on death and voilence, the hollowood version is left behind. The swedish version makes you feel alive, on the edge, and wanting to hack something and find that mystery that makes us feel, feel anything in our skins. Noomi, needs to be honored first in America, as well as she was in Sweden. HOMAGE to the real Lisbeth!

      - Vicious,

    • Peter Stutz, says:

      I agree. The swedish movie is far better.

      - Lida,

  • necros 4 from Greece,Thessaloniki says:

    Noomi rules!!!

    Epic actress!!!

    Bow to Noomi!!!

    - necros 4 from Greece,Thessaloniki,

  • Lex says:

    Noomi, u r gr8 acter!!!!!!!!

    - Lex,

  • Frances says:

    I read all of the books and had an image in my head of what Lisbeth would be… I was nervous to watch any film because films rarely ever do a book justice. I think Noomi Rapace is an absolutely incredible Lisbeth, but I was blown away by Rooney Mara’s Lisbeth. I think the Swedish version of the films were much more suspenseful and extremely effective thrillers, and those are all things the American version lacked. However, Rooney Mara’s Lisbeth kind of changed the game for me. I thought she was perfect… She was fierce, intense, and intimidating in all the ways I thought Lisbeth Salander would be. I just didn’t feel as strongly watching Noomi Rapace play Lisbeth.

    - Frances,

    • admin says:

      I`am agree

      - Peter Stutz,

  • asphyxia says:

    go noomi go!

    - asphyxia,

  • Autumfrost says:

    I watched the Swedish Trilogy a couple months ago, watched the American version of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and decided that I love them both. I am just now finishing up Mr Larson’s three books and feel so bad for losing him as an author and am very sorry that his partner in life has had to deal with such injustice.

    - Autumfrost,

  • Harbinger1 says:

    I expected to be disappointed with the American version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, but was pleasantly surprised that it kept true to the original story. Even though I love the new version Noomi will always be the “real” Lizbeth Salander!

    - Harbinger1,

    • Name/signature, says:

      Really? I hated the American version of her. Mara was a poor actress and didn’t look at all the way I imagined her to be. No one can beat Rapace’s performance I think. The American version was very disappointing and quite dull.

  • Poppsie says:

    Fantastic trilogy with Noomi as Lisbeth. Much better than English version. Sad that Steig died before he could realize the rest of his brilliant writing career and carry us all through to the end with Lisbeth. Noomi should be highly honored around the world for her acting in the trilogy.

    - Poppsie,

    • Pitorra, says:

      I watched the American version last night and was disappointed that it did not keep true to the book. Anita was Anita and Harriet was found in Australia. Much preferred the Swedish version.

      - Name/signature,

  • Ana (Portugal) says:

    CONGRATILATIONS TO ALL PEOPLE OF SWEDISH VERSION!!!! I loved the books… but the movies… are amazing… it seems we’re inside it!!! Noomi Rapace…. you’re fantastic!!!

    - Ana (Portugal),

  • Careen Longhurst says:

    I am glad to learn that Noomi Rapace has won a Swedish Oscar for her role as Lisbeth Salander. She was outstanding. No one could possibly touch her performance as Lisbeth.

    Very well done!

    - Careen Longhurst,

  • Joseph says:

    I admired Noomi Rapace’s acting, but I thought she was miscast for the role – her physique was way too muscular to play the slightly built, almost anorexic looking Lisbeth.

    I thought Rooney Mara was much closer to the picture of Lisbeth I had in my head while reading the book.

    In fact, I think that all the actors in the american version were closer in appearance to how they were described in the book.

    - Joseph,

    • Joseph, says:

      Absolutely agree with you. I was so amazed by Rapace’s performance I bought all 3 Swedish movies a week after seeing the first movie and Noomi kept me hooked to the last second. I love her, Mara is no match for her.

    • Ray Vieira, says:

      I agree… Noomi is a lot better than the english Rooney Mara… she should be known around the world like Lisbth Salander… she’s amazing!!!

      - Pitorra,

  • MIKE ?/C W8 4OF says:


    - MIKE ?/C W8 4OF,

  • Estarme Navaja, Marin co. USA says:

    After getting sick of watching television rot my mind, during an extended injury recovery, I sent back the Dish equipment for Netflix. Then, after shredding through The Sherlock Holmes series everything else, with some exceptions, were just shades of grey. Until The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo. Superlatives would be voluminous and inadequate, let us call it a creative vortex. God what a rush. I must disagree with my previous fellow commentator, Noomi Rapace is an extraordinarily perfect mesh of masculine / feminine intensity. I was an only child and find myself wishing to have had a sister like Lisbeth. Magnifico, Sabroso, Perfecto! Danke!!

    - Estarme Navaja, Marin co. USA,

  • M H U.K says:

    I have just watched both 1st & 2nd films now must see the 3rd film. Noomi Rapace is so compelling to watch as is Michael Nyquist. Plot line brilliant casting same, what a shame Columbia had to duplicate it – not for me thank you, even with the English audio it held you. I suppose the Larssons’ were seducted by the big bucks across the Pond! Very sad, but Eva is writing the fourth book, go to girl show them creeps what is happening.

    - M H U.K,

  • mileniun trologie says:

    MILENIUN TROLOGIE is my page in littel hounor to Stieg Larsson and other scandinavian written paper you can see and vote

    - mileniun trologie,

  • Angeline says:

    I hope Eva will finish the fourth book and Noomi will play the part of Lisbeth again, because she was brilliant.

    - Angeline,

  • Nick, Norwich. UK. says:

    I was enthralled by the books and Noomi played the character of Lisbeth brilliantly! I’m really hoping the 4th book comes out soon and the follow up film with Noomi as the lead character again.

    - Nick, Norwich. UK.,

  • Tom Kelly says:

    Noomi Rapace I heard never heard of. I read the trilogy and usually the films never match the books. However Noomi just blew me out of the water with her performance as Lisabeth. Incredible, brilliant , stunning and breath takingly good. Whatever award the Swedis people have bestowed on her if fully deserved. Magic.

    - Tom Kelly,