Noomi or Roonie?

Who do you like better as LS(in%)

For my taste both are equal


Posted by Heckler in Saint-Petersburg , 5 January 2012

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  1. Noomi first Rooney second. No doubt on that.

    The point is Rooney only takes part of one movie. Don’t if there will be the others ones with Daniel and Ronney.

    Posted by Frédéric in Dunkirk ,

  2. ROONEY MARA 100%

    I’ve seen both movies, and Fincher’s version is much stronger than the Swedish one, which in turn, makes Rooney a much stronger character. I just didn’t see the same passion in Noomi when I saw her performance on screen.

    I can’t wait to see Rooney in her future works, I adore her!

    Posted by VA in TX ,

  3. In my opinion, Rooney is far superior in terms of acting ability, on-screen presence, and being naturally right for the role. Noomi just seemed like a depressed, angst-ridden, goth chick to me and I didn’t find her acting even remotely convincing. Also, as others have noted, Noomi constantly made defiant eye contact with everyone whereas Rooney avoided eye contact with almost everyone and seemed to be in her own world. I find this to be a very important detail, especially considering the possibility (as Blomkvist wonders in the book) that Lisbeth has Asperger’s Syndrome.

    Posted by Z in LA ,

  4. Rooney wore a red merkin for the role; that’s Lisbeth’s true hair color. Now, show me where it said Lisbeth grew her armpit hair in the book; that’s just gross and unnecessary.

    Posted by Hiropro ,

  5. uhh..guess you haven’t been to europe Hiropro, if armpit hair turns you off, better stay home.

    Posted by rbob in calif ,

  6. Noomi. I’ve seen all three Swedish movies, the American movie and read the three books. Since Noomi had more screen time because I’ve seen her in three movies, she is absolutley Lisbeth Salander.

    Posted by John Luciani in Toronto ,


    Posted by Mawyy :) in PHILIPPINES ,

  8. I haven’t see yet the Swedish version with noomi but she looks less like lisbeth in the other hand, Rooney looks amazing in the movie an excellent performance she really looks, talks, think like lisbeth it was a extreme transformation I mean I have read the 3 books and for what a look see really did a great job!

    Posted by Wspjims in Zurich ,

  9. Haven’t read the book or seen Rooney…yet, but, Noomi gave the expressionless glare, and silent distrust, as a traumatized, brilliant mind might. Haunted by that performance because I can relate.

    Posted by Lengua Navaja in Novato, CA ,

  10. Noomi is the best by far. I loved the Swedish version over Hollywood any day.

    Posted by Klp in Sydney ,

  11. Hmmm, physically speaking, Rooney fits the description better. I liked Rooney as LS, but I also got curious about Noomi! I do think that Noomi’s Lisbeth is way too pretty. Those big eyes! :) Rooney is kinda more accurate in looks. And acting. I still have to see Noomi act in the trilogy for me to be able to give a good judgment.

    Posted by in Philippines ,

  12. I’ve watched both the Swedish movies and the American one, read all the books, and I think Noomi Rapace did a better job creating Lisbeth Salander’s character. She played the role exactly as I saw it in the books. Rooney Mara did a good job but Rapace was a more dynamic character and had more personality that was consistent with what the books intended for Lisbeth Salander.

    Posted by Amanda White in Little Rock, Arkansas ,

  13. Noomi was more believable. Rooney was good but didn’t sell me that she was the Lizbeth Salander in the book. I really felt it with Noomi.

    Posted by Steve in Washington DC ,

  14. Rapace: Performed and created a real person who had a bizarre personality but was still a human being.

    Rooney: “I’m just going to be a drama queen and act psychotic”/”thanks daddy for the movie gig!”

    Posted by Krys in Paris ,

  15. Oh and at least Noomi smokes more than the first puff of every cigarette along with michael craig, if you’re gonna smoke don’t half ass it

    Posted by Krys in Paris ,

  16. apples and oranges, really…..but now that I’ve seen all 9 hours of the three Swedish films uncut I have to say Noomi owns the role. While Rooney’s performance was good and could very well expand with the next American adaptation, she didn’t exude the toughness and the f**k you attitude that was the Salander character from the novels.

    Posted by hilogreg in hawaii ,

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