Noomi or Roonie?

Who do you like better as LS(in%)

For my taste both are equal


Posted by Heckler in Saint-Petersburg , 5 January 2012

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  1. One day I might look at a rose and say.

    That’s a beautiful flower.

    The next day I might look at a lily and say.

    That’s a beautiful flower.

    Both were outstanding performances.

    Posted by dfr ,

  2. Rooney, she seems to fit the description in the books better.

    Posted by jack brown in milledgeville, ga. usa ,

  3. Rooney fit the description in the book much better. She was also a better actor. The way she made eye contact and spoke was a better representation of LS in the book.

    Posted by SK in Van ,

  4. in my opinion rooney mara fitted the description in the book while noomi rapace was beautiful to play for the acting both did a great job but rooney was better as she made no eye contact and that stare that betrayed no emotions was just so convincing.

    Posted by trinity ,

  5. Rooney. She is eerily close to the character I envisioned while reading Tatoo.

    Posted by PK in United States ,

  6. Noomi and Rooney, funny name resemblance. I can t even compare the two of them. To me, they seemed to be two different characters.

    Posted by Oana in Bucharest ,

  7. Rooney looks much younger, which meets the description better. I think she was perfect.

    Posted by dearnatalie in florida ,

  8. Rapace’s great advantage was that she was out first and Mara will always be measured against her performance. Mara, though, comes closer to how Lisbeth is being portrayed in the book: tiny, seemingly week, boyish. But then there’s the “hairy question” which makes Rapace’s performance more credible: Playing a freak, she doesn’t shy away from letting the hair grow in her armpits while Mara enters the stage even with her pubic hair perfectly trimmed. That’s Hollywood and not the the alternative crowd from Stockholm Söder.

    All in all, however, both did an excellent job. Not to be compared with her male counterpart. Why Michael Nyqvist made it into the Swedish movies remains a mystery – Craig on the hand, smart, handsome, a convincing womanizer, is pretty close to how I imagined Blomqvist when reading the books.

    Posted by Martin in Frankfurt, Germany ,

  9. Sorry, meant to write “seemingly weak”, of course. Stupid, me.

    Posted by Martin in Frankfurt, Germany ,

  10. Rooney. Noomi maybe be a sexy Salander, but Rooney takes the cake when it comes to actual looks and skittishness.

    Posted by inkopah in jacumba ,

  11. Rooney Mara was amazing–she brought the character to life in true Stig Larsson style. I hope they proceed with making movies based on the last 2 books, with Mara in the role. Any news in that regard as of yet?

    Posted by nancypirate in NY, USA ,

  12. Noomi Rapace. She’s real Lisbeth as described in book. Rooney Mara is good actor but her version is just generic psycho, just like those in every other movies.

    But Noomi’s version is human who you can actually have sympathy with. Human with troubles, but not total psycho.

    Posted by Samuel in Braitslava, SK ,

  13. Having watched both movies, I’d say I prefer Noomi Rapace. Rooney Mara was very good but she didn’t seem “real” to me. I think she was trying too hard to act like Lisbeth, while Noomi was literally made for this role. Also, sometimes I almost forgot Rooney was the leading actress. Maybe this has to do with the director, who I think didn’t focus enough on her and made her look a little too vulnerable and kind at times, or her partner(Daniel Craig) who was famous and draw all the attention.

    So, that’s why I prefer Noomi to Rooney.

    Posted by Athena in Thessaloniki ,

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