Claims that Sieg Larrson wrote a fourth novel are wide of the mark, his partner reveals.

Eva Gabbrielsson told BBC Womans hour that “there was not much truth” that he left another novel on a laptop.

Lots of thoughts and ideas that went into Millenium weren’t Stieg’s but mine.She said.

Some things are purely mine in the book and some purely his and some things we did together.

Perhaps Eva should write a book and we the readers will say whether we enjoy it or not.

Full article on BBC website.

Posted by Dragon Fly in England , 3 August 2011

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18 thoughts on “No Fourth Book”
  1. Eva,

    You’re a very good writer so I think you should consider continuing what Stieg and you began. It was your book that started me reading The Trilogy

    Posted by Betty Kowall in Guelph, Ontario ,

  2. If the claims were true that she helped so much, I would think that there would be a fourth book by now… I hope I am wrong as I am waiting for the fourth book!

    Posted by Genii in Ver ,

  3. Well if that’s true, I don’t see why Eva doesn’t write a fourth book. We all want to read more and wonder about Camilla salandar and lisbeths math sudden loss of interest in theorems

    Posted by Tishka in Pakistan ,

  4. I agree with Genii. Why don’t we have a fourth book by now if you were so involved Eva? You said that it would be like someone finishing Picasso but apparently you are half of that.

    We want to know about Camilla Salander who was supposed to star in the book which apparently was 270 pages complete.

    Please bring us a fourth novel!!

    Posted by Sally_Salander in Stockholm ,

  5. Isn’t this “fourth book” that is 40% done really the 5th installment in the projected series of 10?

    (He apparently only sketched the 10 book arc and made notes and starts on the 4th and 5th, only getting into the 5th as he enjoyed it more.

    Posted by Leo Rivers in Cottage Grove, Oregon ,

  6. If Eva were to do a 4th volume she might as well be working for free. The Larsson family controls the copyright and therefore, the purse strings. Either she’d have to buy the copyright off them or they’ve gotta pay her a salary to write more books.

  7. Since the father and brother own the assets it is quite likely they control all rights to the book including the control of future publications.

    Posted by Don in Nova Scotia ,

  8. Lisbeth and the others are DEAD without a heart transplant… a ghost writer for book 4. Lisbeth alive with someone else’s heart beats the heck out of a dead lisbeth. She is a fighter and if we (and all the surgeons that would have to come together) all take some anti-rejection meds, we can continue to love her for years to come, ala Ludlum.

    Posted by Mark Mark in Riverside, CA ,

  9. Since post Thanksgiving I began reading the Trilogy, I have not slept, instead I have dreamed while awake. This has taken me into the Salander “world”, a strong, intelligent women who is interesting, and valuable as a character and a hero. A 4 and more should be written.

    Posted by Debbie in Plainsboro, NJ ,

  10. Come on, eva. you should write a book and keep this legacy you and stieg got going.

    Posted by LAA in Hopkington, RI ,

  11. Sou brasileira,muito fã da trilogia,pesquiso tudo que há de novo sobre a trilogia,gostaria muito que Eva Gabrielsson continuasse a trilogia,ela me parece a pessoa certa pra dar continuidade nessa obra que é sensacional,espero que Eva um dia consiga dar prosseguimento nessa trilogia que eu amo muito….

    Posted by Flávia in São Paulo ,

  12. Unless a Swedish Court splits the extant copyright, between Stieg’s family, and Eva, how can she write anything, without plagiarizing the characters and copyrights? It is an interesting idea. Stieg didn’t leave a will, so a court could interpret a Solomonic decision, where the existing work goes to the family, but the conjoined work is either split or goes over to Eva. Obviously, no one can prevent Eva from writing, but can only prevent her from using Sieg’s and their characters. As the old saying goes; “a rose by any other name—–”. So, she could launch a plot line to clean up the Swedish mess, originating from the U.S., Britain, or Germany. Or even the NATO headquarters in Belgium. Presumably, each of these entities, still have family survivors of Soviet defectors, hidden away. James Bond isn’t the only “S#$t, doesn’t stink, British secret agent. So, Lizbeth can’t be the only freaked out, demented, half Russian brat, on the loose, in the West, either.

    Posted by Dave Trainmore in Worley ,

  13. They NEED to publish the rest of the series. I, especially, NEED it.

    Posted by Daniella B in USA ,

  14. I am in agreement with all who pretty much demand a continuation of “the girl who” did stuff. If thete weren’t issues with copyright… (which im certain that’s why we havt had the pleasure of just the trilogy) Eva would continue to mystify us with more Salander. If Eric Van Lustbader can do with Robert Ludlums Jason Bornes…. why can’t anyone else?

    Posted by maddy210 in USA ,

  15. she can accomplish it. i mean if this was really supposed to be a decology instead of just a group of three, then she should continue stig’s work and legacy and finish it. i can just imagine the continuation of “the girl with….” on my bookshelf. *sigh*

    Posted by arturo rivas in San Francisco ,

  16. she should ask herself if he’d want it to continue…I mean if there were plans I’m sure he was planning on them being finished

    Posted by KMC2 in michigan ,

  17. i think she should write the 4th book. if she isnt writting anymore, then she should write the 4th book and tie lose ends, like what happened after with Lisbeth life, what she did to all the money, and a closure to everithing. :(

    Posted by dafas in mexico ,

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