What does’Kalle’ translate as, why does he not like it? Also, why the reference to pippi long stocking. I do not know this book or character

Posted by mandy in england , 29 June 2012

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  1. Kalle, in Sweden, is a nickname for Carl, and Blomkvist’s full name is Carl Mikael. Kalle Blomkvist also happens to be a boy detective in a children’s series by Astrid Lindgren (KB’s called Bill Bergson in English), and so the nickname is kind of a belittling insult – like calling a young female reporter Nancy Drew in North America.

    As for Pippi Longstocking, she’s also an Astrid Lindgren character, a partial inspiration for the character of Lisbeth Salander. She doesn’t play by society’s rules, lives independently, and has a “bag full of gold” that gives her a great deal of independence, as Blomkvist notes about Salander in the Millennium series.

    Posted by Rachael in Toronto ,

  2. Pippi’s dad is also a bit a mystery & Pippi lives pretty much alone except for her small ape pet and horse, & the neighbours kids. (cf computer, phone , blomquist & mimmi) It’s all on Wiki and a lot of Swedish millenium readers would probably notice even more ‘nods’ (deliberate or otherwise) at characters from Lindgrens books.

    Posted by Liz in Sweden ,

  3. Now i understand why i love lisbeth so much, as a child pipi langkous (as we call her in the netherlands) was really a role model for me.

    Posted by Anna in Netherlands ,

  4. To Anna in Netherlands. As I saw your comments it crossed my mind that Niedermann could be interpreted as “The man from the Netherlands” thinking in German,

    Posted by The Dragon in Salandervillage ,

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