I was told by someone that a 4th book is being written to continue the series. The new author is apparently very close in style to Stieg. Is this true? Apparently there are adverts for it on the London tube?!

Posted by Jules in London , 24 August 2010

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  1. Oh god, please let this be untrue.

    Any time a 3rd party comes and writes a book ‘in the style of’ another writer, it seems to decimate the series.

    [Take, Eoin Colfer’s ‘And Another Thing’ for example]

    Plus, the series was nicely finished off in my opinion, I could find no loose ends or unfinished plot lines.

    Posted by BornToBeDigital in London ,

  2. Unfinished, as in what was the reasoning or the back stories behind Lisbeth’s tattoos? I felt sure that was a thread being developed for a fourth book…..

    Posted by Anne in Austin TX ,

  3. Unfinished, as in what’s the story about the twin sister. I kept expecting her to come to the fore, but now think maybe that was planned for a later book

    Posted by Jadie in Canberra, Australia ,

  4. in my opinion is it as unfinished as it can be!! there is a maine-plot about the relationship between salander and blomkquist and i think it´s beyond all bearing that we can´t get this story go on. i´m obsessed of this three books and i want nothing more that the story goes on… the scipts are there!

    Posted by Jennifer in Heidelberg, Germany ,

  5. a fourth book was already started on larsson’s laptop when he died, so obviously there is more to tell and wrap up. His partner has the computer but is battling his father and brother in the courts for the rights. I definitely need more.

    Posted by Rachel in New York ,

  6. yess the swedes should just realise everyone (stieg included) would have wanted this thing to get out so why not just do it before someone just steals it from his pc

    Posted by benwasheare ,

  7. It doesn’t sound as if the fourth book is finished. While many (as I do) would love for it to be published; who will finish it and copyright issues are real and can take time, so I can understand why it might be taking time to publish book four

    Posted by jparkman in Vancouver , /em>

  8. I think book 4 is “half way” complete – he wrote the beginning and he wrote the ending. Just not the middle part.

    Unfortunately this is an even more difficult situation than just having a hired gun write another book.

    Continuation novels (further books in any series written by a different author) have never been very successful, at least not critically.

    From James Bond, to Dune, The Godfather, HG2G, Bourne – only a handful of these books have pleased fans.

    With the theoretical 4th Millennium novel, you have the problem that the style of any author hired to complete the novel (ie. write the middle section) would inevitably clash with Larsson’s own, and thus the book would feel like a patchwork.

    Continuation novels are, essentially, glorified fan fiction. Is that something we want?

    Posted by DouglasJ in Scotland ,

  9. The perfect guy to finish the Millenium series would be John Grisham. His early books — The Firm, Pelican Brief, Client — are Larsson all over. And Grisham himself has clearly run out of his own ideas.

    Posted by Henry Plantagenet in Baltimore ,

  10. The perfect person to finish the series would be Larsson’s partner- apparently she was involved in the writing process and may know where the series was intended to go. She essentially holds all the cards.

    That said, what would the author WANT? I think it’s best we leave the books as if, rather than risk ruining a fine series and spoiling a good author’s name.

    Posted by ben in sydney, australia. ,

  11. Jules – “Apparently there are adverts for it on the London tube?!”

    The adverts are for a completely different book/author, who’s being marketed as the ‘new Stieg’ because the writing style is similar.

    Posted by CJ in London ,

  12. The last I read, Larsson’s partner has his computer(s) with his unfinished work. She was completely stiffed by his family and is pretty outraged about it. They got all of his estate’s money when they had been estranged from him for years. She had spent many years with him as his partner – including through the writing of the books – and she got nothing. So she’s now saying, “You want the unfinished work? Pay me – pay me big-time!”

    I don’t believe that the 4th book is a continuation of the Millenium series. I read that Larsson had planned 3 trilogies, so this book was the start of the 2nd trilogy. I’d love to see another Swedish thriller/mystery writer get to take the material and complete it. There are certainly a number of talented people in that field in Sweden.

    Posted by SteveA in Oakland, CA ,

  13. Steig and his partner worked together on many things that he put his name on–let her finish it as I think she had a lot to do with the writing f the first three anyway, and then let us decide if it works. I would imagine that the average reader would not be able to see the difference.

    Posted by Ben W. in Chicago, IL ,

  14. I think the partner of Steig could write the 4th book but his family wont let her due to they are greedy.

    Posted by Greg G. in New York ,

  15. I suspect that any attempt to continue the books will not satisfy every reader, but that if there is money to be made on a “sequel,” or a “prequel,” then litigation will move forward on the matter. This process may not happen until interest in the current series dies down. If the series remains a cultural favorite, the continuation may never happen. What we will see, as one of the posts above mention has already happened, are books in this genre that borrow Larsson’s formula.

    Posted by Mae in Fay, NC ,

  16. I don’t know where you’re got this information from, but there was nerver a 4th book on the way. sorry…

    Posted by Louise Dahl in Struer, Denmark ,

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