New trailer of “Girl” interesting but?

New trailer of David Fincher’s “GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO” interesting but?

I am a bit surprised how this seems the same film but with a much more eloquent cinematographer and editor. Rooney Mara is not as florid goth as I feared from that W Magazine… she looks much better than I thought. But really, the shots of the “murdered” girl and other elements seemed a frame by frame remake like was done with Psycho. This film ends very differently from the first though, I understand.

Posted by Leo Rivers in Cottage Grove, OR , 23 September 2011

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5 thoughts on “New trailer of “Girl” interesting but?”
  1. My thoughts exactly. Do the Math:

    Make an identical movie so to NOT displease old fans


    Make a movie with harsher sex and violence to suit USA tastes


    Back off rape sex which makes it seem like Males taking sex by force is a bad thing


    replace it with more violence of woman on man which is fashionable now [new end of film]


    Do it more expensively and fashionably artsier.

    Posted by Glad to be prooved wrong in Main Street, USA ,

  2. Let’s wait and see .. I agree with Glad, however, as a fan of the storyline i wouldn’t dismiss the Hollywood version without actually seeing it. Even though comparisons are inevitable, Fincher’s film is clearly based on a different approach to Stiegg Larsson’s vision and that could be interesting..

    I love the books and have enjoyed the Swedish films; once you get used to the subtitles, it’s actually great to hear the original language..Noomi Rapace is the original Girl and she is surely the best at it but I think we should give young Rooney Mara a chance to show her acting skills in such a complex character..

    Posted by Aless in London ,

  3. Just watched the trailer and was highly disappointed. Why this re-make in the first place. Would disagree with Glad that there’ll be more sex. If so it’ll be more of the kind Hollywood likes (Mimi covering herself in sheets in the morning — gimme a break).

    Posted by Martin in Frankfurt ,

  4. There is now an 8 minute extended trailer out….although much seems similar there are noticeable differences, an example of which is Anita Vanger is alive and well in London and not killed off like she was in the Swedish movie…for no apparent reason.

    Posted by hilogreg in hawaii ,

  5. Other than minor things like young Harriet’s hair color and Mimmi still being at Lisbeth’s when Mikael arrives, I haven’t seen anything similar between the two films that wasn’t straight from the book. As an example, when Lisbeth meets Frode and Armansky, other than it being in a conference room, the two scenes couldn’t be more different.

    Posted by HiroProtagonist in Poughkeepsie ,

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