Never have read a series this enticing…

Until now! My inability to find another series this amazing all started when I was at Blockbuster and an employee recommended the new movie they had gotten, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. He said that if I could bear to watch a movie with English subtitles then this movie would leave me wanting more. Sure enough, after watching the movie I could not help but read the book. I read the others and have also watched all three films. The story leads you through twists and turns with moments that range from sexy to pure disgust, yet even through those moments where you feel practically sick to your stomach you are not going to put this book down. It was so difficult to finally stop reading and get some sleep, because I kept wanting to know what would happen next. I finished the third book and watched the third film and keep wishing for another book to be released! The way book three ends truly made me sad because I knew there was so much potential to continue [This was before I had known Stieg Larrson is unfortunately not with us and that there were originally several books planned for the series]. I recommend this to anyone and everyone! Even those who are not avid book readers. Do not get discourage by the length of the books because you will find yourself not wanting to stop. Also, as for the films, I believe there will be an American adaptation and I am really not sure I would be able to give it a chance because I have seen the original adaptations to this series and I have to say they are the best movies I’ve ever seen,.and they did not come from America. I recommend reading the books and watching the films, but caution you will find yourself addicted and wanting more!

Victoria i College Station, Texas
Submitted: 7 August 2011

By Editor

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