I just finished the second book and had a question:

I was wondering how Salander knew about the connection between Bjurman and Zala when she talked to Dag and Mia? It is revealed at the end that the reason Dag Svensson called Bjurman (which subsequently led to the murders) was because Lisbeth had questioned him about Bjurman. What reason did she have for even bringing up Bjurman’s name? At that point in the story she shouldn’t have known about the connection between Zala and Bjurman. Isn’t this true, or am I missing something? Can someone please clear this up for me? Thanks!

Posted by Bart , 15 July 2010

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  1. I think that Lisbeth told Dag and Mia about Bjurman because of the rape she had suffered. Dag and Mia were writing about sex criminals, and would investigate him.

    I can even imagine Lisbeth thinking, “I give them some information about Zala, and, in exchange, they include Bjurman in their investigation”.

    Posted by Marcelo ,

  2. That’s a good point. I was thinking she had mentioned his name in connection to Zala. But you’re right, she could have talked about Bjurman because of the subject of the book.

    Posted by Bart ,

  3. Guess my reading IQ is not a match for this discussion……..I had to read the Cliff Notes to understand some of the “classics”……and not for college either. You guys are some of the whiz kids that made the curve in college necessary.

    Posted by Linda Thamm in Victoria, Texas ,

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