I wanted to get all three movies in the English subtitles, but after some research noted that www.yellowbird.se has two runtimes listed. Each version has a regular runtime 145/130/141 and a 2×90 runtime.

Here are the differences:

Dragon Tattoo: US-152; Sw-145; ??-180

Played with Fire: US-129; Sw-130; ??-180

Hornet’s Nest: US-148; SW-141; ??-180

Anyone know the difference? Are the longer versions merely the TV versions with commercial time included? I don’t want to buy the movie and then find a director cut later, LOL!! Thanks, jim

Posted by jim in florida in south florida , 10 November 2010

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  1. Hi Jim!

    They did air 2 versions, the longer as a mini series on TV. In that version they added some scenes. Over all 3 movies they added one and a half hour. So basically 30 minutes/movie. The TV series was aired in 6 parts all about 90 minutes long.

    I hope it helped :)

    Posted by Julia in Piteå, Sweden ,

  2. You can buy all the extended versions on DVD but the Stieg Larsson store. However they do not have english subtitles/dubs. I have bought the first movie and it’s quite easy to follow once you have seen the movie/read the book and it’ has some very interesting scenes from the book that weren’t shown in the theatrical edition.

  3. I’ve just finished watching the extended versions of the trilogy.

    Made for Tv, English subtitles. I have been a fan ever since I read the books, now having read them 3 times, and watched the first DVD offerings.

    Now with the extended version, and the addition of more detail, I think the story flows better, and leaves me very satisfied. The US version was very scant on detail, and had quite a bit of the story line out of order.

    Probably OK for those that hadn’t read the books.

    What a pity there will be no more.

    Posted by Alan in Melbourne Australia ,

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