Any idea when the movie will come out in the US? I heard it is already on in France. I can’t wait to see it!

Posted by Valerie in Silver Spring, USA , 15 July 2009

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  1. Agree with Carl that Emily Blunt would be terrific Salander – she has great eyes, and a face that seems to indicate hidden layers. But Natalie Portman? I’m sure if a US/UK movie is optioned, she will push for the part – but her best acting came about when she was a pre-teen. She’s straddled with a really really bland voice. Pretty but actually rather colorless. Also thought of Daniel Craig as a good fit for Blomkvist.

    Posted by Mimi in San Francisco ,

  2. You can buy the DVD on Amazon (USA).

    But you have to look for ‘man som hatar kvinnor.’

    Posted by CW in Montreal ,

  3. When are we going to get to see the movies in English? Or with English subtitles?

    There is even a Spanish subtitled version at

    Why not English?

    Posted by Mary in Cambridge, MA ,

  4. Looking forward to the Swedish movie with subtitles in US in 2010, but

    would also like to see an English version directed by Eastwood, Scorsese or Demme. How about Emily Blunt, Anna Pacquin or Natalie Portman as Salander and Daniel Craig or George Clooney as Blomkvist? I’ll have another cup of coffee to the prospect of that.

    Posted by Carl in Charlotte ,

  5. Jodie Foster – perfect for Salander. Clooney for certain as Blomkvist.

    Posted by Dee in Plantation, FL ,

  6. Yeah, in France we’ve been able to see the firsty movie since May 13th.

    I must say I quite enjoyed the movie, I wasn’t too disappointed after reading the books… Noomi Rapace is an amazing actress that fits Lisbeth Salander very well, I think.

    Posted by Lili in Paris, France ,

  7. Its out in Quebec, Canada. Thats closer than Europe for us English speaking North Americans, but its only in French. And it may as well be on the other side of the world to those of us without a car, money, and/or a passport. And then theres the problem of not being able to read French, or understand it if its dubbed. Same with the Swedish if its not dubbed.

    Posted by Big Sigh in Ontario ,

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