Morality of Lisbeth Salander

I was upset to find in the movie of Dragon a scene where Mikael asks Lisbeth if she let Martin burn under the flaming car whether she could have saved him and she answered “yes”. This is not characteristic of Lisbeth whom both Armansky and Blomkvist describe as a “a very moral person”. This did not happen in the book and should not have happened in the movie. Even if she DID want to save him she could not have moved a quite heavy man from under a burning car.

Lisbeth is very moral, which is why she cares so much about violence towards women. When she says to Mikael in the one book that she “would kill the f****er” she really does not mean it as she cannot get herself to kill Niederman in the warehouse in the third book.

The only time where Larsson makes a mistake on this is when Lisbeth calls the lawyer to tell him where Wennstrom is living and he is killed. The were many more times when she could have actually killed people as with her father but she did not when it came right down to it.

Right On Lisbeth!

Posted by Tiny in Vancouver , 9 January 2011

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  1. I respect Salander’s moral code. She is a feminist, no doubt. The only thing that i found surprising was when she hooked up with a married man while she was on vacation after her trial. But i assume she was kinda influenced by Mikael-Erika-Greger setup.

    Posted by polapoi in chicago ,

    1. Actually it was more a case of well i’m free for the first time in my life. What now? She was kind of at a cross road unsure of what to do with her freedom.

  2. Well Lisbeth is certailnly no goody goody and she breaks the law over and over again, but it all seems to be for the ‘greater-good’. I like to think she donated a good proportion of the money she stole at the end of the 1st book to good causes. Computor hacking is illegal but she never does it for malicious purposes. I’d love to be that clever, however i wouldn’t necessarily want my daughter to be like her. Lisbeth would never hurt anyone that didn’t deserve it. However that’s making her judgemental and she doesn’t really come across like this. She’s just very realistic.

    Posted by Denise in England ,

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