In the first book, when Blomkvist firat met Salander he said he did a routine checkup on her to get her date of birth and her address. But at the end he asked her for her birthday again as if he never found out what it was. Is this a mistake on the author’s part? What do you think?

Posted by Shady , 3 August 2012

By Editor

3 thoughts on “Mistake?”
  1. Maybe it was just to show that he was human & forgot. Could be a mistake on Stieg’s part, who knows? The only person that possibly could know if its intentional or not is most likely Eva.

    Posted by Ashtray Wasp in New Zealand ,

  2. It was a test. What I think is that he wanted to see if she would be truthful, rather then lying to him.

    He probably wanted to see if he could trust her.

    Posted by Wasp in Stockholm ,

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