In the second book I was set for about 150 pages on the wrong foot, I think. Without revealing the outcome for those who haven’t read it yet: about 150 pages before the end* there is a “revelation” of a character in which he exactly describes how he killed the 3 (svensson, johansson and Bjurman). And then, in the end it is NOT this persona at all wo killed them! Anybody noticed this too?

*English pocket version: page 512 and further, starting with “things had all gone wrong…”

Posted by Karen in Barcelona , 27 September 2009

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  1. I too was confused but I agree with kb_darkie that the murderer is thinking about Sandstrom and the Ranta brothers. In that little bit it says ‘if the media exposed Sandstrom it was none of his business, and the Ranta brothers could lie low…’ but by saying none of his business when on about Sandstrom being exposed it obviously means someone else. (plus if that was Sandstrom thinking – he would obviously care if he was being exposed) Larsson ether purposely wrote it so me read incorrectly on purpose or wrote it like that by mistake. I had to read that by again and again to understand it

    Posted by Jamie in Hull ,

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