She seems to be using her mother’s maiden name as her own. It was suggested that the S&M dyke’s father was Swedish and her mother Chinese. The surname “Wu” is rather common among our community, ans Miriam’s usage of it would suggest she was using her mother’s maiden name for some reason.

Is it a feminist thing that pertains to the rejection of the idea of women being the property of men, whether it is their fathers or husbands?

Posted by Andrew Situ in Fremantle , 5 January 2011

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4 thoughts on “Miriam Wu’s family name”
  1. No idea why Larsson chose to have Miriam Wu use what certainly seems to be her mother’s maiden name, but there are many reasons one would choose their mother’s maiden name over their father’s surname. One could even be as simple as Miriam Wu’s parents were not married. Usually in that case the child gets the mother’s last name.

    Posted by Anony ,

  2. She was probably tired of people saying “But you don’t look Sweedish” and changed it. But this detail did confuse me briefly.

    Posted by Angie in Atlanta ,

  3. Another question about Blomkvist’s daughter- she also seems to go by her mother’s name (Pernilla Abrahamsson rather than Blomkvist). I don’t know if it’s the mother’s maiden name or married name with the second husband. Is it because of the divorce? Or did Pernilla take her stepfather’s name? Someone help us out?

    Posted by Rachael in Toronto ,

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