First of all ? I am just as electrified as everyone else. I have read the three books without a pause. I have even re-read them a second time, within 8 days. No kidding.

Yet ? some doubt after all:

Paolo Roberto crosses himself before a crucifix with the Madonna!

Now, who is hanging on the cross? Is it the Madonna? I think it is someone else.

Secondly: Zalachenko was born in Stalingrad, in the Ukraine!

Where Stalingrad is located I thought was obvious to anyone. Russia!

If these two simple errors are so obvious, then how many others are there?

Yes, I know it is fiction, not history, but still …

We must not speak ill of the dead. But a novel must have the style of a novel within reality.

Not the style of a journalist who must meet his deadline. With all respect for deadlines.

How many other “errors” are there?

Finally, it is fiction, and superb fiction. The character of Lisbeth is unsurpassable.

R.I.P. Stieg Larsson

Posted by addict in Stockholm , 28 November 2008

By Editor

8 thoughts on “Millennium”
  1. I’m quite convinced too, that Larsson did not write the second and third book… they seem so weak and boring compared to the first one… maybe someone found his notes after his death and turned them into books… very disappointing!

    Posted by Alexander Mayer in Berlin ,

  2. I read ‘The Girl Who Played with Fire’ first and thought it was better than ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ which I have just finished reading! Can’t wait for the next one.

    Posted by Karen Hegarty in Toowoomba, Australia ,

  3. He was dead before the release of the first book.

    I think he didn’t write them.

    And I think they get more and more unrealistic and unrelevant.

    Big white giant who can’t feel pain. A little girl digging her way out of her grave :) what is it?

    James Bond have a rest.

    I recomend Dostojevskiy’s Crime and punishment

    Tomas Christiansen.

    Posted by Tomas Christiansen. Moscow ,

  4. I agree with Tomas Christiansen that by the end of Book 2 the characters were becoming comic-bookish. Viking X-men! Lisbeth – the small of body & no social skills but mental giant. Her brother – the simple but indestructible physical force. The Terminator. Zalachenko – Dr. Evil.

    Having said all that – I am eagerly awaiting the release of the 3rd book here in the States!

    Posted by MM in Michigan , 11 April 2010

  5. Suggesting that your observations compromise the believability of the text is ridiculous. Because Ukraine was a part of the former Soviet Union and, before that, a part of the Russian empire, many people worldwide associate it with Russia.

    Posted by Zack in Los Angeles ,

  6. Not only did Salander dig herself out of the grave, but how on earth was she moving and walking around (and swinging axes) with a bullet in her hip, another in her back, and the third in her head??

    Posted by Cass in Christchurch, NZ ,

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