Stieg Larsson

Millennium Trilogy

The Millennium Trilogy consists of

-“The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo“,

-“The Girl Who Played With Fire“, and

-“The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest“.

A well prepared debutant 

Stieg Larsson began thinking about writing detective novels back in the early 90’s, according to co-worker Anna-Lena Lodenius in an interview with the Swedish newspaper Veckans Affärer. He had always been interested in particularly Anglo-Saxon literature and knew the works of Elizabeth George, Minette Walters and Sara Paretsky very well. He knew what ingredients a good detective story should have, and he even reluctantly decided to spice it up with a bit of sex as it would probably please his readers.

A regrettable refusal

As for his work as a journalist, his preparations for the series were thorough. Before he started writing, he had made a detailed synopsis for ten books. He started writing in 1997, and it was not until he had finished the first two books and had the third one under way thatmillennium trilogy he contacted a publisher in the summer of 2003. His first contact was with publisher Piratförlaget, which refused his script twice, perhaps the biggest mistake in Swedish publishing history. Instead, it was the publisher Nordstedts which got the opportunity to sign him in late 2003. With them, Stieg Larsson signed a contract of three books, an exceptional opportunity for an unpublished writer. The publishing rights were also bought by German and Norwegian publisher before it was even published in Sweden. During 2004 Stieg Larsson made minor adjustments to his two finished books and finished the third. When he died in November 2004, it was only a few months before the first book of the Millennium Trilogy was released to the Swedish audience and became an immediate success.

Pippi Longstocking as a source of inspiration

Kenneth Ahlborn, a former colleague of Stieg’s at TT, says in an interview with Veckans Affärer that Stieg got the idea for the character Lisbeth Salander after a discussion during a break from work. They were talking about how different characters from children’s books would manage and behave if they were alive and grown up. Stieg especially liked the idea about a grown up Pippi Longstocking, a dysfunctional girl, probably with attention deficit disorder who would have had a hard time finding a regular place in the “normal society”, and he used part those characteristics when he created lisbeth Salander.

  • “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo“
  • “The Girl Who Played With Fire“
  • “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest“

Screen versions of the Millennium Trilogy

It early became clear that the very popular books would be made in screen versions. In 2008 production began in Sweden, and the three books was shot back-to-back into three movies during the  following year. The three movies were given the same names as the books. They were received almost equally well, as for example evidenced by the inclusion of The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo on The Vore’s 15 most suspenseful psychological thriller film list. In the Swedish versions, male actor Michael Nyqvist plays Michael Blomkvist, while Noomi Rapace plays Lisbeth Salander.

Meanwhile the books were a major hit all over the world and it did not take long for Hollywood to see the huge potential in the thrilogy. The legal rights for the novels were set between Columbia Pictures, Stieg Larssons brothers and father and Yellow Bird, the production company behind the swedish films. Production was put on a fast track and the the search to fill the roles started.

In the end Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig were casted as leads playing Lisbeth Salander and Michael Blomkvist.

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  • Diva says:

    gosh I love it

  • Nik says:

    I hope the third comes out as Audio (with Simon Vance) on the 31st as well. I love these books with a passion…great while running!

    - Nik,

  • c kabisch says:

    I was late to work this morning becase I could not put the girl who played with fire down……and now I discover I have to wait until Halloween to find out what happens….!

    - c kabisch,

  • John says:

    I am obsessed with these books… the best I’ve read in a long time. Just finished the second and am anxiously awaiting the third.

    - John,

  • Bill says:

    I mistakenly read The Girl Who Played With Fire first because they had it at my local library. I loved it and went right out and bought the first. I just finshed The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and STILL found it to be one of the best mysteries I’ve ever read if no THE best… even with more or less knowing the outcome!

    - Bill,

  • Lol says:

    They are brilliant I could not stop reading them, looking forward to the third book.

    - Lol,

  • liz says:

    I was given the first two millenium books for my birthday.I had never heard of Stieg Larsson but what a birthday present!! Fantastic!! The girl who played with fire is even better I think. I cant wait for the third!!

    - liz,

  • Jessica B., Miami says:

    There have been very few books that have kept me up until late at night. I am absolutely fascinated by Stieg Larsson’s books. It was about time something this good came around. I’m currently on the second book and as much as I want to finish it, I can’t because what will I read until the 3rd book comes out? I can’t wait!

    - Jessica B., Miami,

  • caffeine, says:

    Atually, the first book in Swedish is called Men that hates women, but the publisher thought it was too strong so when they decided to launch it abroad they change the title.

  • Mat says:

    Breathtaking, I would say. I bought it at the airport in Eindhoven on my way to Italy. When I was coming back from Italy I bought second part, also at the airsport ;) (first was already finished!) and it’s even better than the first one. Can’t wait for the third one!

    - Mat,

  • Terry says:

    As a Swede I’m very happy that you like the books. The first two movies have premiered in the Nordics and I must say that they captured the books very well. I know that a Hollywood-production with American actors is at planning stage and names like Brand Pitt and George Clooney is discussed as Blomqvist but none for Lisbeth Salander. My suggestions that I can think of right now would probably be Sean Penn/Russel Crow/Billy Bob Thornton and Juliette Lewis/Chrisitna Ricci/Brittany. Murphy. What do you think?

    • Jill from NYS, says:

      And it all happened in Kansas

      - kvv,

    • benskku, says:

      I found the first one at Daedelus about a year ago, the second one at Barnes & Noble just recently, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is in paperback now

      - willow wench,

    • Anna, Greece, says:

      Try your library!

      - libby,

  • Nicolas says:

    I want to read that books but I dont find them, where can I find the books? please tell me

    - Nicolas,

    • libby, says:

      You spelled Stiegs name (first and last)wrong so maybe you shouldn’t throw stones ; )

      - buerkle63,

    • Cindy (Toronto), says:

      I know, I felt the same way! I haven’t found a book series that has entertained me like these have in so long, I want more!

      - Brianna,

    • willow wench, says:

      Yes, Swedes really do drink a lot of coffee! I think their per/person consumption is second in the world, after Finland.

      - Sheila,

  • Paul says:

    why can’t we just stick with the swedish film & have it with subtitles – why on earth should it need to be made (and ruined) by the americans?

    • willow wench, says:

      I agree so totally. Have seen some of the trailers of the Swedish film online & Naomi Repace is a wonderful Lisbeth. The social commentary is a key piece of the books — I am afraid that an American version would miss these or misinterpret the intent

      - Jill from NYS,

    • Stella, says:

      Good God, please NO!!!!! That trout would ruin the entire film

      - Reader,

    • Sall Australia, says:


    • Kirsten, says:

      No way! I can’t imagine her being cold

      -hearted and filled with rage. She’s played too many Renaissance roles for me to picture her as goth.

  • Anna says:

    Hands off Noomi Rapace, Holywood could NEVER find a better Lisbeth Salander than her!

    - Anna, Greece

  • Maria Estrela Reis says:

    I cannot comment since I have not been able to find

    the books. Sorry

    - Maria Estrela Reis,

    • Jarmor, says:

      The Swedish film is to premier in the states in Jan. 2010. Director alluded to the fact that it will be with subtitles, and that probably it will be remade in America. It showed at the Hamptons Film Festival and was a hit. I’m totally immersed in the series.

      - Stella,

    • #, says:

      Are the films avalible in Australia?

      - Sall Australia,

    • Kirsten says:

      OH – I COMPLETELY agree with this comment! I’m from Australia – but doesn’t change that this series was unique to Sweden and should be kept that way!

      - Kirsten

  • Marie says:

    Where can I purchase the third book in English in Toronto, Canada? I read the first two in French and would love to read the third in English.

    - Marie,Toronto,Canada,

  • Marie,Toronto,Canada says:

    Where can I purchase the third book in English in Toronto, Canada? I read the first two in French and would love to read the third in English.

    - Marie,Toronto,Canada,

    • henk holland, says:

      Welcome in to the gang! §:o)

      - Jarmor,

    • Jill from NYS, says:

      I’m American & I agree, I would rather see the films in Swedish with subtitles so that the atmosphere and intent are more fully captured. Hollywood will make these far too sensational and commercial and miss Mr. Larsson’s points entirely.

      - willow wench,

    • Cris, Bracknell, UK, says:

      you commented to say that you can not comment??

  • Miney says:

    I?m THOUROUGHLY enjoying the third book, which I?m deliberately reading in slow motion.

    Thank you for your fantastic work, Larsson.

    Rest in peace


    Geneva, Switerland.

  • Micael says:

    Hmm, strangely enough as I am Swedish and an avid crime reader I hadn’t got around to reading the Stieg Larsson novels. Two weeks ago I went out and bought all three, and they were absolutely great. Amazing stories, and Stieg Larsson seems to have been an amazing person too.

    I was greatly amused by the reference to Lennart Hyland and that old alphabet book from the 60s. Being born in 1970 myself but with two older sisters I remember that we had that book at home when we grew up even if I don’t think I ever read it.

    So yes, to those who asked: the Lennart Hyland Alphabet Book book does exist. Hylands Hörna was an extremely popular tv-show here in Sweden, with Lennart Hyland as the host. Started in the 60s, running off and on and then coming back for a last couple of seasons in the early 80s. You can for instance see the Swedish wikipedia article here:örna

    On youtube and in the web archives of the Swedish television ( you can find quite a few clips from Hylands Hörna.

    In the 1966 season they did a contest to make a modern version of a alphabet book for children, with the viewers sending in short rhymed verses for the different letters of the alphabet. The book was then illustrated by some of Sweden’s most famous artists of the time.

    I notice that the people asking about the book are from South Africa and USA so I can imagine that your web searching didn’t give you much. So here are a few links from “an insider”:

    All the verses in a short list, without the illustrations:

    A discussion on an artsy forum, mainly focused on the illustrations. Contains scanned versions of almost all of the pages:

    On this page you can see a picture of the cover:

    Now, if only I could remember what the reference was. Did they discuss a certain letter, or what was it?

    - Micael, a random Swedish dude,

    still trying to find lennart hyland’s book rhyming alphabet, which I found reference to in steig larsson’s brilliant book. No help from your comment page so can you help?

    - claudia,London,England, 11 October 2009

    Reply to this comment

    • claudia,London,England, says:

      the title refers to LISBETH Salander, when Stieg first described Lisbeth he mentioned that she has a drogon tatto.

      - Ayman fayad,

  • claudia, London England says:

    really interested after reading the girl with the dragon tattoo, which I thought brilliant, in how to purchase in english the lennart Hyland’s rhyming alphabet.

    Can’t find it anywhere

    - claudia, London England,

  • ana dewinter says:

    Can someone suggest me books that are as good as these?

    I read the three books and feel kinda lost now.

    - ana dewinter,

    • rodrigo, says:

      Back off. I agree that you leave the names in the original, but it would be a lot easier to follow if the names were easier to read

      - Angry poster,

    • PHB, says:

      I suggest you don’t try Tolstoy then.

    • Emma, says:

      Lina the book isnt even focused on Mickael blumquist! and no he is not dead but he is as a live as you.

    • Kevin, California, says:

      SPOILER!No, he doesn’t die.

      - C

    • Jarmor, says:

      Hey I think you don’t know what you’re talking about. This book treats delicate and serious themes.I ask myself, really, if twilight and hp, describe societies, places around the world, politics, violence, crimes, murder, and complicated ways of love.Maybe youre to dumb to get it.

    • Tony says:

      Sorry, it wasn’t wiped: it’s on the page for the first book.

      - Tony

    • caffeine, says:

      Dan Brown is a derivative moron. He ripped off Holy Blood Holy Grail, a pretty hokey book in its own right. If Dan Brown and Larson are considered great writers, I fear for the English language. They’re both write contrived, blockbuster nonsense with no real depth. Strictly airport newstand pap. Okay to pass a short flight but totally forgettable. At least Brown’s not so obvious about his male protagonist being a superstud nobody can keep their mitts off. However, Brown is by far the worse writer and that’s saying something.

      - heydon park/toronto,

    • willow wench, says:

      I read all three books from Stieg larsson and I found them to be great entertainment. They may not be great literary works but they still keep the reader waiting to see what’s gonna happen in the following pages. Larsson is far better than Dan Brown. The serious critic shoud read the book well and see how it relates to society and current literary trends. For me, these books are an indictment (among other things) on Swedish society and its inhability to protect a young woman at the merci of depravates in position of power in relation to her and people they are supossed to protect.I agree that the character Mikael Blomquist seem to have more luck than James Bond when it comes to women. A little overdone perhaps, but then again, we have to see if htis is normal in Swedish society. Now, for those of you who want to read “real” literary works, I humbly recommend 2666 by Roberto Bolaño; The Kindly Ones by Jonathan Litell; Blood Meridian by Cormac MCarthy,; some books from Paul Auster and why not, some novels by Philip K. Dick. A good reader should even enjoy the writing on bus tickets, seriously.Cheers.

      - Luciano / Canada,

    • Gabriella, says:

      I must admit though, Noomi Rapace plays a great Lisbeth.

      - Magnüs Blødvik,

  • Evie says:

    I have just started reading the last book..The Girl who killed the Hortnet’s Nest. I have never read books that have held my interest for so long. I want to read the last book but I know I will feel lost after I have finished it. I am trying to make it last.

    - Evie,

    • Sall Australia, says:

      I feel the same way.

      - Gabriella,

  • Caratom, Sydney, says:


    - henk holland,

  • Henk Holland says:

    I’ve finished the last book. I’m a little sad now:-(. I’m missing “them” very much indeed. I’m not expecting the ressurextion of Stieg but we should give a try!

    - Henk Holland,

  • Gabriella says:

    I haven t seen the sweedish production but I would really like to. Where can I get the movies? For Lisbeth Salander I would say Natalie Portman maybe or Brittany Murphy as well. And for Blomkvist I would think about Gerard Butler and Brad Pitt.

    - Gabriella

  • Gabriella, says:

    Try any Costco Warehouse (that is where i got mine) or Chapters/Indigo.

    - Cindy (Toronto),

  • caffeine, says:

    I felt like he knew it might be his last,because he through everything in the last book to the point were as I strruggled to keep up with all the characters.It was brilliant.Do take time reading it.He did not leave a stone unturned in this book.

    - Sall Australia,

  • Gary Beazley says:

    I read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and thought it was fantastic and now I am half way through The Girl Who Played with fire and find this one even better. Looking forward to reading The girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest. RIP Stieg Larsson and thank you!

    - Gary Beazley,

  • Prudent from Budapest says:

    I believe the second one requires more brain capacity to follow, but as good as the first one. i am looking forward of having the 3rd one asap.

    - Prudent from Budapest,

  • Portugal says:

    the second book is more diffult to gain that immediate interest, but read it because you will not regrett

    - Portugal,

  • Totoro Holland says:

    I am now reading the second book of the trilogy. The second book is less interesting than the first one.

    - Totoro Holland,

  • Nick says:

    Hi I had to read your book for book club. I enjoyed it very much. I will read the 2 book. Going to see if the group is interrested in read your 2 book. We got in to your book deeply that we ran over time. Evreyone in my book club loved it. graet job!

  • Paul says:

    Hi I had to read your book for book club. I enjoyed it very much. I will read the 2 book. Going to see if the group is interrested in read your 2 book. We got in to your book deeply that we ran over time. Evreyone in my book club loved it. graet job!


  • Nick from Berlin says:

    10 days ago I looked for a book which I could read on the train or bus. I decided to start with the 1st part of the trilogy.

    Yesterday I finished the 3rd part and still totally adicted to it. Stieg Larsson is guilty that I haven’t found too much sleep the last days. :-)

    Thank you for the this magnificent heritage and R.I.P

    - Nick from Berlin,

  • says:

    I am halfway through the last book and am having trouble putting it down , then I though , how did this man die ? This last plot is just so riveting I can’t help but wonderi if he stepped on too many toes ? or do I just have an over active imagenation !!!


    • caffeine, says:

      I felt like he knew it might be his last,because he through everything in the last book to the point were as I strruggled to keep up with all the characters.It was brilliant.Do take time reading it.He did not leave a stone unturned in this book.

      - Sall Australia,

  • PEN translator says:

    The English Translations left a lot to be desired.Some very basic mistakes that were disappointing for such a top seller but didn’t detract from the story all the same.

    - PEN translator,

    • Jill, NYS, says:

      It’s probably best not to feed the trolls.

      - MaOy,

    • lionel/Germany, says:

      I think we all know how is the real loser in here.

      - Klu,

    • Jill, NYS, says:

      If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all!Thanks Donald, now go away!

      - LiJo,

    • ema, says:

      Donald you are truly a low human being. I agree with Tracee, get a life.

      - Ally,

    • Jill from NYS, says:

      Actually was not at all disappointed – movie fixed the glaring plot device. Dreading the Hollywoodisation.

      - Meic Sullivan


  • Ja says:

    I loved the the Dragon Tattoo and I’m reading The Girl with Fire now and enjoying it as much if not more than the first book. Lisbeth is indeed a complex and mysterious character. I love the way he lets information about her come out in little dribs and drabs.

    - Ja,

  • Richard says:

    Hello. I’ve had the pleasure to read the the first two installments, and cannot wait to read the third and final book in the trilogy…what a writer Mr Larsson was… a true talent, and Lisbeth is the ultimate heroine, with issues, but you love her all the more! It has made this a very pleasant few months, book-wise, so thank you, Steig. RIP. Richard, from Brighton, UK, Nov ’09

    - Richard,

  • Reader, says:

    Do we really need an american version ? The swedish movie is just fine. It’s not just a crime story. There are so many sociological aspects that cannot just be erased in order to make a Holywood blockbuster !!!

    - benskku,

  • Joan, says:

    i’ve read the last one both in french and english. prefer the english version. better sense of atmosphere. how different is the swedish one?

    - ema,

  • willow wench says:

    these books are amazing…it is a loss to literature that he will not write more…

    - willow wench,

  • ema says:

    i really like the sound of lisbeth’s tshirts (consider this a fair warning…)

    can we find them anywhere?

    - ema,

  • caffeine, says:

    Ema, interesting thought — French & English. I tink I will try to get some the books in French and German for the sake of comparison. I am still interested in hearing more detail from PEN about the English translation.

    - Jill, NYS,

  • Lilladyvinyl, London says:

    I discovered this series by accident. I read the second book first, when I finished ran from bookstore to bookstore looking for the first book. I then had to re-read the second book.

    When I found out the 3rd book was released, I was at the local bookstore before it opened and bought the hardback right out of the window display. I NEVER buy hardbacks!

    It’s the most exciting storyline that I have read in a long time. I literately could not put them down. Any slight opportunity to read, even just a couple of pages, I would take. Hornet’s Nest devoured an entire weekend. I didn’t answer the phone, ordered food in, read in the bath etc, it made me gasp out loud, in the living room, by myself. It’s an absolute tragedy that Larsson did not live to reap the success that his genius deserved. If there is a 4th unfinished book, it would be a crime not to publish it!

    - Lilladyvinyl, London,

  • Ruben says:

    It was great reading. I finished reading the three books in 20 days! I had so much fun and now I am feeling… a bit empty.

    - Ruben,

  • bluejazzbuddha says:

    I’ve just discovered Stieg’s books. I’m working through the first & have the second waiting. I’m enjoying ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ very much & deliberately taking it slowly because I know I only have two more to savour. It can’t be long before the films or TV series can it?

    - bluejazzbuddha,

    • Nathalfi, says:

      I was wondering about the translation, I am disappointed that so many things seem to have been anglicized, can you share with me what some of the actual mistakes were? I don’t speak Swedish but am fluent in several languages. I always consider the translation when I am reading something that was not originally written in English.

      - Jill from NYS,

    • caffeine, says:

      Ema, interesting thought — French & English. I tink I will try to get some the books in French and German for the sake of comparison. I am still interested in hearing more detail from PEN about the English translation.

      - Jill, NYS,

    • Joan, says:

      i’ve read the last one both in french and english. prefer the english version. better sense of atmosphere. how different is the swedish one?

      - ema,

  • Katarina says:

    Pippi Longstocking as an inspiration for L. Salander character? Well, I love both, but I don´t find much in common, apart that they both have extraordinary skills. Adult Pipi, for me, would be a friendly and easy-going person, sure that this world is a safe place. She manages without violence, she has a gardian angel and a strong father, she has friends. L.S. has autistic features and a punk attitude – gets a lots of suffering. Remember, she first time smiled after 300 pages, Pipi is beaming all the time!

    - Katarina,

  • Gopinath Parakuni says:

    After a boring meeting in Hyderabad, South India, I was returning to home-town Bangalore. I had already read the review of the Millennium Series in the The Economist of the previous week. Waiting lazily at the airport, I was drawn to the tiny book stall of Landmark in the waiting area… Two of the series books were exhibited. Did not have the courage to buy both as I am not a great fan of thrillers. So bought only the first…

    But in three or four days of reading, I have finished one third of the book. It was particularly interesting for me personally because of the experience in working for corporate accountability. The cold northern parts of Sweden becomes a character in the story…

    Why did Stieg have to die so young?

    - Gopinath Parakuni,

  • Claire Parsons, Essex UK says:

    Superb books, I couldn’t put them down.

    Fast paced and exciting: I was thrilled after reading ‘The Girl with the Dragan Tattoo’ to discover there were two more cracking novels to enjoy. Lisbeth Salander rocks!

    - Claire Parsons, Essex UK,

  • Fabio (Italy) says:

    Great! Great books! Thanx Stieg evrywhere you’re!

    I read on wikipedia of others two books of ten contemplate of Stieg’s Project. I hope to read soon others stories about Lisbeth!

    - Fabio (Italy),

  • Richard says:

    These stories are insanely great. I am on the third and have listened to them as audio files rather than reading them, but I’m sure they’re terrific either way.

    Stieg makes the most matter of fact procedural chapters seem riveting and the characters, good and bad, are interesting,which is vital to a story worth spending time with.

    - Richard,

  • Joan says:

    We are just learning about the trilogy in Canada. After finishing the second book, I couldn’t wait to read the third. My source, It arrived by mail in about 10 days. Cost is a little less than I paid at Chapters ( Canadian book store ) for a hard copy of the second book. I hope Stieg’s “widow” will continue and write more about Mikael and Lisbeth. Compelling characters, GREAT story.

    - Joan,

  • Gordon says:

    I wonder if these books will ever be made into a movie? I usually think they are best left as novels, as often the movies fail to impress by comparison (eg Davinci Code)…however, if it were to be made a movie…Im thinking Hillary Swany would be the ideal Lisbeth….or is that just in my imagination???

    - Gordon,

    • Guido, Paris., says:

      That’s what I’m worried about. I haven’t read any of these books yet, but I want to esp after reading the reviews. But I’m a ‘reading addict’ and like a drug addict, I’m afraid once Ive had a taste I will want more…but there won’t be more for me to get. The question is this: Should I go for it anyways. And cross that bridge when I get to it? Suggestions?

      - Denise C.,

    • Aliz Steyn, Brazil, says:

      Realmente a mi paso lo mismo con los 3 libros tenía años que no me interesaba tanto un libro. y es que el autor es tan meticuloso con todos los detalles que te atrapa y no te deja ir. Lastima de su prematura partida y si ver su triunfo.

      - Esteban Gonzalez Valencia,

  • Taki says:

    Has anyone been chosen to complete the other books/

    • lionel, says:

      Swedish characters need Swedish actors, they are unique. Hollywood could never do justice to Lisbet and Mikael. (I lived in Sweden for 6 years and bumped into Mikael Nyqvist twice – those eyes!)

      - Aliz Steyn, Brazil,

  • Stan Smith says:

    I found the first book this past summer in an English section of a bookstore in Germany. My wife found the second one for me and read it while waiting for me to come back from the states and then both of us waited impatiently for the third book to come out. We found a copy at the book fair in Frankfurt on a day no one could sell books…the nice people who had the book “gave” us a copy for a donation. All three are on my must read list!

    - Stan Smith,

  • Monica says:

    I love this books, are really great and I hope that larsson´s widow can publish the four. Lisbeth is now my new heroe!

    - Monica,

  • Luisa Melo says:

    Thanks Stieg where ever you are!!!!!

    - Luisa Melo,

  • Beatriz Barrett – Brazil says:

    I just finished reading the 3rd book,and I have to say that this is probably one of the best series I´ve read. Lisbeth Salander is awesome!!

    and is there really an unfinished 4th book?

    - Beatriz Barrett – Brazil,

  • Karen Sorensen says:

    I have just completed reading The Girl Who Played With Fire. I am going insane waiting for The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest which is due to be released in the States in May 2010. I do not know how I will last for another six months!!! I picked up these books as we have a summer home in Denmark and I needed something to read on the beach. My sister-in-law recommended them to me (she is a nurse at a prison in Denmark) and said that some of the inmates recommended them, and she had read them herself. I simply could not put them down. I read the first book in two nights. The second book – I read on the plane coming home to Chicago. It is truly a sad fate that Stieg is gone. I would have liked to have seen what else he would have graced us with in a literary sense. He is a fantastic writer and truly knows how to captivate his audience. He is absolutely one of the very best writers by far that we have seen in a long time. Move over Patricia Cornwall, Dan Brown and the like. Stieg Larsson is in a class by himself!!

    - Karen Sorensen,

    • Mary Ho, singapore, says:

      Gordon,The 3 books are allready in the cinemas and nr 1 on DVD. There’s even a longer TV version. Swedish produced and played which is normal. Casting incredible.Just to inform you.

      - Guido, Paris.,

    • Linda, San Diego, says:

      I am on Book 2 and have Book 3 at hand and a long weekend on the way!!! No sense Can be gotten from me!!!

      - Caratom, Sydney,

    • Candee, says:

      I hope not . I cant imagine they would be the same.

      - lionel,

  • Susan F. Peterson says:

    I was looking for a Book on CD to listen to in the car, read the blurb for Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and picked it up. I loved it. I ordered the CD’s for Girl who played with Fire from Amazon and am listening to it now. (When I can sit and read I read either books I can’t get on CD, such as classic novels, or books too difficult to grasp by listening, such as theology.) I have had trouble leaving the car and going into work, and have been running the car in the driveway at home in order to keep the CD playing. I have a question related specifically to the CD performance. The reader uses a number of different British accents for the different characters. I know that as well as being regional, there are class issues with accents in Great Britain. Is he just distinguishing the characters, or is he doing this to convey something about the characters which is conveyed in the original Swedish?

    I hope the third book is available unabridged on CD.

    I also would like to see the original Swedish movie of the first book, with subtitles. Is it going to be out in the US in its original form? Is it on DVD? I would really resent a Hollywood version.

    What a shame he died. If he smoked as much as his characters do, and lived on frozen pizza and coke as Lisbeth Salander does, it isn’t surprising, though.

    - Susan F. Peterson,

    • Mary Ho, singapore, says:

      The Swedish version was only an adaptation.All three movies were good no doubt but many things were neglected. There were a lot of things in the book that were not shown in the movie.The books rules…The movies were good in themselves but they did not give justice to the trilogy.

      - lucia,

    • James Thomas, says:

      I don’t agree, the intention was for her to be the beneficiary. His intentions should be honored, His premise is about this very thing.It is a matter of integrity.

      - Dew,

    • David Hackney, New Jersey, says:

      Sorry, didn’t mean to mispell Stieg Larsson’s name.

      - Momo,

    • Aliz Steyn, Brazil, says:

      Amen to that!

      - Marian Reed,

  • Caroline Jurgens, Spain says:

    Just finished reading the second book and absolutely loved it! I finished each of them in 4 days reading, amazing. Now looking to find the third one, which will be my xmas present for myself! Really sad that Stieg has not been able to see all of this and I really hope that his partner wins this fight.

    - Caroline Jurgens, Spain,

  • lionel, says:

    Swedish characters need Swedish actors, they are unique. Hollywood could never do justice to Lisbet and Mikael. (I lived in Sweden for 6 years and bumped into Mikael Nyqvist twice – those eyes!)

    - Aliz Steyn, Brazil,

  • Adrielne again., says:

    Especially Billys Pan Pizzas!

    - Aliz Steyn, Brazil,

  • Aliz Steyn, Brazil says:

    I too have just finished reading the third book! Having lived in Sweden for six years For me the characters and the country are as real as if I watching a movie instead of reading words. I can see the view from the Bellmansgåtan Appartment!

    Absolutely adore Nykvist – having seen those piercing eyes twice in real life I can’t wait for the movie!

    - Aliz Steyn, Brazil,

  • Graham Carlton Sweden says:

    I have just finished the third book and I walk the areas mentioned everyday which means I picture it as if it was I was there when reading the books…best thing I’ve read in many problem now is following up with a book that will rivot me as these did…brilliance

    - Graham Carlton Sweden,

  • Best, jeff yazinski, says:

    Movie 1 & 2 dvd are available from amazon. book 1 aka Man som hatar kvinor the original swedish title and book 2 aka flickan som lekte med elden. subtitles are in Norwegian, danish or finnish. i watched without any english subtitles.. movie 3/dvd not released yet

    - Mary Ho, singapore,

  • Mary Ho, singapore says:

    i bought and finished reading all three books within a month! could not put the book down each time when I started.. so gripping especially first book which had many plots and twists.. all 3 books were bought from different countries – Sweden, shanghai and Singapore respectively …Lisbeth is a legend! a true heroine.. pity Stieg Larsson did not live to enjoy his tremendous success..hope things work out well for his partner Eva and she can complete book 4. also watched movie 1 and 2 and look forward to watch movie 3 and do the Millennium tour to visit all the sites in Sweden!

    - Mary Ho, singapore,

  • Adrielne says:

    I’ve read the first book of the trilogy so far (the title is translated into Polish as “Men, Who Hate All Women” and it seems that’s what the Swedish title is, too) and started on the second (“The Girl Who Played With Fire”), all in a matter of three days. I cannot put the book down and whenever I start reading all I care about is Lisbeth Sandler and Mikael Blomkvist and all of the other fascinating characters from the series… I love Stieg Larsson’s writing style – it’s so light and airy, but thought through at the same time.

    - Adrielne,

  • Sue Cohen says:

    I have just finished Hornet’s Nest–most excellent and filled with such sadness that these characters have ( mostly) come to an end.

    - Sue Cohen,

  • Jenny Robertshaw says:

    I’ve just finished “The girl who played with Fire” and can’t wait to start the next one even though I know it’s the final part. It’s a great shame that there are only 3 books!

    - Jenny Robertshaw,

    • lina, says:

      Of course a type

      -o — my computer corrected “Salander” to “Sandler”.

      - Adrielne again.,

  • Ruth South Africa says:

    I am reading the 3 rd book.. BUT THE BIG QUESTION.. what are we gping to read next!! everything see,s so flat!! any suggestions???

    - Ruth South Africa,

    • caffeine, says:

      There are tons of “region

      -free” DVD players available in the USA that will play any DVD.

      - James Thomas,

    • Vanja from Sweden, says:

      Unfortunately the films available on Amazon will not play on DVDs in the US and Canada. Hoping for the first film to be released in the US with English subtitles

      - David Hackney, New Jersey,

    • Liz walkling, says:

      i agree and i wish it was more than that!

      - lina,

    • Ted Ziemer, says:

      Hello Adrielne,I am Jeff Yazinski an American whose great

      -grandparents emmigrated here in the early 1900's. I too am rushed away to Mr. Larsson’ characters! He was an original and we are all the much poorer for his early death. It is near midnight for me, I must get up at 4 am for work and must certainly read a bit more of The Girl Who Played with Fire before shutting down the lights. It is tough forcing myself to take it slow knowing there is only one more in the trilogy on the horizon. I would love to hear more about you and about Poland. I speak very little Polish and have near been there but hope to be able to one day make the trip over.

      - Best, jeff yazinski,

  • flora says:

    can someboby tell me who is the main character in the milllenium trilogy??

    - flora,

    • Vanja from Sweden, says:

      Jessica white from rexdale

  • Alexander Sweden says:

    Just saw the last movie (“Luftslottet som sprängdes”), very very very good!! It´s sad that it´s over now….

    - Alexander Sweden,

  • Linda – Washington State says:

    Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå (TT)

    - Linda – Washington State,

  • Linda Washington State says:

    What does TT stand for?

    - Linda Washington State,

  • Luva from Bs. As. says:

    Loved the Milennium Trigoly

    - Luva from Bs. As.,

  • Alien – Athens (GR) says:

    Just finished the last book!! I have to say I loved all three books of the trilogy… excellent story(stories), extraordinary characters and very well written!!! Really sorry Stieg Larsson is no longer with us…

    - Alien – Athens (GR),

    • AuntieBigA, says:

      Heart Attack

      - k,

  • des kidney says:

    How did he die, and from what

    - des kidney,

    • lina, says:

      And maybe he could have kept his text to words of less than 8 characters and no more than 2 syllables. Maybe his writings are too advanced for you. See Spot Run. Run Spot Run.

      - Greg,

    • k, says:

      Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist are the main characters. If you get a chance, do see the Swedish versions of the movies, before they make horrid Hollywood versions of them. They are absolutely excellent and will not leave anyone in the audience unmoved.

      - Vanja from Sweden,

  • caffeine, says:

    So true!! Fantastic books discovered Tattoo about 3 months ago at Library then asked for all 3 for Christmas. They have also been translated very well.

    - AuntieBigA,

  • AuntieBigA, says:

    Heart Attack

  • Patsie Mertens says:

    I discoverd the Millenium books after I’ve seen the first film first. I loved it and got so curious I bought the Millenium trilogy. During this past winterholiday I started reading and couldn’t stop. Even at night Lisbeth Salander got my full attention. Now that I finished the third book I’m still longing for more…

    - Patsie Mertens,

  • Noel, Hong Kong says:

    Love Lisbeth. My salute to Larsson. I’m reading Pippi Longstocking after the trilogy *giggles* Guys, please keep me posted when the DVDs with English subtitles are out :) Thanks in advance. & happy to know so many of you enjoy the books like I do :))

    - Noel, Hong Kong,

  • S says:

    Amazing trilogy. Loved nearly every bit… just one criticism which I would like clarified:

    Why are there so many references and instances to drinking coffee? It’s almost safe to say there’s a mention of a thermos, cafe, coffee machine, coffee etc on every second page… even in some scenes that could really do without it. Is coffee drinking such a big thing in Swedish culture / literature that it has to be mentioned so often?


    - S,

    • Sheila, says:

      No, the author died before the books were published.

      - Sheila,

    • coffeine 2 , says:

      are you talking about mickael blumkvist? please tell me i havent read the third book and i really want to know!

      - lina,

    • caffeine, says:

      So true!! Fantastic books discovered Tattoo about 3 months ago at Library then asked for all 3 for Christmas. They have also been translated very well.

      - AuntieBigA,

  • Dirk, Soest (NL) says:

    After only having read the first thusfar, in Dutch (title translated into Men who hate women), I can only say ‘Unputdownable’, what an amazing read. And I have such a wonderful prospect: two more to go!

    - Dirk, Soest (NL),

    • Sheila/Denver, CO, says:

      Same here…I’m really struggling to find another book(s) as gripping as those 3! I’m considering re

      -reading them.

      - cporter…PA,

  • Mora says:

    Outstanding!!!! Can’t wait for the release of….. “Hornets Nest”. It’s unfortunate Stieg is no longer with us…what a talent….

    • Pete Langley/, says:

      “Men who Hate Women” is the original Swedish title.

      - Sheila/Denver, CO,

  • Sara says:

    Unbelievable books, I am totally hooked! I’ve read I and II and to my dismay cannot get hold of a copy of Hornet’s Nest anywhere in Bangkok! Can’t wait for it to get here!

    - Sara,

  • Michele / Brazil says:

    Stieg was a genius.

    I loved the books.

    Here in Brazil, they’re a success.

    I really want the fourth book.

    - Michele / Brazil,

  • Jan says:

    Great writer but don’t forget that Stieg was a sponsor of domestic and foreign terrorism. In Sweden he supported ant-fascist organizations = Communism movements. Abroad he did not only sponsor but also acted as an instructor to communist guerrilla in Ethiopia on how to use mortars.

    - Jan,

  • harneet says:

    an awsm buk!!!!! must read 4 those who lyk to read detective novels full of suspense!!!

    - harneet,

  • coffeine 2 , says:

    are you talking about mickael blumkvist? please tell me i havent read the third book and i really want to know!

    - lina,

  • lina says:

    i have just finished the girl who played with fire and i m stiil absolutely axcited! those 2 books are my favorite and i eagerly await for the trird book of the trilogy to get published. i live in greece and a wonder if you know when that book will ba available in bookstores here in athens! anybody that knows the answer please write here a comment!

    - lina,

  • lina says:

    please anser to this!

    does mickael blumkvist die in the third book?

    i need that information!

    - lina,

    • Tony, says:

      i just finished the third book and i am lost i would have read about the whole crew forever lisbeth is such a compelling character how sad that larson is gone

      - caroljoan22,

    • C, says:

      I agree, Tess Gerritsen’s books are page turners just as much as Larsson’s. Silvia, can you recommend another author?

      - T Parsons,

    • Mynn says:

      they are like a drug!! stieg larsson owns you once youve tasted I’ll tell you that from experience RIP SL

    • Tony, says:

      What a ridiculous assertion that to be anti

      - fascist is to be automatically communist! Stieg Larsson was actually a victim of terrorist threats and aggression and they didn’t come from the Left, either

      - Chris,

  • Otto says:

    Awesome books!!.. I just finished the 2nd (finished? can’t be, the story continues in the 3rd book. Luckily I had 3rd book already in house and could continue reading). The character ‘Lisbeth’ is special (underdog), I love it. This book shows also how people can be so naive and easily influenced in opinions. It is still a very realistic novel. Cant’ put the book away, miss lots of sleep.

    - Otto,

  • Goze Vlasblom, Canada says:

    The talent of Stieg Larsen is that he can write a totally impossible story and still make it sound believable. The sustained suspense and the flow of the story are great.

    A few minor medical mistakes could have easily been corrected, had he spent 2 minutes talking to a doctor

    - Goze Vlasblom, Canada,

  • Jackie says:

    I am nearly finished “The Girl who kicked the hornets nest” and I dont want to finish it because then it will be “The End” loving every minute of this book.

    - Jackie,

  • Jim says:

    The trilogy was some of the best writing I have ever encountered. Wonderful characters and tremendous storylines.

    - Jim,

  • caffeine, says:

    There are tons of “region

    -free” DVD players available in the USA that will play any DVD.

    - James Thomas,

  • Lisa says:

    I absolutely love the first book, can’t stop reading the girl who played with fire and what a sadness that the third is the last…. This guy had huge talent

  • Ana says:

    I’ve read the 2 first books and loved every bit of them!

    I’m on my way to the 3rd one.

    I think he was an amazing writer and can only say that is a big shame that he isn’t around anymore!

    - Ana,

  • Jan says:

    I read the first book and was mesmerized. I did a google search for Mr. Larsson and was saddened to find out he died before enjoying the success of his writing. What a talented man. Stieg, if you can hear me, “Good job”.

    - Jan,

  • Jan says:

    I read the first book and was mesmerized. I did a google search for Mr. Larsson and was saddened to find out he died before enjoying the success of his writing. What a talented man. Stieg, if you can hear me, “Good job”.

    - Jan,

  • Joe says:

    An elderly woman in a small eclectic book store approached me as I was looking at the first Larsson book and said she had read it and found the author to be “delightfully refreshing. She also said I shouldn’t let my mother read it though because it had “some naughty stuff” in it. I laughed so hard I had to buy it. Apparently I don’t look my age (53) Larsson will be sadly missed. A truely gifted writer

    - Joe,

  • Billye Crumlish says:

    I was fortunate to have received his first book from a friend. I’m an avid reader and I could not put this book down. I passed it on to my husband and I haven’t seen him read a book that fast since The Firm! Can’t wait to get the 2nd book.

    I’m so sorry that S. Larssons didn’t get to see his success around the world.

    - Billye Crumlish,

  • edyta says:

    This trilogy is like a drug…I can’t stop…I’m reading third part and I think I will need more…but how?

    - edyta,

    • Denise C., says:

      Your right the books are like an addiction you can’t stop reading them and want more and more. Haven’t encounter a writer of this power and perception in a long time. All I keep feeling is I want more, more, more

      -however we can get additional material please Dear God make that available to the world.

      - Michael from US,

    • Esteban Gonzalez Valencia, says:

      i have just finished the second book,i donot usually read thrillers but these i cannot put down,eccelent work.i have started the last book and then what will we read.?

      - deby,

    • Jill says:

      just ordered it online from amazon UK==can’t wait to read it

      - Jill from NYS,

    • Caratom, Sydney, says:


      - henk holland,

  • Pippie says:

    Hi Fans, I’m doing some research for an article. Can anyone point me to some websites with good statistics about the readers of Larsson’s books? Enjoy the trilogie

    - Pippie,

  • I Salva says:

    I “ve read no books by Larsson but after reading this page I will definitely go and millennium

    - I Salva,

  • Norge er bedre enn Sverige!! says:

    Any1 with good stuff about Larsson? And his books?

    - Norge er bedre enn Sverige!!,

    • Although in Norwegian vi fattar!!, says:

      I think what made it hard at first was all swedish names, the 2nd book didn’t have as many and was therefore an easier read… just a thot

      - Regina,

  • Richard says:

    I’ve listened to all three books in audio with the excellent narration by Saul Reichlin. I’m on my second pass through them. They’re the most absorbing novels I’ve read, I think. Larsson forcefully exposes and shames injustices without spoiling the story’s excellence as a thriller.(It is really one story in three books, or of course more if he had lived.)

    - Richard,

  • Koneko728 says:

    All I can say is WOW! These books are amazing. I checked The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo out of my library and although someone is on hold for it, I can’t return it until I’m done. Fascinating! Really love Lisbeth and can’t wait to find out more about her life.

    - Koneko728,

  • Kelly Knights, Toronto Canada. says:

    After stubbornly refusing to read these books based on the fact that they were in every bookshop on the planet, I fell under the spell while sitting on a beach on Koh Tao in Thailand. I *inhaled* these books, reading all three in less than a week. AMAZING. Thank you for these books, they are perfection. (ps — there is a fourth??)

    - Kelly Knights, Toronto Canada.,

  • Enythe Green says:

    Just adored the three books and recommend them to

    everyone. Hopefully the fourth one will be published,I loved the movie and would like to know are the other books

    already movies in Europe.

    Are any of Mr L’s nonfiction works published in US?


    - Enythe Green,

  • Anya H says:

    I just wasn’t able to stop reading them. Both in Swedish and English. An amazing trilogy…. Stieg Larsson is an amazing journalist and an auther.

    - Anya H,

    • Anya H, says:

      Sverige ar battre en Norge!!!

      - Although in Norwegian vi fattar!!,

  • Masn says:


    I couldn´t stop reading! It´s a Hymn…

    - Masn,

  • JNL says:

    read it, loved it and recomment it

    - JNL,

  • shweta says:

    the trilogy is very well written and thrilling at a pace where you cannot stop at any one point.

    - shweta,

  • Steve says:

    I have finished the third book and it was really amazing one of the most complex and good stories i’ve ever heard.

    • E Hoffman, says:

      I was sad when I finished the third book because I knew there wouldn’t be any more.

  • Mike says:

    i have just finished the third book and i think that stieg larson is the best of all..i haven’t read better books in my whole life. i love them and i’m sure that if you read them too you will love them just like i did!!

  • Polly says:

    Having read the first two “Girl Who” books, and recommended them to friends, the impression is the same from all. The girl is so straightforward and intelligent and moral in the strictest sense. We could not put it down and are waiting for the 3rd one. Also, it will be discussed at our next book group.

    - Polly,

  • C rRimington says:

    As good a hero as Agent Pendergast

    - C rRimington,

  • jc says:

    Saw the movie twice..

    - jc,

  • cj says:

    Read all three books before the end of January. I didn’t want to end my relationship with these characters. Fabulous..The Swedish version of the movie is now playing around the country, I hope that Hollywood doesn’t even think about a remake of this film. They could only make a mess of this film. Noomi as Lisbeth is perfect. No actress in this country can compare to her ability to bring Lisbeth to life. cj

    - cj,

    • flicka, says:

      It took me days to recover. I Know the feeling. I just can’t read anything else.

    • T Parsons, says:

      I bought it on ebay

      - Linda, San Diego,

    • silvia Khan, says:

      all three books are now available on paperbacks. buy the DVD also. unfortunately no English subtitles, only in Norwegian, finnish and Danish, but I still enjoyed watching the first 2 titles

      - Mary Ho, singapore,

  • Cate says:

    I finished the third book yesterday… And it is just amazing! I loved the book!

    - Cate,

    • E Hoffman says:

      You are so right….the three books held my attention like no other books in many years…the weaving of the plots made them more than exciting…..and am in total agreement to one of the bloggers who praised the “girl” who, despite current cheap popularity, was moreal and upright! Thanks Steig….so sorry you missed all this!

      - E Hoffman

  • michel fulano says:

    I’ve just finished “The Girl Who Played With Fire” and am panting to get the remaining two. Great read!

    - michel fulano,

    • Flicka says:

      Agree with all above, and now what? Who do you recommend to read next. I am hungry for more.

      - flicka

  • els engels says:

    I just finished the first book and did not see the film yet. I liked the book but don´t see why it became so famous and why it won so many prizes. Read a lot detectives and thrillers in my lifetime and I don´t find this one very different from others. Again, I liked the book but am not very impressed. I am sorry though, that the writer is not here anymore to enjoy his success.

    - els engels,

  • Julia Sakellary Athens-Greece says:

    Really sorry he is not still with us to create an other trilogy. His books are just faboulous

    - Julia Sakellary Athens-Greece,

  • Robert L. Mandel says:

    Not since P.D. James had I read a book that I couldn’t bear to put down under pain of death. Absolutely remarkable. Totally engrossing from start to finish. And to believe 100 pages unread when the “mystery” is solved. I was stunned!

    - Robert L. Mandel,

  • Jens Fölting says:

    I just finished reading the first book of the famous Millenium Trilogy. Actually I do not feel capable of putting in words the reason which not only attracted me to the book but rather captivated me. To be honest I’ve to admit that it took me a while to acclimatise with the style in which Larsson depicts his tension filled crime novel. The e