I’m interest in Millenium products (t-shirts, mugs etc). Do you know where I can by them?

Posted by Jonna in Turku, Finland , 30 December 2011

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  1. Well theres http://www.waspenterprises.com, it has the most merchendise for the trilogy than any other place Ive seen, but not so much millenium products specificaly, though they do have a few Millenium style products.

    Posted by Mikael in Stockholm ,

  2. In the United States, H & M is selling clothes and other items based on those seen in the American movie, starring Rooney Mara. You should be able to order them online from H & M USA. Maybe the H & M stores in other countries have this Millennium collection too.

    Posted by Bob ,

  3. waspenterprises.com has been shut down. they were owned by a movie poster type place. I had to exhange a sz and couldnt access website. called the nmbr on inv and told me they shut that part of business down. Sadly they had the BEST designs out there and good quality. They were their own designs the lady told me

    Posted by D reese in murrieta ca ,


    Wasn’t there also a website called LisbethSalander.com? They had the “Fucking Fuck” t-shirt, and the design was the closest to the one in the film than any of the other t-shirts I’ve seen!

    I hope they come back somehow. Does anyone know where I can contact the site’s owner?

    Posted by thehighroller5.tumblr.com/ in Chicago ,

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