Millenium-Roots: The 10 Book Series Plan

Stieg Larsson saw himself as the inheritor of a detective fiction tradition in which the detective novel was used by a writer on the Left to expose social ills from an intentionally Socialist perspective.

Stieg Larsson (early 2000s) followed in the footsteps of Henning Mankell of “The 5th Woman” in the 1990s and the husband and wife team Maj Sjowall and Per Wahloo of “Roseanna” and “The Laughing Policeman” in the 1960s and 1970s. All were socialist writers.

In fact, Maj Sjowall and Per Wahloo PLANNED A 10 NOVEL SERIES before writing the first book!

I believe what we think of as a Trilogy was an accident of death.

Stieg Larsson too planned 10 novels.

Posted by Leo Rivers in Cottage Grove Oregon , 15 May 2011

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  1. PS: Henning Mankell wrote the introduction to “Roseanna”. And Stieg Larsson has praised Henning Mankell.

    Posted by Leo ,

  2. cant believe you mentioned sjowall and wahloo! triggered a memory i forgot i had :)

    brilliant books too and quite graphic, as i recall (esp the laughing policeman, only he wasn’t really laughing was he lol) just had to mention that. and i think you’re probably right re reason it turned out to be a trilogy. such a shame, isn’t it!

    Posted by karin p. in salisbury, uk ,

  3. The fact that they are socialists is obvious in their attitude towards laws that do not suit them. Is it really ok for a socialist Lisbeth Salander to have stolen billions just because they came from a “fat cat” crook ? Theft is theft even for socialists, as is shooting someone in the foot because he is a bad guy, no it’s assault, this typical socialism, all things are morally ok because the good guys are doing it. They are books, they suspend reality, as do socialists.

    Posted by Ray Veysey in elsewhere ,

  4. That is pure BS about socialists.

    I have an MBA. I worked in Finance for 16 years. In 1995 I helped start a company (CIO) that we grew to 600 employees and multiple billions in assets.

    The rich write the laws so that they can steal legally. Why should capital gains, earned for doing nothIng, be “privileged”, and taxed at half the rate as wages earned through sweat? Why should corporations be allowed to raid pension money earned by and set aside for the workers, so that they starve in retirement? BECAUSE THEY CAN.

    As a former VP at one of the Big 3, I can tell you the unions came to power because the owners and managers were murderous thieves. The

    Repulicrats lie through their teeth to the “real’murcans”, and the stupid and angry plebes support the rights of the rich to rip them off – because they are brainwashed idiots.

    I say this all as someone who is in the top 1% of income in the US, as are both my brother and sister. We are blessed, privileged, and believe in people, humanity, justice, and community.

    Posted by Michael in Ann Arbor ,

  5. I don’t see him as a socialist. His heroes are libertarians. Salander,the rebel, was the one with the brains, who went after what she needed and Mikael bucked convention as well, particularly in the relationship sphere, but professionally as well. I am just finishing the second book and the whole book is an expose about the damage done by social services and the inept police force.

    Posted by Margie in MidSouth ,

  6. I find all of the above comments disturbing. Here is what i see in the stieg larsson novels, a young woman who has been brutalized by a monstrous father (who was trained by the soviet union, but was too brutal even for them) and in turn was betrayed by agents of her own western government for their own purposes. Elisbeth salander is all about protecting the innocents from the monsters, whether they be left or right, and the vengance such monsters ask for and deserve.

    Posted by mark wagnerr in cincinnati ,

  7. Well then Mr Ann Arbor with a shit-ton of money and a guilty brain. Start giving it away.

    Posted by Keefrh in o6131369 ,

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