Lisbeth was engaged in two long-lasting relationships throughout the series. Which’s Mikael and Miriam. Between Kalle and Mimmi, who do you think would be the best for Lisbeth? Which relationship you think you’d love to read and watch more? I’m really curious about fans’ point of view about Froken Salander’s romance. Well, for me, I love Miribeth..

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  1. Jeez yeah they’re super hot. I’m looking forward to see American version’s Played With Fire in which I hope Rooney and Elodie’s still in the cast

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  2. When Miche Blomkvist came into Sally’s life it was very unexpected to her..She didn’t want to understand why did it have to happen particularly to her..At the end of part 1 The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo..the author describes in the book how she feels about Micke.. she admits her soul is like a rat whole because she cann’t imagine to become a part of Micke’s world full of interesting people wich could never be part of her world. Lizbeth was becoming num and completely when Micke was trying to find out how was she doing she seemed very unemotional..she didn’t know how to act..all she knew she felt like her heart was about to burst..she wanted to be held.. she needed his presence.. she desired for him just to be there near her…

    Since it’s more than obvious that Miche Blomkvist made her heart feel like it was about to burst and after all it was a big miracle Micke won her friendship at the was nearly impossible for Sally to let any man into her life after all the damage Zalachenko’d done..Bjorck, etc. It occured to be a miracle coincidence she could trust Micke cause she happened to research his biography at Milton Security.. No doubt Miche is the only love of her life..

    It’s different with me. It’s obvious Lizbeth cared about other people just like she cared about her mom.

    Mimi was her friend and when she found out that Niederman kidnaps Mimi it makes her feel very guilty because she realizes if it wasn’t because of Lizbeth Mimi would never got hurt since she happenned to reside at Lizbeth apartment which she paid for…

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  3. I find this discussion very interesting and shall return to it when I have more time: Lisbeth cannot forget ANYthing. How her mother was treated by Zala how she was treated by everyone in authority and she has very few “normal” experiences of life.

    When she connected with Blumkvist it was outside of her experience and he was of almost another species of primate, to her. I agree she saw a world that she had decided was a myth of pop culture that he inhabited and she just knew she would not fit in and would be hurt in the rejection.

    The american movie made the point that love was dangerous when Lisbeth talks with her mother. Fincher also makes the point that Lisbeth is emotionally 13 years old–barely pubescent.

    Lord I wish Larsson had survived he created a character who is fascinating.

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