What will happen to the members of the now-disbanded Section when they go on tiral? Is Mikael going to court to testify against them? Also, there seems to be some hints that Wadensjoo might turn Crown witness against his former colleagues.

Posted by Andrew Situ in Fremantle , 13 December 2010

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  1. Also in the third book, Blomkvist tells Salander he will tell her the mistake she made which made him figure out how she got her riches from Wennerstrom. He says that he will tell her the mistake after her ordeal ends, but we never find out her mistake.

    Posted by Steveegide in Brooklyn, NY ,

  2. Yes we do know how Micke worked out what she had done – he read an article in the Financial Times that had a CCTV picture taken at the Swiss bank – I think it’s at the end of Book 1.

    Posted by Waiting for third film to get here in Suffolk ,

  3. I believe there is a forth book in the offing that was in draft form at his death. If this is published it may answer some of the loose ends.

    I saw the film of the thied book yesterday and did not like it one bit.

    Ray Piper in Syndney 28 May 2001

    Posted by Ray ,

  4. Camilla Salander was going to star in the fourth Millenium novel called “God’s Revenge”

    .http://www.irishcentral.com/ent/Fourth-of-Stieg-Larssons-Millennium-novels-set-in-Ireland-128843903.html — a link to the article.

    I too was hoping to see a plot develop regarding Camilla Salander. I always thought she was going to show up since she was regarded in The Girl Who Played With Fire.

    Also, Mariam Wu? What’s going on with her?

    In the fourth book, Lisbeth was supposed to go to Canada, Camilla was supposedly in Ireland, and no one says anything about Mikael.

    It’s a shame we lost such a talented author.

    Posted by DragonTattoo_Lover in Toronto ,

  5. Neither Camilla nor Miriam would have figured high in my list of loose ends to follow. Zalachenko mentioned that Salendar had several half-sisters, and Neiderman had at least one brother who attended the boxing club in Germany. In addition, Zala had “millions” stashed in various locations. Lisbeth may not have cared, but perhaps her half-siblings wouldn’t have been so nonchalant. And, if they were searching, who better to start with than LS?

    Posted by careful-reader in Austin ,

  6. DragonTattoo_Lover in Toronto – thanks for the link to information about novel #4, but I did not see any reference to either Canada or Camilla. I thought there were 3 loose ends:

    1 Sister Camilla – as noted by most others

    2 Wennerstom mistake – Blomkvist figured out that it was Lisbeth because of the photo, but was that a mistake? Lisbeth knew that she was photographed by security cameras, but was not worried because of her wig and disguise.

    3 Wennerström associates – Wennerström must have had associates who knew about his bank accounts. When money disappeared, wouldn’t it have been natural to question the journalist who just wrote the exposé listing all of the details of the Wennerström operation?

    Posted by Celtic Dragon in Fullerton ,

  7. Hi Celtic Dragon,

    I think Mikael told her she had made a mistake to annoy her, given her character she would furiously ponder what she had done wrong. In reality he recognised her from the photograph on the news.

    In regards to Wennerström, possibly his associates were wondering where the money went, however they money was made from illegal activities so I’m guessing they were not willing to push this too far and potentially implicate themselves.

    Posted by Clare in Manchester ,

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