Lisbeth’s social “issues”

Many times people who read the book, they say that Lisbeth can not function in a normal society. I think that Lisbeth can in fact function in a normal society, she just doesn’t care about fitting everybody else’s vision of “normal”. Anyone agree?

Posted by Daniel in Stockholm , 18 October 2013

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5 thoughts on “Lisbeth’s social “issues””
  1. I do too think Lizbeth can in fact function in a normal society and that she doesn’t care about fitting everybody else’s vision of “normal”. And I am very agree with it because prove of her denial is in the story. She denies so called everybody else’s vision of “normal” because there were people like Zalachenko, Teleborian, Bjork who had done collateral damage to innocent people like her mother, Lizbeth herself and all the Baltic women who were brought to Sweden. She was in impossibly difficult situation since her childhood. After she lit the match and Zlachenko started to burn in his own car she tried to tell to social services that her father made her mom to be handicapped for the rest of her life but nobody was listening to her but instead she was locked in psychiatric ward for two years restrained.

    Posted by Cindy in St. Louis, MO ,

  2. My opinion is that Lizbeth is far more inteligent than any other living soul on this planet, planet who has to change her point of view, thing wich is not going to be easy but impossible unless we all vanish and put little Lisbeth babys everywere … and i ll be the father

  3. Society accepted book in America..but how about Sweden? Would this book be allowed to come out in Sweden? And movies aftrer that?! What would critics say? And Lizbeth?! How many millions of people who’ve red books compare their totally abandoned lifes to hers, compare the desperate feelings they shared just nearly what Lizbeth was going through like to be so lonesome and also vanished..chased with police..have anybody felt like her when she came after Zalachenko to hit him on his head with an axe?

    Posted by Kesie in Australia ,

  4. I think Lisbeth is one of the high functioning people in the series. Her goal is to stop men who hate women from inflicting more harm, including government agencies. Right on Lisbeth!!

    Posted by Susan Cassapi in Liverpool ,

  5. Society is abusive and harms. Lisbeth had to grow up fast, was traumatised, gifted, perhaps as a result of damage was forced to develop acute survival skills. She was forced into being like a hermit monk, more masculine than feminine. Her journey is healing her however, what she has experienced has given her a massive dose of reality, and she will never be able to see society with the same eyes as anyone who has not seen those things.

    Posted by Amber ,

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