I was wondering about Lisbeth’s revenge on Bjurman. I mean, are we supposed to cheer? Personally I found it just as disgusting, if not as horrifying, as the original rape. The tattoo may have been a just punishment, however. Do two wrongs make a right for Lisbeth?

Posted by Ro in Ireland , 3 February 2011

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  1. Yes, he did. I still didn’t really enjoy reading about Lisbeth sexually assaulting someone. I suppose we’re not supposed to.

    Posted by Ro in Ireland ,

  2. It wasn’t right, but she thought it would keep him from doing any more harm to innocent people who relied on him for help. So basically it was a little bit of ‘street justice’ for someone who took advantage of women and thought he would never get caught.

    Posted by Mary in ILL ,

  3. Lisbeth an innocent? I think not. I prefer to see the tattoos as representing two marked people. Of course Lisbeth has the redeeming characteristic of being inherently moral. She is wounded. She wounds. It is horrific but a brilliant image.

    Margaret Wales

    Posted by M John in Swansea ,

  4. After reading the various responses, I believe the truth is embedded in “She is Wounded. She wounds.” Strangely, we do care for Lisbeth, but carving Bjurman was cruel.

    Posted by coffeesnobology/Lynn in Florida ,

  5. It shows the immensity of a character like Lisbeth Salander that such actions are so staunchly defended. I don’t deny that Bjurman deserved everything he got but was merely questioning Lisbeth’s method of vigilante justice.

    Posted by Ro in Ireland ,

  6. I learned one thing in life, regarding this subject. If there isn’t legal justice to protect your rights as a human, you find your own ways of resolving it, thus giving your own way of punishment. LS has been devastatingly hurt. No authorities ever listened to her.

    Posted by YP in Istanbul ,

  7. Definitely deserved it…no question about it.I agree with Ro though-I didn’t enjoy reading or viewing any of the sexual abuse, by either perpertrator.

    Posted by Aine in Ireland ,

  8. Carving Bjurman was cruel, but I do think he deserved everything she did. I agree with M John in Swansea

    Posted by Kristine in Norway ,

  9. A work of fiction? If you think things like this (BOTH incidents) don’t happen every day somewhere in this world, in the so-called ‘civilized’ world, then you are naive, Darling. Do not ever doubt one’s own ability to bend to the cruelest of acts if pushed to it. As a human being you are capable of more violence than you can imaginne in the right situation. But, by the Grace of God (as I believe), most of us never have to find that character trait within ourselves, will never have to suffer the indignity of seeing ourselves in that light.

    Posted by NavyMomReader ,

  10. That girl has a temper! Bjurman abused her badly and she responded. Her distrust of authority pushes her to inflict her own justice. Right or wrong? She doesn’t care.

    Posted by Al in Rockford ,

  11. Lisbeth is one of the most fascinating characters in modern fiction. I loved her even more for her courage in planning and caring out her revenge against Bjurman. He got what he deserved!

    Posted by sjs in lawrence ny ,

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