Lisbeth’s question to her mother

In TGWTDT Lisbeth is upset after her mother dies because “She would never be able to mend things. Her mother’s death meant that the wound would never heal, since she would never now get an answer to the questions she had wanted to ask.” What were the questions she wanted to ask her mother before she died?

Posted by NTB in USA , 30 July 2012

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  1. I would guess the questions would have included why she stuck with Lisbeths dad the way she did! Or whether the psychopath really was her dad – she doen’t know who her father was at that point in the story

    Posted by Liz in Sweden ,

  2. But from the second book don’t we find out she knew who her father was the whole time? Doesn’t she know he was a Russian spy and all that stuff?

    Posted by NTB in USA ,

  3. Yeah, she definitely knew who her father was, she just didn’t know anything about his spy status or the coverup.

    Posted by Rachael in Toronto ,

  4. Perhaps she just want to know why her mother insist to stay with her abusive father.

    Posted by Gene in Taipei ,

  5. Probably why didn’t she ever disconnect herself from Zalachenko. Why stay? Why let him beat her? Why subject her daughter’s to that? Why not run? I’m sure those are some basic questions? Though there are sure to be other’s…

    Posted by ELLE in Cali ,

  6. I don’t think Agneta (wasn’t that her name?) could not get away from Zalachenko since the police would not protect her and Zalachenko would just show up. It would be a kind of terrorism to Lisabeth and Camille–suddenly, all peace and order would be replaced by chaos and pain.

    Posted by turtle in California ,

  7. I agree with “turtle” that Agneta just could not get away from the father, but that her daughter’s question would be “why?” Children want and even need their parents to be more noble than we are, more powerful than we are. The Swedish FBI or whichever branch of the police ought to have protected the family. None of these three should have endured what they went through. A government ought not to collude with a psychopath who is abusing one’s own citizens, no matter what the explanation. I was supporting her all the way in the ways that she took care of the situation, her dad and right up to the nail gun with her half-brother and the cell phone telephone call. Each one of them deserved this sort of retribution.

    Posted by Ann in in WA USA ,

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