Could anyone help me please? In `The Girl who played with Fire’ do the police know she has a motorbike? I recall that Miriam Wu tells the police that Lisbeth has a car – which they were unaware of until that point but do they know about her bike?

Posted by M Kilmurray in Dublin , 11 August 2011

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  1. Hi M,

    on ‘The Girl who played with fire’ the police know nothing about her motorbike…they do not even know that she is able to ride a bike!!

    Posted by es in brasil ,

  2. wrong, she had motorbike licence, that’s how police knew about it and that’s the reason she didn’t use her bike for the last ride.

    Posted by Darks in anywhere ,

  3. All I know is that the bike is a Ducati. I’m not sure which model but it may be a Ducati Diavel. In the last scene of the movie when she destroys her father’s house, the bike brand shows up on the fuel tank in the glow of the fire, with her standing in front of it, beholding the fire.

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