What did Lisbeth have written on her t-shirt in The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo?

Posted by Mike Cooky in BLB Germany , 26 January 2009

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  1. As a writer myself, I have thought about the tattoo, and I think, to “Men who hate Women”, a girl like Lisbeth would truly be a Fire Breathing Dragon. Hence ol’ Stieg put a dragon tattoo on her. Understand, I am only guessing at that.

    Posted by SFG in McHenry, ILL ,

  2. I have to say that I think the woman casted in the movie was spot on. When reading the books, I envisioned Lisbeth as being attractive but not stunning. Someone who of first glance you may not even notice but ?who might clean up well? I think her character intentionally hides behind a subdued, dark, unapproachable façade but I imagined that when the clothes came off and her hair was pulled away from her face, she was genuinely attractive.

    Posted by Zack in Los Angeles ,

  3. In the book Stieg Larsson specifies that her face was beautiful — it was her body which was scrawny and (in her eyes) ugly.

    Posted by hellodollyllama in Baltimore ,

  4. She may be described as a boy looking girl in the books but the Swedish chick who plays Lisbeth in the movies is seriously hot. I hate smoking but she even does that in a kind of erotic way. She looked better in GWTDT than in GWPWF though. Nearly finished reading GWKTHN then I don’t know what to do. Maybe I’ll take a trip to Sweden. Looks great ?

    Posted by Thirdwatch in Essex, UK ,

  5. Jenny: That’s the kind of thing Lisbeth Salander would put on a tee-shirt! “Oh, get over yourselves!”

    Posted by Bob ,

  6. What did Lisbeth have written on her t-shirt in The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo?: “Sexy, vulnerable lesbian goth who kicks a** coming through – out of the way a**holes”.

    Posted by Peter in Random town, UK ,

  7. Thirdwatch in Essex, UK

    I agree. I almost even want to take up smoking again, though I could never master it the way she has. I haven’t however resisted the urge to start learning Swedish and am on a plane out to Stockholm in July – completely hooked!

    Posted by Peter in Random town, UK ,

  8. I spent almost two years avoiding these books because of the dorky title. Fortunately a woman friend sent me the books and now I want Larsson to dig himself out of his grave like Lisabeth so he can write more Salander Stories.

    No interest in seeing the movies, it would be impossable to convey the depth of her character in 90 minutes. She is a truely inspiring hero and reminds me of some of he 108 heros from Chinese litature. Full of flaws, but their flaws actually serve as strengths as well.

    Posted by Spooner ,

  9. I just watched all three movies, and I just ordered book series.

    I hate myself for not reading it 3-4 years ago when it came to my country, I guess I just read the title and assumed it was work of just another mediocre croatian writer. Silly me, I’m impressed. I guess it’s never too late to become a Stieg Larsson fan:)

    Btb Am I the only one here who’s seriously hating the english translation of the books/movie? Gaah

    Posted by Rina in Zagreb, Croatia ,

  10. Vanessa – The dragon means something to Lisbeth, I guess, because she is wearing it, only she knows ;) The dragon become a little too important in the English translation I think, when it walked away from the original Swedish title “Men that hate women” to one that pointed to the dragon on her back. They didn´t think the Swedish title would sell in the English world, I have heard. I think the original title is superior!

    Posted by John in Sthlm Sweden ,

  11. I love Lisbeth Salander! She is my idol from now on! Has anyone ever thought how amazing she is? After I read this book I wanted to learn how to hack and use a golf club to kill sadists and everyone else who deserves it! She is not exactly the feminine ideal but i really really wanna resemble her in a good way. Can someone understand my obsession with Salander? By the way, the actress chosen to play Salander is not beautiful enough and her tatto looks pretty bad. I think that the girl on the cover page of “the girl with the dragon tatto” should play her role of Salander. The book describes her as having beautiful eyes… I wish I had a friend like her!

    Posted by Yara in Geneva ,

  12. hi Yara, if you mean it make like Lisbeth and write to my email address

    Posted by margaretjenkins in Basel, CH ,

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