What did Lisbeth have written on her t-shirt in The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo?

Posted by Mike Cooky in BLB Germany , 26 January 2009

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  1. Consider this a fair Warning. (‘The Girl Who Played With Fire’)

    Posted by Miv Piv in Copenhagen ,

  2. Salander is not beautiful per se, she is just extremely cool and brave. Her beauty is her strength.

    Posted by Marta in Miami ,

  3. I have read all 3 books & I must have missed something. Can anyone tell me the significance of the dragon tattoo ? It has to mean something as it is the title of the first book.

    Posted by Vanessa Wasp in Sydney ,

  4. To Yara,

    I hope you have photographic memory and your father is someone like Alexander Zalachenko. And I hope you can see patterns where others see white noise. And I really hope you can control fear, hatred and all other emotions like Lisbeth. And I also hope you are not as stupid as you sound from reading your post you IDIOT.

    Posted by Anti-YARA in Stockholm, Sweden ,

  5. Hi Yara,

    It is not difficult to how to use the golf club. How to hack the computer: believe me, In the movie she doesn’t lear how to hack a computer, its also in her scrips what she has to say and to do. She is an actrices.


    Posted by Vera in Netherland ,

  6. The actress is gorgeous! I was always wondering reading the books how this little half ugly girl could score hot lesbians and a playa’ like Michael… my (mind) picture was wrong and the movie is RIGHT ON! Glad to get that sorted out for me! ;o)

    Posted by KJ in Ci ,

  7. Haha I love her t-shirts and her character. It’s so amazing when you find books that enlighten you in ways you didn’t think was possible. But I have to disagree with Yara and agree with KJ in Ci, Noomi Rapace is Lisbeth to me. She is so fantastic in the role. The cover you are talking about, I think I’ve seen it, and I think it’s too “Hollywood” and just too pretty, if you understand what I mean:).

    Posted by J in Denmark ,

  8. Can anyone find me an analysis of Lisbeth Salander, i’m writing a big assignment on her and M Blomkvist, and i need some second opinions!

    Posted by Stieg Jensson in Tampa Bay , US ,

  9. Don’t you guys think it’s such a shame that they didn’t include her t-shirts in the first movie? – I’m going to the cinema to see the second tomorrow. Uuuh! Can’t wait!

  10. I would disagree with the comments on the actress playing Salander – she is too attractive. I think the author puts across the image of someone much more average or eve homely looking. The attractiveness of the actress actualy takes away from the character in my opinion. The reason Lisbeth is attractive to the reader is the way she acts and thinks, not the way she looks.

    Posted by Mike in Ohio ,

  11. John – Speaking as an American I think you are right, the Swedish title might not sell well in America, it might even anger many disenfranchised white men Larsson sought to demonize in his writing. It amazes me that I had to order “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest” from England (now some months ago) because it won’t be released in the the US until May 25. Does anyone know why we have to wait?

    Posted by Richard in Largo, Florida ,

  12. Question about Swedish pronunciation of ‘Salander’. I emphasis on first or second syllable?

    Posted by Linda in Grand Blanc, Michigan ,

  13. Wouldn’t some sort of reference to the Wasp tattoo have been more appropriate in the English title? I kept looking for the Dragon tie-in during the first book. If ‘dragon’ was there merely to emphasize Lisbeth’s ‘out of the mainstream’ nature then it really misses the point.

    Posted by MM in Michigan ,

  14. To MM, Mich.

    I think Richard, Fla. has a good point. Dragons sell much better than wasps and men (who hate women) :o) – relevans to book or not …

    Posted by Erik in Ishoej, DK ,

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