What Did lisbeth mean by (Blond Hulk Magge) = NEB?

& What does “NEB” mean?

Posted by Max in New York , 22 May 2012

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  1. Blond Hulk = her brother, Ronald Niedermann

    Magge = Carl-Magnus Lundin, the biker from Svalvejo MC

    NEB = Nils Erik Bjurman.

    The equation means that Lisbeth figured out that Bjurman had hired Niedermann and Lundin to get rid of her; in point of fact, he’d only contacted Niedermann, and it was Niedermann who employed Magge Lundin, but they were both at the behest of Bjurman, who wanted Salander out of the way and the video of him raping her destroyed.

    Posted by Alvie Fletcher in Charlotte ,

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