Lisbeth nicknames help!

Hi! I would like to know every Lisbeth nicknames and their meanings. For example I can obviously remeber “wasp” (she’s “agile” like a wasp, wasp tattoo, wasp enterprises and wasp as hacker name). I know “sally” but I can’t remember its meaning. I read about “pippi” on this site but I honestly don’t remember it in the italian version of the books (maybe they translate it?).

Are there any other nicknames? Can anyone please help me summarise all Lisbeth nicknames and their meanings?

Thanks a lot and sorry for bad english!!

Posted by scimmia in Alba (Italy) , 6 January 2014

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5 thoughts on “Lisbeth nicknames help!”
  1. blomkvist calls her sally to shorten her last name. Just like he calls ericka ricky.

    Posted by kh in vermont ,

  2. pippi is for pippi longstocking, Mikael uses it to mock her just as she uses Kalle blomkvist to mock him

    Posted by AP ,

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