Lisbeth made a mistake?

In book #2, Mikael realizes that Lisbeth embezzled money from Weinestrom, he states “you made a mistake”. I was hoping the third book would reveal how he came to this knowledge, but it didn’t. Can anyone give me some insight?

Posted by Ann C. in MA , 5 August 2010

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  1. there was a security camera in the first that captured a picture of lisbeth and michles sees it somewhere i think pn someones ibook (does no one use pc?)

    Posted by benwasheare ,

  2. At the end of the 1st film Mikael sees security footage on the TV news(?) of a woman going out of a bank and seems to recognize Salander from the footage somehow. Reading the books however I dont recall any reference to this.Perhaps it was going to be revealed in the 4th book, as he did say to her at the end of the 3rd book, that he would tell her how he knew.

    Posted by vivienne in christchurch ,

  3. Near the end of The girl with the Dragon Tattoo – The pic taken with a security camera is published in an article in the Financial Times. Mikael reads the article in his office at the Millennium on the day before Christmas eve. He looks at the pic with a magnifying glass and starts laughing…

    Posted by Becky in USA ,

  4. benwasheare asks:

    (does no one use pc?)

    You’ll see an occasional ‘non- Macintosh’ pc in the films.

    Mac’s identify the non-establishment creative types.

    (Some consider this a ‘religious’ devision – but let’s not start a flame war.)

    Posted by CVBritton, nc, usa ,

  5. In the first book, he sees something familiar in the surveillance video and rewinds it to watch it again. He comments on the angularity of the face etc. which lets you know that he knows or at least suspects it is Lisbeth.

    Posted by Patty D in Courtenay, BC, Canada ,

  6. Lisbeth didn’t make a mistake when she let herself be seen by cameras, she intentionally paraded in front of them. Then, I think we can assume Blomkvist was either trying to bait her, or the insinuation was that she had let someone know her well enough to recognise her despite her hairstyle, despite her breasts, despite the clothes.

    This makes the email ‘thanks for being my friend’ all the more poignant.

    Posted by Kaylie in Cambridge ,

  7. Blomkvist recognized the picture of Lisbeth in the newspaper. I can’t recall exactly what is was but it was either

    – her height


    – her wasp tattoo on her neck

  8. in the first book it says Lisbeth has an old Dell computer in her office (when she snoops in Armansky’s office). They never say if she uses it or not though..

    pg 526 in book one it says Blomkvist studies the newspaper photo of “Monica Sholes” and realises it’s Lisbeth et cetera

    Posted by Harper in Sydney ,

  9. It remains unclear to me what mistake Blomqvist was referring to. He had unique knowledge that predisposed him to recognize Salander and she had no reason to fear exposure by him, so what mistake?

    Posted by Tom in Pittsburgh ,

  10. I think Mikael saw the Wasp tattoo on her neck and this maybe the reason why Lisbeth has that tatoo removed. I wished people stop projecting on to Lisbeth like she is more of an action figure than a human being. Because she can make mistakes. I think her immaturity and non experience about love made her jump to the conclusion of Blomkvist and Ericka being together. Like Ericka said, since she felt responsible for Mikael’ divorce, she subsequently tries to stay away from Mikael if he has a serious involvement. We know that he did consider Lisbeth as his girfriend because in book 2 he describes himself as her ex boyfriend. Also we know that he called Lisbeth on the very day that she went to deliver his Christmas gift and he also stopped by her apartment twice on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day. Mikael also constantly called her until her mobile was disconnected. I don’t think Ericka and Mikael were sexual during his time with Lisbeth but they resumed their relationship once Mikael realized that Lisbeth was gone. Also, I think all the women in Mikael’ life represent a part of Lisbeth. And Mikael is in denial of his love for her because he doesn’t want to be attached and go through the trauma of his painful divorce and he really does think she is too young for him and it still bothers him on how people react to him being with Lisbeth (the dirty old man syndrome). But if Larsson would have lived these two would of spent the next 7 books discovering their mutual love, working out the kinks of their relationship and how it would function and going off to solve more mysteries. Also, the reason why I believe Mikael loves Lisbeth is for the fact that she is the only woman he allows to be with him while he is writing. He usually goes out to his cabin and removes himself until he produces something. Writing is his passion and so is Lisbeth.

    Posted by sonya in new britain ,

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