What do you think of Rooney Mara playing Lisbeth Salander?

I reckon they were right to go with a virtual nobody. Some of the big names they were talking about would have distracted from the story.

Check out who else they were considering here: http://www.novafm.com.au/article_unknown-gets-girl-with-the-dragon-tattoo-part_103592

Posted by foxa in sydney , 17 August 2010

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8 thoughts on “Lead actress announced”
  1. I was rooting for Ellen Page. I like Ellen Page, think she is perfect physically and that it would be fun to see her take on the role. Heck, if they made a remake of Patton and chose Ellen Page, I’d go see it.

    But I didn’t see any of the screen tests – Fincher did. He made the choice and I bet he’ll make a dang good series of movies out of these books. Daniel Craig strikes me as a perfect Blomkvist. Hopefully Rooney Mara – I’ve never seen her in anything – will kick serious butt as Lisbeth S.

    Posted by SteveA in Oakland, CA ,

  2. why does america have to dumb down a wonderfully written, directed and acted movie? Oh yeah we can’t read subtitles or english-sheesh!

    Posted by caryl h in antioch ,

  3. friggin american entertainment always have to redo…….whooa an idea lets make it 3D!!!!!!!!!..yeah right they can’t beat this one

    Posted by mal in west coast ,

  4. america shud just stay out of this one!!! theyr just gonna screw it up!!! the swedish version is awesome y cant they just butt out???

    Posted by girl_interrupted in victoria, australia ,

  5. What’s wrong with the original? I h=just don’t want to see this great film given the ‘hollywood’ treatment, please don’t do it!

    Posted by Miggy in London, UK ,

  6. As an American, I have found the movies to some of the best we have ever seen…I enjoy the subtitles but the action and actors make it happen no “hollywood” needed!

    Posted by Dave in Bend, Oregon ,

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