Larsson is a sick minded genius!

no words can describe the respect I feel towards him, I still haven’t read the second and third book of the series. However The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo was mind blowing, the events and stories within the overall plot were so meticulously written, and obviously researched that I questioned whether this novel was fiction or non-fiction.

I am truly amazed, the Shakespeare of this generation, scratch that, not even Shakespeare can write such a novel.

Rana’a Madani i Jeddah, Saudia Arabia
Submitted: 6 February 2011

By Editor

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  1. I enjoyed the first 3 books and can’t wait to read #4. I hope the series goes on and on. If the new author, who isn’t new, is as good as Stieg, we have a lot of good reading ahead of us

    – John B. Schroeder

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