Everyone is looking for Lisbeth. Just wondering why the man from IKEA never remembered Lisbeth, after they delivered and assembled furniture for this young, distinct looking woman, who also arranged food for them. Wasn’t even Mikael wondering how big and special the new place was and how little room she actually used. Why wouldn’t that come to mind again?

Posted by Petra in Kempten , 20 November 2010

By Editor

3 thoughts on “Just wondering”
  1. when the IKEA guys were there she was dressed up like the lady she stole the identity from. They wouldn’t have realized it was Salander.

    Posted by Angula in Eugene Oregon ,

  2. Salander was using the guise of Irene Nesser at the time, therfore being invisible as Lisbeth Salander.

    Posted by TheNarrative in 101.1 ,

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