ITunes problem, Abridged or unabridged

Ok people i need your help, I was keen to read the book before watching the movies as usually the books are better right!!!

I lodged on to Itunes and Bought the abridged version that is 9 hours of narrative long, It was awesome, i loved it, so when i came to download book number 2 i discovered there were 2 versions, abridged at 9 hours approx and unabridged at 20 hour’s !!! the same is true for ALL OF THEM.

My dilemma…. i love the guy who narrates book one, he’s brilliant but I’ve missed 9 hours that i could have had in the bigger version…so when getting book 2 do i get the small one again or the bigger version…also the narrator in the bigger is a different guy…..oh christ which version do i get, it’s doing my bloody head in, or even go back and get the first book, bigger version and start again, FFS im confused…HELPPPPPPPPPPPPP

Posted by SyKotOy in Sydney Australia , 23 February 2011

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  1. You should definitely get the longer versions, go back and start again. These books are incredible, you don’t want to miss out anything! I only finished reading them a couple of weeks ago but I am contemplating going back to them now. I wish I had taken more time with the books and not devoured them!

    Posted by Ro in Ireland ,

  2. Thread starter, I did the exact SAME thing. No regrets.

    Posted by EmBee in Los Angeles ,

  3. Hi people,

    I found this thread while lookin’ for same info about Millenium audiobook. Still can’t find the clear answer – what is the difference between abridged and unabridged version. Btw, up to now,there is more than those two… The question is: Is the shorter version worth buyin’?

    Posted by amcieq in London ,

  4. If you have the choice, always, ALWAYS go with unabridged. Just think, that 1/2 of the book you’re missing out on in the abridged version

    Posted by Wolfe in Orange County, CA ,

  5. Hi Im this thread’s starter.

    I ended up buying both of the first 2 books, the abridged and unabridged audio books and listening to them both.


    Abridged (first 2 books) the short 9 hour version.

    Fast paced and i adored the narrator, what can i say..BRILLIANT!! his attempts at the charactors voice’s as well as lisbeth’s was mezmorising, but being the short version i always wondered what i had miss, so i bought the long unabridged version for the first 2 as well and listened to them.

    Unabridged (20 hours version)..A LOT MORE INFORMATION, a little bit more story…although in my opinion not as good as the short version narrator i give this guy 9/10 instead of 10/ still brilliant.

    i was able to dissapear into the detail of the book for longer.

    at the end of the day, why have half as the guy above said when u can have a whole book….just a shame you’ll miss Lisbeth’s voice from the first…ahahhahaha confused!!!

    Posted by Sykotoy in SydNey Australia ,

  6. I’ve got to be honest here. I think the pace lent to the plot by the trimming job in the abridged versions is worth the buy.

    The abridged ones read by Martin Wenner are among the best books I’ve ever seen/heard.

    Posted by R. Lawrence in Worcester ,

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