Chapter 12 Edklinth and Figuerola read a copy of the 1991 report. How is that? Armansky and Blublanki both lost their copies (even confirming this a few pages before) and Blomkvist is not known to them. The archive copy is missing. I’d love to be wrong…

Posted by Tony in Plymouth , 17 June 2010

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  1. I’m not 100% sure but maybe Blomkvist gave it to Armanski. I don’t beleive that Armanski lost his copy; he hadn’t even gotten one at that point. Only Blomkvist and his sister lost their copies when they were robbed. However, Blomkvist had made a second copy that he was going to give to Armanski that the Section didn’t find. He thus made more copies of that one and probably gave one to Armansky. And then Armanski told Blomkvist that he would tell the story (and presumably give the 1991 report) to someone he trusted. This trusted person turned out to be Edklinth. So maybe that’s how he got a hold of the copy. I didn’t look back at the book so this answer is from memory and hopefully I’m right!

    Posted by Camille in Montreal ,

  2. the answer is on p 144 last line…”he took out the cop of the Zalachenko report he’d made for Armansky, which he had not yet managed to deliver” It sounds like Armansky eventually ended up with a copy in which he gave to Edklinth the day the met to discuss the problem.

    Posted by Sarah in NYC ,

  3. The 1991 report that Figuerola reads in Chap 12 is the falsified report that was in the archives- at the time she is reading it she doesn’t know its a falsified report and that an “original” file exists – the one that Jonas had already added an appendix to…she is working from this report to find out if there are any flaws.

    Posted by Kristin in Northbridge, MA in USA ,

  4. No he copied one and had it hidden and then made several copies of it and then sent it to important people that needed it like the SIS and yeah. he had one last copy and used it effectively

    Posted by Wasp in Stockholm ,

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