Is there one? If yes does anybody know the status and when will it be released in the US

Posted by StiegFan-Maine , 18 November 2010

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  1. Yes. The Girls Who Kicked the Hornet’s nest. Released 3 weeks ago. Very limited release. It was at one theater in Minneapolis when we saw it. It’s very good too.

    Posted by John S. in Minneapolis ,

  2. I saw the first movie with Swedish subtitles – are these US/English movies?

    Posted by JoJo in High Point ,

  3. It’s playing around the corner from in my neighborhood in Albany, CA. I saw the first two on netflix. Where do you live? Try with your zip code. I’ so stupid I’ve been looking at the posters for it for weeks and didn’t connect the dots until I looked it up.

    Posted by b in albany, CA ,

  4. In OH ‘Hornet’ has been in sub-title for weeks, maybe we are previewing for the world!

    Posted by Dick in Cincinnati ,

  5. i hzve seen the first 2 movies with english subtitles,but here they are in the works in hollywood making them in english. What do you think of angelia Jolie as lizabeth?

    Posted by Monique Garant in Windsor Canada ,

  6. Starting over I’d be a hacker. Take BP’s stuff for Sea Sheppard. Etc. Lizbeth, Trinity, and friends- best wishes, and carry on. Can you help Stiege’s partner?

    Posted by Carol Wolf in Seattle ,

  7. They have been showing on Cable here in the East Coast, Boston area. Only saw the first two so far. Did see a trailer for the third movie “The Girl who Kicked the Hornets Nest” but not showing here yet.

    They are the Swedish films with subtitles…I love them…they did a great job, book to movies. I read all three. Sadly, Stieg Larsson is gone, great writer. Big loss.

    Posted by Luisa Fialho in Boston ,

  8. Update: “The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest” will be showing on Cable, in the Boston area, by Jan 25th 2011….on Comcast.

    Posted by Stieg fan in Boston ,

  9. Please…no Jolie for this movie…it should be an unknown. Jolie is over rated and over used. I’d also be interested to see the Swedish tv versions…I understand that there was a series. Anyone know about this?

    Posted by Vanessa Hobbs in Linden, NJ ,

  10. Please no Jolie agree over rated anyone know when 3RD coming to Annapolis MD

    Posted by Pat Hesmondhalgh in Annapolis MD ,

  11. I think that the girl who plays Abbey in NCIS would be great as Lisbeth

    Posted by Kazza in Melbourne Aus ,

  12. Ellen Page would be my pick for Salander if Hollywood created their own trilogy. She has the physical build and she has the talent to play Salander. Check her out in Hard Candy, she was brilliant.

  13. rooney mara (played in the first scene in the social network) has been cast as salander in the american remake playing opposite daniel craig as blomkvist.

    Posted by waspsrevenge in new york ,

  14. I actually think Mara looks good in the part, from the shots I’ve seen. People have been suggesting she doesn’t look tough enough but are forgetting that Lisbeth is described as being ‘doll-like’ and ‘fine-boned’ in the books, which is why everyone is so shocked that she is so hard. Rooney Mara looks exactly as Lisbeth is described. Although, Noomi Rapace was amazing as Lisbeth and now I can’t imagine anyone else, I will be interested to see what the US version is like. Waiting for Hornets’ Nest to come out on DVD in April as wasn’t in the cinema round here.

    Posted by Ro in Ireland ,

  15. Just want to say that I watched the third film on Netflix just yesterday. If you have a subscription, you are good to go.

    Posted by Mike in Seattle ,

  16. Definitely no to jolie,lisbeth is mysterious and dark, unknown is a better idea or abbey, but the swedish films are so good i’m not sure i’d like to see a us remake. hmmmmm

    Posted by marian in brisbane, australia ,

  17. Vanessa Hobbs in reply post of Jan 10.

    They are just showing the TV version on German TV (2×90 minutes per movie). This is merely an extended version (same actors). Honestly, I was not that impressed. It’s just adding the “deleted scences” you find on certain DVDs in the right order and — abacadraba — 120 minutes turn into 180.

    Posted by Martin in Frankfurt, Germany ,

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