Is there a 4th book?

I have just heard that Stieg Larsson left a 4th book in his laptop and that his girlfriend wants to have it published. Has anyone heard the story? Is it true????

Posted by Vicente-Curitiba/Brazil in Curitiba – Brazil , 20 February 2009

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  1. Just finished the 2nd book: “The Girl who Played with Fire”– and all of the above– all true regarding not being able to put down the 2 books.

    Love this series. I was schizo regarding trying to read fast and slowing down at the same time– to prolong the experience of the Lisbeth story.

    She is indeed the heroine of our times. Thank you, Stieg. As with everything, there is a beginning and an ending– the 3rd book may be the end of a beautiful thing.

    Posted by Jocelyn in Livingston, NJ ,

  2. Just finished the 3rd book and it was great as was the previous 2. I hope Eva can find a way to publish the 4th book. Best read ever.

    Posted by Dianne Lawrence in Sebastopol ,

  3. When I read his first two books in Dec. 09, I couldn’t beleive the third book was not to be published in the United States until May, 2010.

    I went to AMAZON UK .COM I ordered it, it came in less than two weeks. Now everyone at work is reading it. Jacqi Killeen California United States

    Posted by Jacqi Killeen in Ontario, Calif. USA ,

  4. I finished the 3rd book last weekend and am experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

    They are the kind of read that you cannot put down but do not want to end! Now I am looking forward to the release of the first film in the UK in March.

    Posted by Maurice Fitzgerald in Crewe ,

  5. I have just read all 3 books and like zenon experiencing withdrawal symptoms…………..they transported me to another world and i was introduced to characters so real that i felt they were my friends …..oh how empty my days will be now!!!!! How I wish there were more to read….I hope the forth book gets published………….what an untimely death of so young a man!!

    Posted by Anne Ross in Dublin ,

  6. As someone has already said, a mini TV series would be do each book more justice than any film, even 3 hrs long. On the other hand, how many books have been ruined by the wrong characterisation (e.g. Elisabeth George’s Inspector Linley series, where the TV characters are nothing like the originals, plus much has been left out, e.g. Deborah, presumably because there isn’t enough time to develop the characters)? I personally would prefer not to see these books as a film, as I couldn’t even begin to imagine which actors and actresses they’d use – it would have to be someone totally unknown for Lisbeth, that’s for sure. I like to use my own imagination. I am 3/4 way through the 2nd book, and when the third book is finished, that’ll be it. It was a great read!

    Posted by Maddy Peters in Luxembourg ,

  7. It’s true that Stieg Larsson wrote a fourth book before he died. Suddenly Stieg Larsson died, and the book wasn’t ready written. His girlfriend and his family will not publish this book. Therefore i made this group on Facebook called “We want Stieg Larsson’s fourth book in the Millenium collection”. The members and I want to show his family and dear ones that we really love this collection of books. If you want to support us, beacome a member.

    Posted by Mimmi Nguyen in Vennesla, Norway ,

  8. I finished all books last year and LOVED IT!!

    i really want the 4 book!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Lucas in Rio Preto ,Brazil ,

  9. I read books 1 & 2 in four days while on holiday and immediately pre-orderd the 3rd from amazon. This I took three days to read…. Some very late nights/early mornings.

    Everyone I know that has read even one of the trilogy say the same thing, like me, hey were unable to put the books down.

    Maybe Eva should look to publish book 4 somewhere other than Sweden…..

    Posted by Trefor Griffith in Bakewell, UK ,

  10. I would love to see his outlines for the reaming six books. As for book four, if Eva feel she can never publish the book, then maybe she should leak it here, or on wikileaks, along with the outline.

    Posted by JLW in Chicago ,

  11. All I can say is that I have been unable to find crime thriller books as good as these for so many years now (and hundreds of books!)- and if there are no more books to come – all others pale into insignificance and I suspect it may take much longer to find anything better than the trilogy! How depressing…..

    Posted by JT in Manchester, England ,

  12. I Just can not believe the Eva is getting taken advantaged by her father and brother in laws, I certainly hope that the Swedish Government will intervene on Eva behalf for I believe it is a great injustice.A spouse should, no must !!!have preference over her in-laws. and the in-laws have no right to change names in an other persons work for The story becomes distorted.

    “Eva sic Lisbeth after them”

    Posted by John J.W.Walsh in St. Gervais ,QC, Canada ,

  13. Just about finished the second book, The Girl Who Played With Fire. These novels are fantastic. Hate to finish reading it. It has just come out in Canada and I cannot yet get the third one.

    Pretty difficult to understand Sweden’s laws. Doesn’t long-term common law relationships count for anything. Canadian laws consider a couple (heterosexual or gay) to be equivalent to married after just a year or two together. Wow, hope his life partner (Eva?) wins this one.

    Posted by Gena MacIntyre in Dartmouth, NS, Canada ,

  14. I would hope that if there is a fourth book it is printed and Eva gets the money but then it should dtop

    she or anyone else should not ghost write it!! look at what happened with Virginia Andrews. She only wrote a couple of the series and most of her books are written after her death in her name by someone else and tehy are all the same and no imagination

    Posted by a chowdhury in reading uk ,

  15. Why dont they just shoo…the farther and brother they are cowards, they sound like they could be (Zalachenko & Niedermann) and leave Salander alone,I mean Eva

    ( Leave the girl be, you two no goods)

    We wont more Millennium…Go Girl go…..Lee Matheson

    Posted by Posted by pissed off in BC in Vancouver ,

  16. I´m waiting for the 3rd book, september 12. I love, love, love Lisbeth. Wish Eva can call her to make a revenge on Larsson´s family.

    Posted by Regina F. Bretz in Petrópolis-RJ- Brasil ,

  17. Just finished “The Girl who Played With Fire” Loved both the first 2 books!! Can’t wait for the third book and maybe the fourth. What a shame his life was cut so short. A real loss of talent.

    Posted by Hazel Stileski in Waterford, Michigan ,

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