Is there a 4th book?

I have just heard that Stieg Larsson left a 4th book in his laptop and that his girlfriend wants to have it published. Has anyone heard the story? Is it true????

Posted by Vicente-Curitiba/Brazil in Curitiba – Brazil , 20 February 2009

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  1. Yes, there was a half finished 4th book on Stieg’s laptop when he died. Noone knows if it will ever be published. See the thread I started about it for more details.

    Posted by Micael ,

  2. wonderful! lets please all help Eva! I think this is a great initiative and I hope that there will be many people who will support her and recognize her. Behind every great man there is a strong woman. I’d like to thank her for supporting him to give such wonderfull books to us.

    Posted by Wildcat in Germany ,

  3. Is it really fact that his father and brother are not sharing with Eva the rewards from the Millenium novels??? Let alone everything else he had already published?

    Posted by Reysie,

  4. And now, the people in Sweden who own the rights for the movies want to sell them to some US studios interested in filming AGAIN!!!! the three movies, but Hollywood style. They are saying that maybe even the story in these new movies is not going to take place in Sweden but in Canada or in another country. I don’t think it’s fair that this great story suddenly is transformed into something else, just because the greedy producers and Stieg Larsson’s relatives.

    Posted by Renata in Mexico City ,

  5. I have loved all three of these books and feel extremely disappointed if this is the end of the story. For a man who wrote so well about social issues and portrayed women so equally as heroines I can not understand how his life partner could have been left so poorly provided for. Perhaps it was as simple as not having got around to writing a will but I too am amazed that a country apparently so modern and socialist does not have a common law treating them as married. In New Zealand after 2yrs living together you are treated the same as a married couple. Hope the family issues all work out with fairness and justice as do Stieg’s novels and that we do indeed see another book.

    Posted by Lyn in Auckland, New Zealand ,

  6. I hope that there is a 4th book. I’m reading the 3rd book now…plsssssssss be a 4th

    Posted by Sonya in Australa ,

  7. Bad Greed – father and brother thieving Eva of her rightful property.

    Good Greed – MORE MILLENNIUM please – I just finished the third book in two days and that’s because I paced myself to make it last. IT IS OUTSTANDING.

    Posted by Palmira Arias-Simson in Sydney, Australia ,

  8. I wouldn’t mind a 4th book, but I believe that the 3rd book is a good ending to the series (Lisbeth finally being free)

    Posted by Kenji in London ,

  9. The 3rd book was a good ending but, there was so much more to come.

    Just finished so this may be withdrawal symptoms but a 4th would be tremendous. So ironic that the law seems not to have protected key female in his life

    Posted by Joe in Sunderland ,

  10. Please stop giving information about the content of the film and 3rd book, sorry I read this thread now

    Posted by Anto in Dublin ,

  11. Although his tree books are pleasant to read and full of suspense but somewhere there should be an end. I’ve enjoyed reading about Kalle and Lisbeth and there adventures.

    Posted by Daniël in Brugge – Belgium – Europe ,

  12. I just finished reading the first two and am looking forward to the third with relish – its due in the US at the end of October – I’m just finding out about the possible 4th, but am not holding my breath. So sorry that the author met with such an unfortunate early demise – he was a truly talented writer. Shame on his greedy family for keeping us from his last works!

    Posted by Laurel in Los Angeles, California USA ,

  13. Dear Laurel,,,and others who belive in this untrue story We are not greedy. The girlfreind, Eva refuses to take money as a gift from us. She will not talk or meet us. What shall we do?…but she has a god story.

    There is a lot of money for her too…if she wants them.

    Erland Larsson

    Posted by Erland in Umeå ,

  14. Dear Erland,

    To solve all this matter all you have to do is the “right thing”. No matter what the law says, give Eva that is hers (everything) a let HER decide what to you to the remaining Larssons. Do you have the ball or its just about money?

    Posted by Vicente Ribeiro in São Paulo, Brazil ,

  15. The best 3 books I have ever read.

    P.S. If anyone wants to trust me with sorting out their financial billions, I’d be more than happy to assist.

    Posted by Big Frank in Ilkeston, Derbyshire, UK ,

  16. I was given the second book for Christmas and started to read it on my way home. For the first time in my life, I was stopped by strangers anxious to talk about a book I was reading. They could stop talking about how good the first book was–I assured them that I felt the same and that the second was just as wonderful. Release schedule in the US is way behind the rest of the world, luckily I found the third book (in English) in a bookstore in Denmark. Could not put it down either. Good thing I had time to spare on planes and in airports over the holidays or I would not have gotten any work done at home. I will read the series again. Compliments as well to the translator.

    Posted by JJ in Newport Beach, CA ,

  17. I traded a patricia cornwell book whilst on a tour of china with an american group. The american friend asked my opinion of the book when I had read it and I found the first book the most riveting book I have ever . My husband bought me the next two books for christmas and once again I am completely engrossed. finished the second and now the third entices me.I usually can read a book very quickly but one cannot miss a line as there is so much information there.Truly the most amazing books I have ever read. So sad that there is a fourth on the computer. I am sure that Lisa Salander would be able to get it off somehow without anyone knowing!!!I am now ready to e mail my american friend to give her my opinion.

    Posted by j murphy in leeds england ,

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