If you love a good mystery, you should pick up the book.

I love reading thriller and mysteries, and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was worth it with every turn of a page. It was fast paced, a lot of twist and turns. I actually kept thinking throughout the book. Even after reading the book, I still think about it. Stieg Larsson wrote an incredible good read. The only comment that I will make though is that, the order of the scenes should have been different. The affair between the Millennium magazine and Wennerström should have been written before the ending and not as the ending. It would have had a better impact if the story about Harriet was the last to be read. Another is that, well it’s Swedish names i think so I had a hard time remembering the names and there were too many individuals that was written when Larsson should have just left it out.

If you love a good mystery and likes a twisty plot, you should pick up the book. It definitely made me want more.

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Submitted: 21 October 2010

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